What your face says about you. The signs are unmistakable

What your face says about you. The signs are unmistakable

What your face says about you. The signs are unmistakable

If the eyes are the reflection of the soul, the face is the reflection of health. A radiant face and synonymous with good health. On the contrary, a dull skin, dark circles, wrinkles are signs of fatigue both physical and moral. Learn to decipher your face in five points.

  • Skin: If it is glowing, it means that it is well hydrated and nourished. If it is dry or oily, this translates into a food imbalance, mineral deficiency and excess fat.
  • Wrinkles: Regular browsing of the eyebrows and stretching (e) promotes the premature appearance of wrinkles. On the other hand, the crow's feet (wrinkles at the corner of the eye) reflect an imbalance in the liver.
  • Eyes: Pockets beneath the eyes reflect a problem of water retention or toxin evacuation. The color of eyes also has its importance. If your eyes are blue, then you are more exposed than others to nervousness problems. If your eyes are green, you are particularly sensitive to light. Finally, if your eyes are brown, then your body is resistant. Beware, however, of excessive exertion.
  • Dark Circles: If they are yellow, then there is a concern in the liver or gall bladder. If they are gray, they indicate a problem with the kidneys or the lung. If they are dark or moist, they reflect a bladder problem or genitalia.
  • Pupils: If the size of our pupils changes with the intensity of the light from where we are, the pupils may show extreme fatigue or the presence of parasites in the intestines.

