The Incredible Effects of Clove.

The Incredible Effects of Clove.

The Incredible Effects of Clove.

Did you know that cloves are actually dried flower buds? Indeed, they are derived from the clove tree, a tree of the Indonesian archipelago. Green then red when ripe, they become brown when they dry and give off a strong odor. As a spice or as a remedy, clove is highly appreciated for its many benefits.

• He takes care of the teeth: Chewing a clove helps the teeth and gums with its antiseptic and anesthetic properties. It also calms dental pain (you have to put a crushed clove on your tooth) and avoids bad breath.

• Relieves pain: Anti-inflammatory, clove relieves muscle pain, rheumatic and joint pain. To do this, simply massage the painful areas with clove oil (add ten drops of clove oil to 30 cl of sweet almond oil)

• Boosts the body: If you experience extreme fatigue, there is a simple trick to make you feel better. Twice a day, place a drop of clove oil on a sugar and eat it.

• It purifies the intestines and the urinary system: Clove is very effective in case of urinary infection because besides being a powerful anti-inflammatory it is also an excellent antibacterial. A hot water tea with a few cloves and mine can also regulate digestion.

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