What if you suffer from fouling disease?

What if you suffer from fouling disease?

What if you suffer from fouling disease?

According to Dr. Seignelet's theory, if we suffer from many diseases, our cells and tissues are dirty. The solution according to this doctor? A gluten-free, dairy-free and hypotoxic diet. But first, what is fouling?According to Dr Seignelet, the fouling disease is due to the infiltration into the tissues of micro-molecules

Food in the body following digestion and intrusion into the junction channels, a kind of tunnel allowing the cells to communicate with each other.

The result is a disruption of the cellular function and a disruption of the communication between them. A bet that causes the sickness of contamination. This in turn leads to an overproduction of radicals, which weakens the immune system and increases the risk of inflammation and disease. Damaged cells, depending on their level of fouling, continue either to function but insufficiently (causing diseases such as osteoporosis or diabetes) or to function but abnormally (for example causing osteoarthritis or hypercholesterolemia) or They die (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's). More seriously, they can become malignant and turn into fatal cancerous tumors.

How to protect yourself?

According to Dr Seignelet, everything is due to the poor quality of the food we ingest. For this, you should ban the cereals (rich in gluten), dairy products and refuel raw fruits, vegetables, probiotics, vitamins and trace elements.

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function, but, insufficiently, causing, diseases, such, as, osteoporosis, or, diabetes, or, to, function, but, abnormally, for, example, causing, osteoarthritis, or, hypercholesterolemia, or, They, die, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, More, seriously, they, can, become, malignant, and, turn, into, fatal, cancerous, tumors, How, to, protect, yourself, According, to, Dr, Seignelet, everything, is, due, to, the, poor, quality, of, the, food, we, ingest, For, this, you, should, ban, the, cereals, rich, in, gluten, dairy, products, and, refuel, raw, fruits, vegetables, probiotics, vitamins, and, trace, elements, What if, if you, you suffer, suffer from, from fouling, fouling disease, disease According, According to, to Dr, Dr Seignelets, Seignelets theory, theory if, if we, we suffer, suffer from, from many, many diseases, diseases our, our cells, cells and, and tissues, tissues are, are dirty, dirty The, The solution, solution according, according to, to this, this doctor, doctor A, A glutenfree, glutenfree dairyfree, dairyfree and, and hypotoxic, hypotoxic diet, diet But, But first, first what, what is, is fouling, fouling According, According to, to Dr, Dr Seignelet, Seignelet fouling, fouling disease, disease is, is caused, caused by, by the, the infiltration, infiltration into, into the, the tissues, tissues of, of food, food micromolecules, micromolecules in, in the, the body, body as, as a, a result, result of, of digestion, digestion and, and intrusion, intrusion into, into the, the junction, junction channels, channels a, a sort, sort of, of tunnel, tunnel allowing, allowing the, the cells, cells to, to communicate, communicate between, between they, they The, The result, result is, is a, a disruption, disruption of, of the, the cellular, cellular function, function and, and a, a disruption, disruption of, of the, the communication, communication between, between them, them A, A bet, bet that, that causes, causes the, the sickness, sickness of, of contamination, contamination This, This in, in turn, turn leads, leads to, to an, an overproduction, overproduction of, of radicals, radicals which, which weakens, weakens the, the immune, immune system, system and, and increases, increases the, the risk, risk of, of inflammation, inflammation and, and disease, disease Damaged, Damaged cells, cells depending, depending on, on their, their level, level of, of fouling, fouling continue, continue either, either to, to function, function but, but insufficiently, insufficiently causing, causing diseases, diseases such, such as, as osteoporosis, osteoporosis or, or diabetes, diabetes or, or to, to function, function but, but abnormally, abnormally for, for example, example causing, causing osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis or, or hypercholesterolemia, hypercholesterolemia or, or They, They die, die Alzheimers, Alzheimers Parkinsons, Parkinsons More, More seriously, seriously they, they can, can become, become malignant, malignant and, and turn, turn into, into fatal, fatal cancerous, cancerous tumors, tumors How, How to, to protect, protect yourself, yourself According, According to, to Dr, Dr Seignelet, Seignelet