What is the use of dry powdered water?

What is the use of dry powdered water?

What is the use of dry powdered water?

Photo Credit: Ben Carter

Do you know that there is dry water? Yes, it's not a joke. It is a white powder substance and yet 95% composed of water. Dry water is actually a set of micro water droplets coated with a layer of silica. In appearance, it resembles powdered sugar. Was first discovered in 1968 but was not a resounding success.

It was not until 2006 that British researchers became interested again. And the results of their research are amazing. They have discovered that dry water is able to absorb three times the amount of CO2 absorbed by water or silica. It would therefore be very effective in combating global warming as well as in getting rid of certain harmful gases. Dry water could also be used to store and transport methane. This natural gas can only be transported after cooling to -113ºC while it can be combined with dry water at -70ºC.

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be, combined, with, dry, water, at, 70C, futurasciencescom, source, What is, is the, the use, use of, of dry, dry powdered, powdered water, water Photo, Photo credit, credit Ben, Ben Carter, Carter Do, Do you, you know, know that, that there, there is, is dry, dry water, water Yes, Yes its, its not, not a, a joke, joke It, It is, is a, a white, white powder, powder substance, substance and, and yet, yet 95, 95 composed, composed of, of water, water Dry, Dry water, water is, is actually, actually a, a set, set of, of micro, micro water, water droplets, droplets coated, coated with, with a, a layer, layer of, of silica, silica In, In appearance, appearance it, it resembles, resembles powdered, powdered sugar, sugar Was, Was first, first discovered, discovered in, in 1968, 1968 but, but was, was not, not a, a resounding, resounding success, success It, It was, was not, not until, until 2006, 2006 that, that British, British researchers, researchers became, became interested, interested again, again And, And the, the results, results of, of their, their research, research are, are amazing, amazing They, They have, have discovered, discovered that, that dry, dry water, water is, is able, able to, to absorb, absorb three, three times, times the, the amount, amount of, of CO2, CO2 absorbed, absorbed by, by water, water or, or silica, silica It, It would, would therefore, therefore be, be very, very effective, effective in, in combating, combating global, global warming, warming as, as well, well as, as in, in getting, getting rid, rid of, of certain, certain harmful, harmful gases, gases Dry, Dry water, water could, could also, also be, be used, used to, to store, store and, and transport, transport methane, methane This, This natural, natural gas, gas can, can only, only be, be transported, transported after, after cooling, cooling to, to 113C, 113C while, while it, it can, can be, be combined, combined with, with dry, dry water, water at, at 70C, 70C futurasciencescom, futurasciencescom source, What is the, is the use, the use of, use of dry, of dry powdered, dry powdered water, powdered water Photo, water Photo credit, Photo credit Ben, credit Ben Carter, Ben Carter Do, Carter Do you, Do you know, you know that, know that there, that there is, there is dry, is dry water, dry water Yes, water Yes its, Yes its not, its not a, not a joke, a joke It, joke It is, It is a, is a white, a white powder, white powder substance, powder substance and, substance and yet, and yet 95, yet 95 composed, 95 composed of, composed of water, of water Dry, water Dry water, Dry water is, water is actually, is actually a, actually a set, a set of, set of micro, of micro water, micro water droplets, water droplets coated, droplets coated with, coated with a, with a layer, a layer of, layer of silica, of silica In, silica In appearance, In appearance it, appearance it resembles, it resembles powdered, resembles powdered sugar, powdered sugar Was, sugar Was first, Was first discovered, first discovered in, discovered in 1968, in 1968 but, 1968 but was, but was not, was not a, not a resounding, a resounding success, resounding success It, success It was, It was not, was not until, not until 2006, until 2006 that, 2006 that British, that British researchers, British researchers became, researchers became interested, became interested again, interested again And, again And the, And the results, the results of, results of their, of their research, their research are, research are amazing, are amazing They, amazing They have, They have discovered, have discovered that, discovered that dry, that dry water, dry water is, water is able, is able to, able to absorb, to absorb three, absorb three times, three times the, times the amount, the amount of, amount of CO2, of CO2 absorbed, CO2 absorbed by, absorbed by water, by water or, water or silica, or silica It, silica It would, It would therefore, would therefore be, therefore be very, be very effective, very effective in, effective in combating, in combating global, combating global warming, global warming as, warming as well, as well as, well as in, as in getting, in getting rid, getting rid of, rid of certain, of certain harmful, certain harmful gases, harmful gases Dry, gases Dry water, Dry water could, water could also, could also be, also be used, be used to, used to store, to store and, store and transport, and transport methane, transport methane This, methane This natural, This natural gas, natural gas can, gas can only, can only be, only be transported, be transported after, transported after cooling, after cooling to, cooling to 113C, to 113C while, 113C while it, while it can, it can be, can be combined, be combined with, combined with dry, with dry water, dry water at, water at 70C, at 70C futurasciencescom, 70C futurasciencescom source

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