The incredible effects of dry fruits

The incredible effects of dry fruits

The incredible effects of dry fruits

If we only ring almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, pine nuts, cashew nuts, peanuts and sunflower seeds, there is a wide variety of fruits in the world, not to mention the dried fruits By dehydration of fruits such as apricots, grapes, bananas ... They are all beneficial for the body, each according to its composition and should appear regularly on our plates.

Be careful though because they are high in calories, so consume regularly but in moderation.

• Almonds are an excellent anti-fatigue remedy and a good antidepressant in addition to improving concentration and relieving constipation. They are rich in proteins, monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (in particular B2 and E) in addition to magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper)

• Nuts are very energetic dry fruits that tone the muscles and boost concentration. They also reduce bad cholesterol and provide iron and magnesium to the body. They are therefore allies of choice to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

• Cashew nuts contain a large amount of essential fatty acids, folic acid, plant sterols (anti-depressant foods), selenium and vitamin B

• Hazelnuts are rich in essential trace elements such as iron, copper, magnesium and vitamin E

• Pistachios are an invaluable source of vitamins A and B in addition to containing many minerals and proteins as well as omega-6s that cure dermatological diseases as well as diabetes or arthritis

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