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What, your, face, says, about, you, The, signs, are, unmistakable, If, the, eyes, are, the, reflection, of, the, soul, the, face, is, the, reflection, of, health, A, radiant, face, and, synonymous, with, good, health, On, the, contrary, a, dull, skin, dark, circles, wrinkles, are, signs, of, fatigue, both, physical, and, moral, Learn, to, decipher, your, face, in, five, points, Skin, If, it, is, glowing, it, means, that, it, is, well, hydrated, and, nourished, If, it, is, dry, or, oily, this, translates, into, a, food, imbalance, mineral, deficiency, and, excess, fat, Wrinkles, Regular, browsing, of, the, eyebrows, and, stretching, e, promotes, the, premature, appearance, of, wrinkles, On, the, other, hand, the, crows, feet, wrinkles, at, the, corner, of, the, eye, reflect, an, imbalance, in, the, liver, Eyes, Pockets, beneath, the, eyes, reflect, a, problem, of, water, retention, or, toxin, evacuation, The, color, of, eyes, also, has, its, importance, If, your, eyes, are, blue, then, you, are, more, exposed, than, others, to, nervousness, problems, If, your, eyes, are, green, you, are, particularly, sensitive, to, light, Finally, if, your, eyes, are, brown, then, your, body, is, resistant, Beware, however, of, excessive, exertion, Dark, Circles, If, they, are, yellow, then, there, is, a, concern, in, the, liver, or, gall, bladder, If, they, are, gray, they, indicate, a, problem, with, the, kidneys, or, the, lung, If, they, are, dark, or, moist, they, reflect, a, bladder, problem, or, genitalia, Pupils, If, the, size, of, our, pupils, changes, with, the, intensity, of, the, light, from, where, we, are, the, pupils, may, show, extreme, fatigue, or, the, presence, of, parasites, in, the, intestines, What your, your face, face says, says about, about you, you The, The signs, signs are, are unmistakable, unmistakable If, If the, the eyes, eyes are, are the, the reflection, reflection of, of the, the soul, soul the, the face, face is, is the, the reflection, reflection of, of health, health A, A radiant, radiant face, face and, and synonymous, synonymous with, with good, good health, health On, On the, the contrary, contrary a, a dull, dull skin, skin dark, dark circles, circles wrinkles, wrinkles are, are signs, signs of, of fatigue, fatigue both, both physical, physical and, and moral, moral Learn, Learn to, to decipher, decipher your, your face, face in, in five, five points, points Skin, Skin If, If it, it is, is glowing, glowing it, it means, means that, that it, it is, is well, well hydrated, hydrated and, and nourished, nourished If, If it, it is, is dry, dry or, or oily, oily this, this translates, translates into, into a, a food, food imbalance, imbalance mineral, mineral deficiency, deficiency and, and excess, excess fat, fat Wrinkles, Wrinkles Regular, Regular browsing, browsing of, of the, the eyebrows, eyebrows and, and stretching, stretching e, e promotes, promotes the, the premature, premature appearance, appearance of, of wrinkles, wrinkles On, On the, the other, other hand, hand the, the crows, crows feet, feet wrinkles, wrinkles at, at the, the corner, corner of, of the, the eye, eye reflect, reflect an, an imbalance, imbalance in, in the, the liver, liver Eyes, Eyes Pockets, Pockets beneath, beneath the, the eyes, eyes reflect, reflect a, a problem, problem of, of water, water retention, retention or, or toxin, toxin evacuation, evacuation The, The color, color of, of eyes, eyes also, also has, has its, its importance, importance If, If your, your eyes, eyes are, are blue, blue then, then you, you are, are more, more exposed, exposed than, than others, others to, to nervousness, nervousness problems, problems If, If your, your eyes, eyes are, are green, green you, you are, are particularly, particularly sensitive, sensitive to, to light, light Finally, Finally if, if your, your eyes, eyes are, are brown, brown then, then your, your body, body is, is resistant, resistant Beware, Beware however, however of, of excessive, excessive exertion, exertion Dark, Dark Circles, Circles If, If they, they are, are yellow, yellow then, then there, there is, is a, a concern, concern in, in the, the liver, liver or, or gall, gall bladder, bladder If, If they, they are, are gray, gray they, they indicate, indicate a, a problem, problem with, with the, the kidneys, kidneys or, or the, the lung, lung If, If they, they are, are dark, dark or, or moist, moist they, they reflect, reflect a, a bladder, bladder problem, problem or, or genitalia, genitalia Pupils, Pupils If, If the, the size, size of, of our, our pupils, pupils changes, changes with, with the, the intensity, intensity of, of the, the light, light from, from where, where we, we are, are the, the pupils, pupils may, may show, show extreme, extreme fatigue, fatigue or, or the, the presence, presence of, of parasites, parasites in, in the, the intestines, What your face, your face says, face says about, says about you, about you The, you The signs, The signs are, signs are unmistakable, are unmistakable If, unmistakable If the, If the eyes, the eyes are, eyes are the, are the reflection, the reflection of, reflection of the, of the soul, the soul the, soul the face, the face is, face is the, is the reflection, the reflection of, reflection of health, of health A, health A radiant, A radiant face, radiant face and, face and synonymous, and synonymous with, synonymous with good, with good health, good health On, health On the, On the contrary, the contrary a, contrary a dull, a dull skin, dull skin dark, skin dark circles, dark circles wrinkles, circles wrinkles are, wrinkles are signs, are signs of, signs of fatigue, of fatigue both, fatigue both physical, both physical and, physical and moral, and moral Learn, moral Learn to, Learn to decipher, to decipher your, decipher your face, your face in, face in five, in five points, five points Skin, points Skin If, Skin If it, If it is, it is glowing, is glowing it, glowing it means, it means that, means that it, that it is, it is well, is well hydrated, well hydrated and, hydrated and nourished, and nourished If, nourished If it, If it is, it is dry, is dry or, dry or oily, or oily this, oily this translates, this translates into, translates into a, into a food, a food imbalance, food imbalance mineral, imbalance mineral deficiency, mineral deficiency and, deficiency and excess, and excess fat, excess fat Wrinkles, fat Wrinkles Regular, Wrinkles Regular browsing, Regular browsing of, browsing of the, of the eyebrows, the eyebrows and, eyebrows and stretching, and stretching e, stretching e promotes, e promotes the, promotes the premature, the premature appearance, premature appearance of, appearance of wrinkles, of wrinkles On, wrinkles On the, On the other, the other hand, other hand the, hand the crows, the crows feet, crows feet wrinkles, feet wrinkles at, wrinkles at the, at the corner, the corner of, corner of the, of the eye, the eye reflect, eye reflect an, reflect an imbalance, an imbalance in, imbalance in the, in the liver, the liver Eyes, liver Eyes Pockets, Eyes Pockets beneath, Pockets beneath the, beneath the eyes, the eyes reflect, eyes reflect a, reflect a problem, a problem of, problem of water, of water retention, water retention or, retention or toxin, or toxin evacuation, toxin evacuation The, evacuation The color, The color of, color of eyes, of eyes also, eyes also has, also has its, has its importance, its importance If, importance If your, If your eyes, your eyes are, eyes are blue, are blue then, blue then you, then you are, you are more, are more exposed, more exposed than, exposed than others, than others to, others to nervousness, to nervousness problems, nervousness problems If, problems If your, If your eyes, your eyes are, eyes are green, are green you, green you are, you are particularly, are particularly sensitive, particularly sensitive to, sensitive to light, to light Finally, light Finally if, Finally if your, if your eyes, your eyes are, eyes are brown, are brown then, brown then your, then your body, your body is, body is resistant, is resistant Beware, resistant Beware however, Beware however of, however of excessive, of excessive exertion, excessive exertion Dark, exertion Dark Circles, Dark Circles If, Circles If they, If they are, they are yellow, are yellow then, yellow then there, then there is, there is a, is a concern, a concern in, concern in the, in the liver, the liver or, liver or gall, or gall bladder, gall bladder If, bladder If they, If they are, they are gray, are gray they, gray they indicate, they indicate a, indicate a problem, a problem with, problem with the, with the kidneys, the kidneys or, kidneys or the, or the lung, the lung If, lung If they, If they are, they are dark, are dark or, dark or moist, or moist they, moist they reflect, they reflect a, reflect a bladder, a bladder problem, bladder problem or, problem or genitalia, or genitalia Pupils, genitalia Pupils If, Pupils If the, If the size, the size of, size of our, of our pupils, our pupils changes, pupils changes with, changes with the, with the intensity, the intensity of, intensity of the, of the light, the light from, light from where, from where we, where we are, we are the, are the pupils, the pupils may, pupils may show, may show extreme, show extreme fatigue, extreme fatigue or, fatigue or the, or the presence, the presence of, presence of parasites, of parasites in, parasites in the, in the intestines

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