Voacanga: an African plant to cure Alzheimer's and Parkison's disease?

Voacanga: an African plant to cure Alzheimer's and Parkison's disease?

Voacanga: an African plant to cure Alzheimer's and Parkison's disease?

Its name does not tell you anything but the Voacanga Africana is perhaps the miracle cure of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. It is off Gabon, more precisely in the archipelago of Sao Tome and Principe that this small shrub of Africa grows. Near the Iboga, it can sometimes reach the 6 meters. Its active compounds are voacangine and voccamine. Its seeds take a long time to germinate (several months).

Renowned for its hallucinogenic effects, Voacanga Africana has always been prescribed to cure inflammations but also to reduce mental disorders. However, recent studies by researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have shown that one component of this plant could potentially neutralize the degeneration of brain cells and thus prevent the development of diseases such as Parkinson's, neuro-degenerative. The extracts of Voacanga Africana would be anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective. They would indeed protect the body's cells from oxidative stress, an irreversible process that gradually destroys the body's cells. The first trials conducted on mice were very conclusive according to the scientists which suggests of future clinical tests on human patients.

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Voacanga, an, African, plant, to, cure, Alzheimers, and, Parkisons, disease, Its, name, does, not, tell, you, anything, but, the, Voacanga, Africana, is, perhaps, the, miracle, cure, of, Alzheimers, and, Parkinsons, It, is, off, Gabon, more, precisely, in, the, archipelago, of, Sao, Tome, and, Principe, that, this, small, shrub, of, Africa, grows, Near, the, Iboga, it, can, sometimes, reach, the, 6, meters, Its, active, compounds, are, voacangine, and, voccamine, Its, seeds, take, a, long, time, to, germinate, several, months, Renowned, for, its, hallucinogenic, effects, Voacanga, Africana, has, always, been, prescribed, to, cure, inflammations, but, also, to, reduce, mental, disorders, However, recent, studies, by, researchers, at, the, Salk, Institute, for, Biological, Studies, have, shown, that, one, component, of, this, plant, could, potentially, neutralize, the, degeneration, of, brain, cells, and, thus, prevent, the, development, of, diseases, such, as, Parkinsons, neurodegenerative, The, extracts, of, Voacanga, Africana, would, be, antiinflammatory, and, neuroprotective, They, would, indeed, protect, the, bodys, cells, from, oxidative, stress, an, irreversible, process, that, gradually, destroys, the, bodys, cells, The, first, trials, conducted, on, mice, were, very, conclusive, according, to, the, scientists, which, suggests, of, future, clinical, tests, on, human, patients, Voacanga an, an African, African plant, plant to, to cure, cure Alzheimers, Alzheimers and, and Parkisons, Parkisons disease, disease Its, Its name, name does, does not, not tell, tell you, you anything, anything but, but the, the Voacanga, Voacanga Africana, Africana is, is perhaps, perhaps the, the miracle, miracle cure, cure of, of Alzheimers, Alzheimers and, and Parkinsons, Parkinsons It, It is, is off, off Gabon, Gabon more, more precisely, precisely in, in the, the archipelago, archipelago of, of Sao, Sao Tome, Tome and, and Principe, Principe that, that this, this small, small shrub, shrub of, of Africa, Africa grows, grows Near, Near the, the Iboga, Iboga it, it can, can sometimes, sometimes reach, reach the, the 6, 6 meters, meters Its, Its active, active compounds, compounds are, are voacangine, voacangine and, and voccamine, voccamine Its, Its seeds, seeds take, take a, a long, long time, time to, to germinate, germinate several, several months, months Renowned, Renowned for, for its, its hallucinogenic, hallucinogenic effects, effects Voacanga, Voacanga Africana, Africana has, has always, always been, been prescribed, prescribed to, to cure, cure inflammations, inflammations but, but also, also to, to reduce, reduce mental, mental disorders, disorders However, However recent, recent studies, studies by, by researchers, researchers at, at the, the Salk, Salk Institute, Institute for, for Biological, Biological Studies, Studies have, have shown, shown that, that one, one component, component of, of this, this plant, plant could, could potentially, potentially neutralize, neutralize the, the degeneration, degeneration of, of brain, brain cells, cells and, and thus, thus prevent, prevent the, the development, development of, of