When tired, areas of the brain become dormant during awakening

When tired, areas of the brain become dormant during awakening

When tired, areas of the brain become dormant during awakening

Sleep can occur in parts of the brain while the rest of it is awake, according to an American study published in the journal Nature. When a person lacks sleep, some nerve cells would pause. The researchers found, using electrodes implanted deep in the frontal and parietal cortex and electroencephalography (EEG), that neurons (nerve cells) Randomly throughout the cortex deactivated briefly, placing themselves in a state similar to the stages of non-paradoxical sleep.

The more the animal was deprived of sleep, the more frequent the "neuronal absences".This phenomenon is different from that of micro-sleep, which is a brief moment of sleep that affects the brain as a whole without the tired person realizing it, which is attributed for example to road accidents, explains Cirelli. The present study suggests, he says, that even before reaching this stage of micro-sleep, the brain has a sleep-like activity that diminishes its capabilities.

While studies suggest that local sleep can occur during arousal and that local awakening can occur during sleep (including somnambulism), our concepts of sleep status need to be rethought, "Says Peter Achermann of the University of Zurich (Switzerland). According to Tonini, this work should lead to a better understanding of the function of sleep. "We hypothesize that it concerns synapses (the area of ​​communication between nerve cells by means of neurotransmitters.) Because we have observed a distinct reinforcement of synapses during sleep," he said. Sleep seems to be a time of recalibration of synaptic activity.

