The incredible cosmetic and curative properties of clay

The incredible cosmetic and curative properties of clay

The incredible cosmetic and curative properties of clay

It has been recognized since antiquity for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Red, white or green, nature or mixed with rose water, clay is an incredible source of benefits for the whole body. Even the wise Ghandi used it for healing! This means that this clay, rich in minerals and trace elements,

Is a true fountain of youth. The composition and the color differ from one clay to another because they depend on those of the rock from which it is derived. Depending on its origin, it may contain zinc, magnesium, calcium, silicon, manganese, iron, selenium or phosphorus.

  • The white clay: Healing, and curative, it enters the composition of certain mouthwashes. Antidiarrheal and recognized for its antacid properties, it is recommended in case of gastric problems.
  • Gray clay: More commonly known as "ghassoul", it comes mainly from Morocco. It is widely used by women as a natural make-up remover and purifying toning and nourishing mask.
  • Green clay: Rich in magnesia and lime, it is the secret beauty of oily skin. . Used to replace industrial creams, green clay heals acne, accelerates the healing process and decongests hemorrhoids.
  • Red clay: Nourishing, moisturizing and softening, it is ideal for all skin types. Used regularly, it prevents premature aging in addition to soothe inflammations and relieve abdominal pain.

How to prepare her clay-based exfoliating treatment?

Each week, mix white or red clay with rose water until you get a malleable but solid paste. Apply to your whole body by insisting on the face, elbows and knees. Leave on for 5 minutes then take your shower.

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ghassoul, it, comes, mainly, from, Morocco, It, is, widely, used, by, women, as, a, natural, makeup, remover, and, purifying, toning, and, nourishing, mask, Green, clay, Rich, in, magnesia, and, lime, it, is, the, secret, beauty, of, oily, skin, , Used, to, replace, industrial, creams, green, clay, heals, acne, accelerates, the, healing, process, and, decongests, hemorrhoids, Red, clay, Nourishing, moisturizing, and, softening, it, is, ideal, for, all, skin, types, Used, regularly, it, prevents, premature, aging, in, addition, to, soothe, inflammations, and, relieve, abdominal, pain, How, to, prepare, her, claybased, exfoliating, treatment, Each, week, mix, white, or, red, clay, with, rose, water, until, you, get, a, malleable, but, solid, paste, Apply, to, your, whole, body, by, insisting, on, the, face, elbows, and, knees, Leave, on, for, 5, minutes, then, take, your, shower, The incredible, incredible cosmetic, cosmetic and, and curative, curative properties, properties of, of clay, clay It, It has, has been, been recognized, recognized since, since antiquity, antiquity for, for its, its therapeutic, therapeutic and, and cosmetic, cosmetic properties, properties Red, Red white, white or, or green, green nature, nature or, or mixed, mixed with, with rose, rose water, water clay, clay is, is an, an incredible, incredible source, source of, of benefits, benefits for, for the, the whole, whole body, body Even, Even the, the wise, wise Ghandi, Ghandi used, used it, it for, for healing, healing That, That is, is to, to say, say that, that this, this clay, clay soil, soil very, very rich, rich in, in minerals, minerals and, and trace, trace elements, elements is, is a, a true, true fountain, fountain of, of youth, youth The, The composition, composition and, and the, the color, color differ, differ from, from one, one clay, clay to, to another, another because, because they, they depend, depend on, on those, those of, of the, the rock, rock from, from which, which it, it is, is derived, derived Depending, Depending on, on its, its origin, origin it, it may, may contain, contain zinc, zinc magnesium, magnesium calcium, calcium silicon, silicon manganese, manganese iron, iron selenium, selenium or, or phosphorus, phosphorus The, The white, white clay, clay Healing, Healing and, and curative, curative it, it enters, enters the, the composition, composition of, of certain, certain mouthwashes, mouthwashes Antidiarrheal, Antidiarrheal and, and recognized, recognized for, for its, its antacid, antacid properties, properties it, it is, is recommended, recommended in, in case, case of, of gastric, gastric problems, problems Gray, Gray clay, clay More, More commonly, commonly known, known as, as ghassoul, ghassoul it, it comes, comes mainly, mainly from, from Morocco, Morocco It, It is, is widely, widely used, used by, by women, women as, as a, a natural, natural makeup, makeup remover, remover and, and purifying, purifying toning, toning and, and nourishing, nourishing mask, mask Green, Green clay, clay Rich, Rich in, in magnesia, magnesia and, and lime, lime it, it is, is the, the secret, secret beauty, beauty of, of oily, oily skin, The incredible cosmetic, incredible cosmetic and, cosmetic and curative, and curative properties, curative properties of, properties of clay, of clay It, clay It has, It has been, has been recognized, been recognized since, recognized since antiquity, since antiquity for, antiquity for its, for its therapeutic, its therapeutic and, therapeutic and cosmetic, and cosmetic properties, cosmetic properties Red, properties Red white, Red white or, white or green, or green nature, green nature or, nature or mixed, or mixed with, mixed with rose, with rose water, rose water clay, water clay is, clay is an, is an incredible, an incredible source, incredible source of, source of benefits, of benefits for, benefits for the, for the whole, the whole body, whole body Even, body Even the, Even the wise, the wise Ghandi, wise Ghandi used, Ghandi used it, used it for, it for healing, for healing That, healing That is, That is to, is to say, to say that, say that this, that this clay, this clay soil, clay soil very, soil very rich, very rich in, rich in minerals, in minerals and, minerals and trace, and trace elements, trace elements is, elements is a, is a true, a true fountain, true fountain of, fountain of youth, of youth The, youth The composition, The composition and, composition and the, and the color, the color differ, color differ from, differ from one, from one clay, one clay to, clay to another, to another because, another because they, because they depend, they depend on, depend on those, on those of, those of the, of the rock, the rock from, rock from which, from which it, which it is, it is derived, is derived Depending, derived Depending on, Depending on its, on its origin, its origin it, origin it may, it may contain, may contain zinc, contain zinc magnesium, zinc magnesium calcium, magnesium calcium silicon, calcium silicon manganese, silicon manganese iron, manganese iron selenium, iron selenium or, selenium or phosphorus, or phosphorus The, phosphorus The white, The white clay, white clay Healing, clay Healing and, Healing and curative, and curative it, curative it enters, it enters the, enters the composition, the composition of, composition of certain, of certain mouthwashes, certain mouthwashes Antidiarrheal, mouthwashes Antidiarrheal and, Antidiarrheal and recognized, and recognized for, recognized for its, for its antacid, its antacid properties, antacid properties it, properties it is, it is recommended, is recommended in, recommended in case, in case of, case of gastric, of gastric problems, gastric problems Gray, problems Gray clay, Gray clay More, clay More commonly, More commonly known, commonly known as, known as ghassoul, as ghassoul it, ghassoul it comes, it comes mainly, comes mainly from, mainly from Morocco, from Morocco It, Morocco It is, It is widely, is widely used, widely used by, used by women, by women as, women as a, as a natural, a natural makeup, natural makeup remover, makeup remover and, remover and purifying, and purifying toning, purifying toning and, toning and nourishing, and nourishing mask, nourishing mask Green, mask Green clay, Green clay Rich, clay Rich in, Rich in magnesia, in magnesia and, magnesia and lime, and lime it, lime it is, it is the, is the secret, the secret beauty, secret beauty of, beauty of oily, of oily skin

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