diseases, diseases such, such as, as Parkinsons, Parkinsons neurodegenerative, neurodegenerative The, The extracts, extracts of, of Voacanga, Voacanga Africana, Africana would, would be, be antiinflammatory, antiinflammatory and, and neuroprotective, neuroprotective They, They would, would indeed, indeed protect, protect the, the bodys, bodys cells, cells from, from oxidative, oxidative stress, stress an, an irreversible, irreversible process, process that, that gradually, gradually destroys, destroys the, the bodys, bodys cells, cells The, The first, first trials, trials conducted, conducted on, on mice, mice were, were very, very conclusive, conclusive according, according to, to the, the scientists, scientists which, which suggests, suggests of, of future, future clinical, clinical tests, tests on, on human, human patients, Voacanga an African, an African plant, African plant to, plant to cure, to cure Alzheimers, cure Alzheimers and, Alzheimers and Parkisons, and Parkisons disease, Parkisons disease Its, disease Its name, Its name does, name does not, does not tell, not tell you, tell you anything, you anything but, anything but the, but the Voacanga, the Voacanga Africana, Voacanga Africana is, Africana is perhaps, is perhaps the, perhaps the miracle, the miracle cure, miracle cure of, cure of Alzheimers, of Alzheimers and, Alzheimers and Parkinsons, and Parkinsons It, Parkinsons It is, It is off, is off Gabon, off Gabon more, Gabon more precisely, more precisely in, precisely in the, in the archipelago, the archipelago of, archipelago of Sao, of Sao Tome, Sao Tome and, Tome and Principe, and Principe that, Principe that this, that this small, this small shrub, small shrub of, shrub of Africa, of Africa grows, Africa grows Near, grows Near the, Near the Iboga, the Iboga it, Iboga it can, it can sometimes, can sometimes reach, sometimes reach the, reach the 6, the 6 meters, 6 meters Its, meters Its active, Its active compounds, active compounds are, compounds are voacangine, are voacangine and, voacangine and voccamine, and voccamine Its, voccamine Its seeds, Its seeds take, seeds take a, take a long, a long time, long time to, time to germinate, to germinate several, germinate several months, several months Renowned, months Renowned for, Renowned for its, for its hallucinogenic, its hallucinogenic effects, hallucinogenic effects Voacanga, effects Voacanga Africana, Voacanga Africana has, Africana has always, has always been, always been prescribed, been prescribed to, prescribed to cure, to cure inflammations, cure inflammations but, inflammations but also, but also to, also to reduce, to reduce mental, reduce mental disorders, mental disorders However, disorders However recent, However recent studies, recent studies by, studies by researchers, by researchers at, researchers at the, at the Salk, the Salk Institute, Salk Institute for, Institute for Biological, for Biological Studies, Biological Studies have, Studies have shown, have shown that, shown that one, that one component, one component of, component of this, of this plant, this plant could, plant could potentially, could potentially neutralize, potentially neutralize the, neutralize the degeneration, the degeneration of, degeneration of brain, of brain cells, brain cells and, cells and thus, and thus prevent, thus prevent the, prevent the development, the development of, development of diseases, of diseases such, diseases such as, such as Parkinsons, as Parkinsons neurodegenerative, Parkinsons neurodegenerative The, neurodegenerative The extracts, The extracts of, extracts of Voacanga, of Voacanga Africana, Voacanga Africana would, Africana would be, would be antiinflammatory, be antiinflammatory and, antiinflammatory and neuroprotective, and neuroprotective They, neuroprotective They would, They would indeed, would indeed protect, indeed protect the, protect the bodys, the bodys cells, bodys cells from, cells from oxidative, from oxidative stress, oxidative stress an, stress an irreversible, an irreversible process, irreversible process that, process that gradually, that gradually destroys, gradually destroys the, destroys the bodys, the bodys cells, bodys cells The, cells The first, The first trials, first trials conducted, trials conducted on, conducted on mice, on mice were, mice were very, were very conclusive, very conclusive according, conclusive according to, according to the, to the scientists, the scientists which, scientists which suggests, which suggests of, suggests of future, of future clinical, future clinical tests, clinical tests on, tests on human, on human patients

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