The negative effects of microwave use

The negative effects of microwave use

The negative effects of microwave use

Even if it has certain advantages, the microwave remains nevertheless a harmful household appliance. Too bad for us as it is very convenient. The studies carried out on this subject are categorical: The microwave has many negative effects even dangerous. Among the misdeeds of the microwave:

  • The overheating of the water causes a risk of burning but also risk of injury due to the bursting of the receptacle containing water at the opening of the door of the apparatus (thermal shock)
  • MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS: Certain materials, not adapted to microwaves, when introduced into a microwave and heated, release toxic substances that are dangerous to humans when ingested. Always favor glass dishes.
  • By heating in a microwave, the mineral salts of the plants become free radicals and thus become carcinogenic.
  • Loss of nutrients: By heating, foods lose their vitamins and nutrients. When heated in the microwave, breast milk, for example, loses all its enzymes, necessary for the good health of the infant.
  • Studies have shown that consuming dishes cooked in the microwave increases the risk of tumors.
  • Eating warmed foods in microwaves can alter the quality of male or female hormones needed for production.
  • Regular use of the microwave weakens the immune system and increases the risk of getting the flu or a cold.
  • The microwave causes electrical radiation.
  • The microwave reduced 75% of the antioxidants present in certain foods.

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