Top 10 Most Carcinogenic Foods on the Market

Top 10 Most Carcinogenic Foods on the Market

Top 10 Most Carcinogenic Foods on the Market

As we all know, there is a close connection between the cancer incidence rate and the quality of food consumed. The more a company consumes frozen, frozen, canned or genetically modified products, the higher the incidence of cancer. On the contrary, the more people consume fresh and organic products, the less they are exposed to cancer. Zoom on the 10 most carcinogenic foods:

1. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): They have aroused much controversy and yet they are now licensed and sold in supermarkets.

2. Delicatessen products: Meat products contain all too often additives and chemical dyes (sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, etc.) which make them appetizing but which also make them very dangerous for health and in particular increase the risk of colon cancer .

3. Microwave popcorn: Beware, danger! Due to the enormous amount of chemicals they contain, they can cause cancer of the liver, pancreas, testicles but also cause infertility. It is better to refrain from buying popcorn in a bag.

4. Soft drinks: Although thirst quenching, soda soft drinks are stuffed with chemical compounds in addition to being super caloric. Based on sugar, additives and dyes, sodas acidify the body and nourish cancer cells.

5. Dietary foods and drinks: The problem with this type of drink is that it contains too much aspartame. Now, over a certain rate, this sweetener becomes harmful.

6. Refined white flours: Its high carbohydrate content makes it a health hazard since it has been shown that women who regularly consume refined carbohydrates are 220% more at risk of developing cancer Of the breast.

7. Refined Sugars: Just like refined flours, refined sugars are a problem because, by significantly increasing insulin levels in the body, they nourish cancer cells.

8. Greenhouse fruits and vegetables: If they are not organic, fruits and vegetables from conventional crops can be dangerous because they are often contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides.

9. Farmed salmon:The experts are unanimous: consuming farmed salmon is dangerous for health because it contains a high rate of carcinogenic pollutants. Studies have even shown that people consuming farmed salmon more than once a month were at greater risk of developing cancer than those consuming wild salmon.

10. Hydrogenated oils:It is because they alter the structure and flexibility of cell membranes in the body that they present various health risks.