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When, tired, areas, of, the, brain, become, dormant, during, awakening, Sleep, can, occur, in, parts, of, the, brain, while, the, rest, of, it, is, awake, according, to, an, American, study, published, in, the, journal, Nature, When, a, person, lacks, sleep, some, nerve, cells, would, pause, The, researchers, found, using, electrodes, implanted, deep, in, the, frontal, and, parietal, cortex, and, electroencephalography, EEG, that, neurons, nerve, cells, Randomly, throughout, the, cortex, deactivated, briefly, placing, themselves, in, a, state, similar, to, the, stages, of, nonparadoxical, sleep, The, more, the, animal, was, deprived, of, sleep, the, more, frequent, the, neuronal, absences, This, phenomenon, is, different, from, that, of, the, microsleep, which, is, a, brief, moment, of, sleep, that, affects, the, brain, as, a, whole, without, the, tired, person, s, The, study, suggests, he, says, that, even, before, reaching, this, stage, of, microsleep, the, brain, has, an, activity, similar, to, sleep, Which, diminishes, its, capacities, While, studies, suggest, that, local, sleep, can, occur, during, arousal, and, that, local, awakening, can, occur, during, sleep, including, somnambulism, our, concepts, of, sleep, status, need, to, be, rethought, Says, Peter, Achermann, of, the, University, of, Zurich, Switzerland, According, to, Tonini, this, work, should, lead, to, a, better, understanding, of, the, function, of, sleep, We, hypothesize, that, it, concerns, synapses, the, area, of, communication, between, nerve, cells, by, means, of, neurotransmitters, Because, we, have, observed, a, distinct, reinforcement, of, synapses, during, sleep, he, said, Sleep, seems, to, be, a, time, of, recalibration, of, synaptic, activity, When tired, tired areas, areas of, of the, the brain, brain become, become dormant, dormant during, during awakening, awakening Sleep, Sleep can, can occur, occur in, in parts, parts of, of the, the brain, brain while, while the, the rest, rest of, of it, it is, is awake, awake according, according to, to an, an American, American study, study published, published in, in the, the journal, journal Nature, Nature When, When a, a person, person lacks, lacks sleep, sleep some, some nerve, nerve cells, cells would, would pause, pause The, The researchers, researchers found, found using, using electrodes, electrodes implanted, implanted deep, deep in, in the, the frontal, frontal and, and parietal, parietal cortex, cortex and, and electroencephalography, electroencephalography EEG, EEG that, that neurons, neurons nerve, nerve cells, cells Randomly, Randomly throughout, throughout the, the cortex, cortex deactivated, deactivated briefly, briefly placing, placing themselves, themselves in, in a, a state, state similar, similar to, to the, the stages, stages of, of nonparadoxical, nonparadoxical sleep, sleep The, The more, more the, the animal, animal was, was deprived, deprived of, of sleep, sleep the, the more, more frequent, frequent the, the neuronal, neuronal absences, absences This, This phenomenon, phenomenon is, is different, different from, from that, that of, of the, the microsleep, microsleep which, which is, is a, a brief, brief moment, moment of, of sleep, sleep that, that affects, affects the, the brain, brain as, as a, a whole, whole without, without the, the tired, tired person, person s, s The, The study, study suggests, suggests he, he says, says that, that even, even before, before reaching, reaching this, this stage, stage of, of microsleep, microsleep the, the brain, brain has, has an, an activity, activity similar, similar to, to sleep, sleep Which, Which diminishes, diminishes its, its capacities, capacities While, While studies, studies suggest, suggest that, that local, local sleep, sleep can, can occur, occur during, during arousal, arousal and, and that, that local, local awakening, awakening can, can occur, occur during, during sleep, sleep including, including somnambulism, somnambulism our, our concepts, concepts of, of sleep, sleep status, status need, need to, to be, be rethought, rethought Says, Says Peter, Peter Achermann, Achermann of, of the, the University, University of, of Zurich, Zurich Switzerland, Switzerland According, According to, to Tonini, Tonini this, this work, work should, should lead, lead to, to a, a better, better understanding, understanding of, of the, the function, function of, of sleep, sleep We, We hypothesize, hypothesize that, that it, it concerns, concerns synapses, synapses the, the area, area of, of communication, communication between, between nerve, nerve cells, cells by, by means, means of, of neurotransmitters, neurotransmitters Because, Because we, we have, have observed, observed a, a distinct, distinct reinforcement, reinforcement of, of synapses, synapses during, during sleep, sleep he, he said, said Sleep, Sleep seems, seems to, to be, be a, a time, time of, of recalibration, recalibration of, of synaptic, synaptic activity, When tired areas, tired areas of, areas of the, of the brain, the brain become, brain become dormant, become dormant during, dormant during awakening, during awakening Sleep, awakening Sleep can, Sleep can occur, can occur in, occur in parts, in parts of, parts of the, of the brain, the brain while, brain while the, while the rest, the rest of, rest of it, of it is, it is awake, is awake according, awake according to, according to an, to an American, an American study, American study published, study published in, published in the, in the journal, the journal Nature, journal Nature When, Nature When a, When a person, a person lacks, person lacks sleep, lacks sleep some, sleep some nerve, some nerve cells, nerve cells would, cells would pause, would pause The, pause The researchers, The researchers found, researchers found using, found using electrodes, using electrodes implanted, electrodes implanted deep, implanted deep in, deep in the, in the frontal, the frontal and, frontal and parietal, and parietal cortex, parietal cortex and, cortex and electroencephalography, and electroencephalography EEG, electroencephalography EEG that, EEG that neurons, that neurons nerve, neurons nerve cells, nerve cells Randomly, cells Randomly throughout, Randomly throughout the, throughout the cortex, the cortex deactivated, cortex deactivated briefly, deactivated briefly placing, briefly placing themselves, placing themselves in, themselves in a, in a state, a state similar, state similar to, similar to the, to the stages, the stages of, stages of nonparadoxical, of nonparadoxical sleep, nonparadoxical sleep The, sleep The more, The more the, more the animal, the animal was, animal was deprived, was deprived of, deprived of sleep, of sleep the, sleep the more, the more frequent, more frequent the, frequent the neuronal, the neuronal absences, neuronal absences This, absences This phenomenon, This phenomenon is, phenomenon is different, is different from, different from that, from that of, that of the, of the microsleep, the microsleep which, microsleep which is, which is a, is a brief, a brief moment, brief moment of, moment of sleep, of sleep that, sleep that affects, that affects the, affects the brain, the brain as, brain as a, as a whole, a whole without, whole without the, without the tired, the tired person, tired person s, person s The, s The study, The study suggests, study suggests he, suggests he says, he says that, says that even, that even before, even before reaching, before reaching this, reaching this stage, this stage of, stage of microsleep, of microsleep the, microsleep the brain, the brain has, brain has an, has an activity, an activity similar, activity similar to, similar to sleep, to sleep Which, sleep Which diminishes, Which diminishes its, diminishes its capacities, its capacities While, capacities While studies, While studies suggest, studies suggest that, suggest that local, that local sleep, local sleep can, sleep can occur, can occur during, occur during arousal, during arousal and, arousal and that, and that local, that local awakening, local awakening can, awakening can occur, can occur during, occur during sleep, during sleep including, sleep including somnambulism, including somnambulism our, somnambulism our concepts, our concepts of, concepts of sleep, of sleep status, sleep status need, status need to, need to be, to be rethought, be rethought Says, rethought Says Peter, Says Peter Achermann, Peter Achermann of, Achermann of the, of the University, the University of, University of Zurich, of Zurich Switzerland, Zurich Switzerland According, Switzerland According to, According to Tonini, to Tonini this, Tonini this work, this work should, work should lead, should lead to, lead to a, to a better, a better understanding, better understanding of, understanding of the, of the function, the function of, function of sleep, of sleep We, sleep We hypothesize, We hypothesize that, hypothesize that it, that it concerns, it concerns synapses, concerns synapses the, synapses the area, the area of, area of communication, of communication between, communication between nerve, between nerve cells, nerve cells by, cells by means, by means of, means of neurotransmitters, of neurotransmitters Because, neurotransmitters Because we, Because we have, we have observed, have observed a, observed a distinct, a distinct reinforcement, distinct reinforcement of, reinforcement of synapses, of synapses during, synapses during sleep, during sleep he, sleep he said, he said Sleep, said Sleep seems, Sleep seems to, seems to be, to be a, be a time, a time of, time of recalibration, of recalibration of, recalibration of synaptic, of synaptic activity

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