This popular BEVERAGE can destroy your thyroid ...

This popular BEVERAGE can destroy your thyroid ...

This popular BEVERAGE can destroy your thyroid ...

It has recently been discovered that soy milk can have a detrimental effect on your health you find below some reasons to avoid it:
- Soybean contains hemagglutinin, a substance that causes the formation of clots that lead to the agglutination of red blood cells. - All soy-based foods contain toxic aluminum with harmful effects on the kidneys - Consumption of soy milk increases the body's need for vitamin D and B12. - 99% of soybeans currently on the market are genetically modified - Soy and its derivatives contain large quantities of phytic acid, a substance that prevents the digestion of copper, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. -Soy contains plant estrogens as well as phytoestrogens that inhibit endocrine function (risk of cancer)! - In case of hypothyroidism, excessive consumption of soy, could harm the normal functioning of the thyroid gland by decreasing the absorption of iodine. Caution is advised to people with hypothyroidism, treated or not, to avoid the consumption of any soya product.

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