These habits you need to remove in the shower

These habits you need to remove in the shower

These habits you need to remove in the shower

We all like to take a good relaxing shower. And we usually take advantage of this moment to do certain things. But everything we do in the shower is not beneficial to the body. Discover these habits that you must absolutely stop in the shower.
To wash one's face: Usually you take advantage of the shower to wash your face. But the temperature of the shower is not adapted to the sensitive skin of our face. It is best to wash it off with lukewarm or cold water in the sink.

Take a shower with hot water:

Too hot water weakens the skin and makes it more prone to infections.

Make the shower last:

The more time you spend in the shower, the more the skin dries and you have to moisturize your skin after showering with a moisturizing cream or oil.

Leave your sponge in the shower

: So you have to hang it in a dry place after using it.
Do not forget to rub them to avoid fungi and fungi.

Use the old razor under the shower

: Do not use a shaver that has been dragging too long in the shower as old blades can cut your skin.

Do not shower after sports:

some have the laziness to shower after physical exertion. But you must know that the bacteria on your body, if not immediately eliminated will proliferate and lead to rashes.

Cold water at the end of the shower:

Finish your shower with a burst of cold water for 30 seconds. This has an anti-stress and soothing action. This will reinvigorate your body.

Forget to rub your feet

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