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of, chemicals, they, contain, they, can, cause, cancer, of, the, liver, pancreas, testicles, but, also, cause, infertility, It, is, better, to, refrain, from, buying, popcorn, in, a, bag, 4, Soft, drinks, Although, thirst, quenching, soda, soft, drinks, are, stuffed, with, chemical, compounds, in, addition, to, being, super, caloric, Based, on, sugar, additives, and, dyes, sodas, acidify, the, body, and, nourish, cancer, cells, 5, Dietary, foods, and, drinks, The, problem, with, this, type, of, drink, is, that, it, contains, too, much, aspartame, Now, over, a, certain, rate, this, sweetener, becomes, harmful, 6, Refined, white, flours, Its, high, carbohydrate, content, makes, it, a, health, hazard, since, it, has, been, shown, that, women, who, regularly, consume, refined, carbohydrates, are, 220, more, at, risk, of, developing, cancer, Of, the, breast, 7, Refined, Sugars, Just, like, refined, flours, refined, sugars, are, a, problem, because, by, significantly, increasing, insulin, levels, in, the, body, they, nourish, cancer, cells, 8, Greenhouse, fruits, and, vegetables, If, they, are, not, organic, fruits, and, vegetables, from, conventional, crops, can, be, dangerous, because, they, are, often, contaminated, with, carcinogenic, pesticides, 9, Farmed, salmon, There, is, unanimous, agreement, among, the, experts, consuming, farmed, salmon, is, hazardous, to, health, because, it, contains, a, high, level, of, carcinogenic, pollutants, Studies, have, even, shown, that, people, consuming, farmed, salmon, more, than, once, a, month, were, at, greater, risk, of, developing, cancer, than, those, consuming, wild, salmon, 10, Hydrogenated, oils, It, is, because, they, modify, the, structure, and, flexibility, of, cell, membranes, in, the, organism, that, they, present, various, risks, for, the, health, Source, sudinfo, Top 10, 10 Most, Most Carcinogenic, Carcinogenic Foods, Foods on, on the, the Market, Market As, As we, we all, all know, know there, there is, is a, a close, close connection, connection between, between the, the cancer, cancer incidence, incidence rate, rate and, and the, the quality, quality of, of food, food consumed, consumed The, The more, more a, a company, company consumes, consumes frozen, frozen frozen, frozen canned, canned or, or genetically, genetically modified, modified products, products the, the higher, higher the, the incidence, incidence of, of cancer, cancer On, On the, the contrary, contrary the, the more, more people, people consume, consume fresh, fresh and, and organic, organic products, products the, the less, less they, they are, are exposed, exposed to, to cancer, cancer Zoom, Zoom on, on the, the 10, 10 most, most carcinogenic, carcinogenic foods, foods 1, 1 Genetically, Genetically Modified, Modified Organisms, Organisms GMOs, GMOs They, They have, have aroused, aroused many, many controversies, controversies and, and yet, yet they, they are, are now, now approved, approved and, and sold, sold in, in supermarkets, supermarkets 2, 2 Delicatessen, Delicatessen products, products Meat, Meat products, products contain, contain all, all too, too often, often additives, additives and, and chemical, chemical dyes, dyes sodium, sodium nitrite, nitrite sodium, sodium nitrate, nitrate etc, etc which, which make, make them, them appetizing, appetizing but, but which, which also, also make, make them, them very, very dangerous, dangerous for, for health, health and, and in, in particular, particular increase, increase the, the risk, risk of, of colon, colon cancer, Top 10 Most, 10 Most Carcinogenic, Most Carcinogenic Foods, Carcinogenic Foods on, Foods on the, on the Market, the Market As, Market As we, As we all, we all know, all know there, know there is, there is a, is a close, a close connection, close connection between, connection between the, between the cancer, the cancer incidence, cancer incidence rate, incidence rate and, rate and the, and the quality, the quality of, quality of food, of food consumed, food consumed The, consumed The more, The more a, more a company, a company consumes, company consumes frozen, consumes frozen frozen, frozen frozen canned, frozen canned or, canned or genetically, or genetically modified, genetically modified products, modified products the, products the higher, the higher the, higher the incidence, the incidence of, incidence of cancer, of cancer On, cancer On the, On the contrary, the contrary the, contrary the more, the more people, more people consume, people consume fresh, consume fresh and, fresh and organic, and organic products, organic products the, products the less, the less they, less they are, they are exposed, are exposed to, exposed to cancer, to cancer Zoom, cancer Zoom on, Zoom on the, on the 10, the 10 most, 10 most carcinogenic, most carcinogenic foods, carcinogenic foods 1, foods 1 Genetically, 1 Genetically Modified, Genetically Modified Organisms, Modified Organisms GMOs, Organisms GMOs They, GMOs They have, They have aroused, have aroused many, aroused many controversies, many controversies and, controversies and yet, and yet they, yet they are, they are now, are now approved, now approved and, approved and sold, and sold in, sold in supermarkets, in supermarkets 2, supermarkets 2 Delicatessen, 2 Delicatessen products, Delicatessen products Meat, products Meat products, Meat products contain, products contain all, contain all too, all too often, too often additives, often additives and, additives and chemical, and chemical dyes, chemical dyes sodium, dyes sodium nitrite, sodium nitrite sodium, nitrite sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate etc, nitrate etc which, etc which make, which make them, make them appetizing, them appetizing but, appetizing but which, but which also, which also make, also make them, make them very, them very dangerous, very dangerous for, dangerous for health, for health and, health and in, and in particular, in particular increase, particular increase the, increase the risk, the risk of, risk of colon, of colon cancer

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