everything, everything is, is due, due to, to the, the poor, poor quality, quality of, of the, the food, food we, we ingest, ingest For, For this, this you, you should, should ban, ban the, the cereals, cereals rich, rich in, in gluten, gluten dairy, dairy products, products and, and refuel, refuel raw, raw fruits, fruits vegetables, vegetables probiotics, probiotics vitamins, vitamins and, and trace, trace elements, What if you, if you suffer, you suffer from, suffer from fouling, from fouling disease, fouling disease According, disease According to, According to Dr, to Dr Seignelets, Dr Seignelets theory, Seignelets theory if, theory if we, if we suffer, we suffer from, suffer from many, from many diseases, many diseases our, diseases our cells, our cells and, cells and tissues, and tissues are, tissues are dirty, are dirty The, dirty The solution, The solution according, solution according to, according to this, to this doctor, this doctor A, doctor A glutenfree, A glutenfree dairyfree, glutenfree dairyfree and, dairyfree and hypotoxic, and hypotoxic diet, hypotoxic diet But, diet But first, But first what, first what is, what is fouling, is fouling According, fouling According to, According to Dr, to Dr Seignelet, Dr Seignelet fouling, Seignelet fouling disease, fouling disease is, disease is caused, is caused by, caused by the, by the infiltration, the infiltration into, infiltration into the, into the tissues, the tissues of, tissues of food, of food micromolecules, food micromolecules in, micromolecules in the, in the body, the body as, body as a, as a result, a result of, result of digestion, of digestion and, digestion and intrusion, and intrusion into, intrusion into the, into the junction, the junction channels, junction channels a, channels a sort, a sort of, sort of tunnel, of tunnel allowing, tunnel allowing the, allowing the cells, the cells to, cells to communicate, to communicate between, communicate between they, between they The, they The result, The result is, result is a, is a disruption, a disruption of, disruption of the, of the cellular, the cellular function, cellular function and, function and a, and a disruption, a disruption of, disruption of the, of the communication, the communication between, communication between them, between them A, them A bet, A bet that, bet that causes, that causes the, causes the sickness, the sickness of, sickness of contamination, of contamination This, contamination This in, This in turn, in turn leads, turn leads to, leads to an, to an overproduction, an overproduction of, overproduction of radicals, of radicals which, radicals which weakens, which weakens the, weakens the immune, the immune system, immune system and, system and increases, and increases the, increases the risk, the risk of, risk of inflammation, of inflammation and, inflammation and disease, and disease Damaged, disease Damaged cells, Damaged cells depending, cells depending on, depending on their, on their level, their level of, level of fouling, of fouling continue, fouling continue either, continue either to, either to function, to function but, function but insufficiently, but insufficiently causing, insufficiently causing diseases, causing diseases such, diseases such as, such as osteoporosis, as osteoporosis or, osteoporosis or diabetes, or diabetes or, diabetes or to, or to function, to function but, function but abnormally, but abnormally for, abnormally for example, for example causing, example causing osteoarthritis, causing osteoarthritis or, osteoarthritis or hypercholesterolemia, or hypercholesterolemia or, hypercholesterolemia or They, or They die, They die Alzheimers, die Alzheimers Parkinsons, Alzheimers Parkinsons More, Parkinsons More seriously, More seriously they, seriously they can, they can become, can become malignant, become malignant and, malignant and turn, and turn into, turn into fatal, into fatal cancerous, fatal cancerous tumors, cancerous tumors How, tumors How to, How to protect, to protect yourself, protect yourself According, yourself According to, According to Dr, to Dr Seignelet, Dr Seignelet everything, Seignelet everything is, everything is due, is due to, due to the, to the poor, the poor quality, poor quality of, quality of the, of the food, the food we, food we ingest, we ingest For, ingest For this, For this you, this you should, you should ban, should ban the, ban the cereals, the cereals rich, cereals rich in, rich in gluten, in gluten dairy, gluten dairy products, dairy products and, products and refuel, and refuel raw, refuel raw fruits, raw fruits vegetables, fruits vegetables probiotics, vegetables probiotics vitamins, probiotics vitamins and, vitamins and trace, and trace elements

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