What your headache reveals about your health!

What your headache reveals about your health!

What your headache reveals about your health!

A headache is therefore a symptom to be analyzed before calming it down by an analgesic which can sometimes complicate the situation without arranging it. Four types of headache are distinguished according to neurologists:
1. Tension headaches: It is a pain in compression of the two ribs of the head and on the contour of the eyes (upper and lower eyelids). They are chronic or acute and are related to drug abuse. It may be accompanied by vomiting and dizziness.
2. Migraines: It is preceded by neurological manifestations (AURA: visual disturbances, vomiting, fear of light and sensitivity to noise). It is a pain unilateral, intense, persistent and recurring.
3. Cluster headache: Cluster headaches are pains around the eye; Episodic, intense and unbearable. They can be relieved by the application of ice pack, caffeine and warm showers. You can also inhale a cayenne pepper ointment.
4. Sinusitis headache: Sinus headache is due to inflammation or sinus infection. They are accompanied by fever of pressure around the eyes, the jaws and the forehead.
- Treatment: Drink plenty of fluid to hydrate you and take vitamin C and fresh ginger.
The diagnosis of headache can therefore reveal a serious problem such as a stroke, a cerebral aneurysm or a hemorrhage. Sometimes it is the sign of alarm on a tumor or an acute vascular problem
A headache that gets worse from day to day requires urgent medical advice.
- Neurological disorders: Neurological abnormalities associated with a headache such as dizziness dizziness amnesia. Can testify to a stroke.
- Nausea and vomiting: May be a sign of meningitis.

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