The incredible effects of daily oat consumption

The incredible effects of daily oat consumption

The incredible effects of daily oat consumption

Consuming oats during breakfast (crepe with oats, oatmeal bread, cake ...), is an excellent idea according to the many specialists who recommend it and for good reason:

• Detox effect assured: Oats eliminates toxins and purifies the body

• Regulates and stabilizes blood glucose levels and is advised to patients


• protects against cancer, including colon and breast cancer

• facilitates intestinal transit

• Prevents and cures constipation

• provides a feeling of satiety

• contributes to the renewal of the cells of the body thanks to its high content of amino acids

• Prevents cardiovascular disease by reducing the level of bad cholesterol due to its composition in omega-3 acids and linoleic acids

• contributes to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland due to its iodine content

• reduces the risk of developing bone diseases such as calcium-rich osteoporosis

• provides the body with the energy it needs

• Helps to fight against being overweight if consumed on fasting at breakfast

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