There is an ancient land inside the earth

There is an ancient land inside the earth

There is an ancient land inside the earth

A little more than four billion years ago, our planet was still only an abandoned surface, inclined and exposed by its eccentricity to the sun, at an extreme temperature which prevented any form of life. How did things evolve then? One of the advanced theories is that a celestial object, most likely a comet named Theia, has struck the Earth, thus transforming its entire nomenclature and making it habitable for humans. By violently striking the Earth, Theia would have melted as well as part of the Earth's envelope. Always in line with this theory,

Harvard University asserts that the remains of the ancient earth would now be buried in the depths of our present earth, under the earth's crust more precisely. Studies and research are still underway to present irrefutable evidence that would support this hypothesis that seems to be more than logical.

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There, is, an, ancient, land, inside, the, earth, A, little, more, than, four, billion, years, ago, our, planet, was, still, only, an, abandoned, surface, inclined, and, exposed, by, its, eccentricity, to, the, sun, at, an, extreme, temperature, which, prevented, any, form, of, life, How, did, things, evolve, then, One, of, the, advanced, theories, is, that, a, celestial, object, most, likely, a, comet, named, Theia, has, struck, the, Earth, thus, transforming, its, entire, nomenclature, and, making, it, habitable, for, humans, By, violently, striking, the, Earth, Theia, would, have, melted, as, well, as, part, of, the, Earths, envelope, Researchers, from, Harvard, University, claim, that, the, remains, of, the, ancient, earth, would, now, be, buried, in, the, depths, of, our, present, Earth, under, the, earths, crust, more, precisely, Studies, and, research, are, still, underway, to, present, irrefutable, evidence, that, would, support, this, hypothesis, that, seems, to, be, more, than, logical, There is, is an, an ancient, ancient land, land inside, inside the, the earth, earth A, A little, little more, more than, than four, four billion, billion years, years ago, ago our, our planet, planet was, was still, still only, only an, an abandoned, abandoned surface, surface inclined, inclined and, and exposed, exposed by, by its, its eccentricity, eccentricity to, to the, the sun, sun at, at an, an extreme, extreme temperature, temperature which, which prevented, prevented any, any form, form of, of life, life How, How did, did things, things evolve, evolve then, then One, One of, of the, the advanced, advanced theories, theories is, is that, that a, a celestial, celestial object, object most, most likely, likely a, a comet, comet named, named Theia, Theia has, has struck, struck the, the Earth, Earth thus, thus transforming, transforming its, its entire, entire nomenclature, nomenclature and, and making, making it, it habitable, habitable for, for humans, humans By, By violently, violently striking, striking the, the Earth, Earth Theia, Theia would, would have, have melted, melted as, as well, well as, as part, part of, of the, the Earths, Earths envelope, envelope Researchers, Researchers from, from Harvard, Harvard University, University claim, claim that, that the, the remains, remains of, of the, the ancient, ancient earth, earth would, would now, now be, be buried, buried in, in the, the depths, depths of, of our, our present, present Earth, Earth under, under the, the earths, earths crust, crust more, more precisely, precisely Studies, Studies and, and research, research are, are still, still underway, underway to, to present, present irrefutable, irrefutable evidence, evidence that, that would, would support, support this, this hypothesis, hypothesis that, that seems, seems to, to be, be more, more than, than logical, There is an, is an ancient, an ancient land, ancient land inside, land inside the, inside the earth, the earth A, earth A little, A little more, little more than, more than four, than four billion, four billion years, billion years ago, years ago our, ago our planet, our planet was, planet was still, was still only, still only an, only an abandoned, an abandoned surface, abandoned surface inclined, surface inclined and, inclined and exposed, and exposed by, exposed by its, by its eccentricity, its eccentricity to, eccentricity to the, to the sun, the sun at, sun at an, at an extreme, an extreme temperature, extreme temperature which, temperature which prevented, which prevented any, prevented any form, any form of, form of life, of life How, life How did, How did things, did things evolve, things evolve then, evolve then One, then One of, One of the, of the advanced, the advanced theories, advanced theories is, theories is that, is that a, that a celestial, a celestial object, celestial object most, object most likely, most likely a, likely a comet, a comet named, comet named Theia, named Theia has, Theia has struck, has struck the, struck the Earth, the Earth thus, Earth thus transforming, thus transforming its, transforming its entire, its entire nomenclature, entire nomenclature and, nomenclature and making, and making it, making it habitable, it habitable for, habitable for humans, for humans By, humans By violently, By violently striking, violently striking the, striking the Earth, the Earth Theia, Earth Theia would, Theia would have, would have melted, have melted as, melted as well, as well as, well as part, as part of, part of the, of the Earths, the Earths envelope, Earths envelope Researchers, envelope Researchers from, Researchers from Harvard, from Harvard University, Harvard University claim, University claim that, claim that the, that the remains, the remains of, remains of the, of the ancient, the ancient earth, ancient earth would, earth would now, would now be, now be buried, be buried in, buried in the, in the depths, the depths of, depths of our, of our present, our present Earth, present Earth under, Earth under the, under the earths, the earths crust, earths crust more, crust more precisely, more precisely Studies, precisely Studies and, Studies and research, and research are, research are still, are still underway, still underway to, underway to present, to present irrefutable, present irrefutable evidence, irrefutable evidence that, evidence that would, that would support, would support this, support this hypothesis, this hypothesis that, hypothesis that seems, that seems to, seems to be, to be more, be more than, more than logical

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