What to do with seitan?

What to do with seitan?

What to do with seitan?

If tofu is well known by the followers of organic and balanced food, the seitan is much less so. This food made from wheat protein is a real asset. Indeed, it is very rich in protein, vitamin B2 and iron and contains virtually no fat or cholesterol.It is mainly used to make traditional Chinese and Japanese dishes. Unlike tofu which has no taste,

It has a small taste of meat very appreciable. Many recipes based on seitan (steak, seitan bourguignon, seitan smoked, blanquette of seitan, flan de seitan with chestnuts ...) are available on the web

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What, to, do, with, seitan, If, tofu, is, well, known, by, the, followers, of, organic, and, balanced, food, the, seitan, is, much, less, so, This, food, made, from, wheat, protein, is, a, real, asset, Indeed, it, is, very, rich, in, protein, vitamin, B2, and, iron, and, contains, virtually, no, fat, or, cholesterol, It, is, mainly, used, to, make, traditional, Chinese, and, Japanese, dishes, Unlike, tofu, which, has, no, taste, it, has, a, small, taste, of, meat, very, appreciable, Many, recipes, based, on, seitan, steak, seitan, bourguignon, seitan, smoked, blanquette, of, seitan, flan, de, seitan, with, chestnuts, , are, available, on, the, web, What to, to do, do with, with seitan, seitan If, If tofu, tofu is, is well, well known, known by, by the, the followers, followers of, of organic, organic and, and balanced, balanced food, food the, the seitan, seitan is, is much, much less, less so, so This, This food, food made, made from, from wheat, wheat protein, protein is, is a, a real, real asset, asset Indeed, Indeed it, it is, is very, very rich, rich in, in protein, protein vitamin, vitamin B2, B2 and, and iron, iron and, and contains, contains virtually, virtually no, no fat, fat or, or cholesterol, cholesterol It, It is, is mainly, mainly used, used to, to make, make traditional, traditional Chinese, Chinese and, and Japanese, Japanese dishes, dishes Unlike, Unlike tofu, tofu which, which has, has no, no taste, taste it, it has, has a, a small, small taste, taste of, of meat, meat very, very appreciable, appreciable Many, Many recipes, recipes based, based on, on seitan, seitan steak, steak seitan, seitan bourguignon, bourguignon seitan, seitan smoked, smoked blanquette, blanquette of, of seitan, seitan flan, flan de, de seitan, seitan with, with chestnuts, What to do, to do with, do with seitan, with seitan If, seitan If tofu, If tofu is, tofu is well, is well known, well known by, known by the, by the followers, the followers of, followers of organic, of organic and, organic and balanced, and balanced food, balanced food the, food the seitan, the seitan is, seitan is much, is much less, much less so, less so This, so This food, This food made, food made from, made from wheat, from wheat protein, wheat protein is, protein is a, is a real, a real asset, real asset Indeed, asset Indeed it, Indeed it is, it is very, is very rich, very rich in, rich in protein, in protein vitamin, protein vitamin B2, vitamin B2 and, B2 and iron, and iron and, iron and contains, and contains virtually, contains virtually no, virtually no fat, no fat or, fat or cholesterol, or cholesterol It, cholesterol It is, It is mainly, is mainly used, mainly used to, used to make, to make traditional, make traditional Chinese, traditional Chinese and, Chinese and Japanese, and Japanese dishes, Japanese dishes Unlike, dishes Unlike tofu, Unlike tofu which, tofu which has, which has no, has no taste, no taste it, taste it has, it has a, has a small, a small taste, small taste of, taste of meat, of meat very, meat very appreciable, very appreciable Many, appreciable Many recipes, Many recipes based, recipes based on, based on seitan, on seitan steak, seitan steak seitan, steak seitan bourguignon, seitan bourguignon seitan, bourguignon seitan smoked, seitan smoked blanquette, smoked blanquette of, blanquette of seitan, of seitan flan, seitan flan de, flan de seitan, de seitan with, seitan with chestnuts

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