The incredible benefits of cocoa butter

The incredible benefits of cocoa butter

The incredible benefits of cocoa butter

Its name alone evokes the sun and the tropics. Not only is cocoa butter an essential component of chocolate, but it is also a 100% natural care, rich in benefits for both the body and the hair and sold in bulk in specialized parapharmacy stores.

Why is it full of benefits?

Because of its unique composition, cocoa butter is a veritable mine of benefits. Indeed, it is rich in phytosterols known for their healing and repairing power, in theobromine which allows to get rid of the excess fat, polyphenols that neutralize the action of free radicals and prevent premature aging and caffeine, a Excellent fat burning.

How to use it and for what?

Cocoa butter is effective for:

  • Moisturize the skin
  • Repair and soften chapped lips
  • Moisturize hands and feet and avoid frostbite
  • Revitalize the hair and make it silky and bright
  • Preventing the appearance of stretch marks following a diet or during pregnancy

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phytosterols known, known for, for their, their healing, healing and, and repairing, repairing power, power in, in theobromine, theobromine which, which allows, allows to, to get, get rid, rid of, of the, the excess, excess fat, fat polyphenols, polyphenols that, that neutralize, neutralize the, the action, action of, of free, free radicals, radicals and, and prevent, prevent premature, premature aging, aging and, and caffeine, caffeine a, a Excellent, Excellent fat, fat burning, burning How, How to, to use, use it, it and, and for, for what, what Cocoa, Cocoa butter, butter is, is effective, effective for, for Moisturizing, Moisturizing skin, skin repair, repair and, and soften, soften chapped, chapped lips, lips Moisturize, Moisturize hands, hands and, and feet, feet and, and avoid, avoid hairrevitalizing, hairrevitalizing gel, gel blisters, blisters and, and make, make them, them silky, silky and, and bright, bright to, to prevent, prevent the, the appearance, appearance of, of stretch, stretch marks, marks following, following a, a diet, diet or, or period, period of, of pregnancy, The incredible benefits, incredible benefits of, benefits of cocoa, of cocoa butter, cocoa butter Its, butter Its name, Its name alone, name alone evokes, alone evokes the, evokes the sun, the sun and, sun and the, and the tropics, the tropics Not, tropics Not only, Not only is, only is cocoa, is cocoa butter, cocoa butter an, butter an essential, an essential component, essential component of, component of chocolate, of chocolate but, chocolate but it, but it is, it is also, is also a, also a 100, a 100 natural, 100 natural care, natural care rich, care rich in, rich in benefits, in benefits for, benefits for both, for both the, both the body, the body and, body and the, and the hair, the hair and, hair and sold, and sold in, sold in bulk, in bulk in, bulk in specialized, in specialized parapharmacy, specialized parapharmacy stores, parapharmacy stores Why, stores Why is, Why is it, is it full, it full of, full of benefits, of benefits Because, benefits Because of, Because of its, of its unique, its unique composition, unique composition cocoa, composition cocoa butter, cocoa butter is, butter is a, is a veritable, a veritable mine, veritable mine of, mine of benefits, of benefits Indeed, benefits Indeed it, Indeed it is, it is rich, is rich in, rich in phytosterols, in phytosterols known, phytosterols known for, known for their, for their healing, their healing and, healing and repairing, and repairing power, repairing power in, power in theobromine, in theobromine which, theobromine which allows, which allows to, allows to get, to get rid, get rid of, rid of the, of the excess, the excess fat, excess fat polyphenols, fat polyphenols that, polyphenols that neutralize, that neutralize the, neutralize the action, the action of, action of free, of free radicals, free radicals and, radicals and prevent, and prevent premature, prevent premature aging, premature aging and, aging and caffeine, and caffeine a, caffeine a Excellent, a Excellent fat, Excellent fat burning, fat burning How, burning How to, How to use, to use it, use it and, it and for, and for what, for what Cocoa, what Cocoa butter, Cocoa butter is, butter is effective, is effective for, effective for Moisturizing, for Moisturizing skin, Moisturizing skin repair, skin repair and, repair and soften, and soften chapped, soften chapped lips, chapped lips Moisturize, lips Moisturize hands, Moisturize hands and, hands and feet, and feet and, feet and avoid, and avoid hairrevitalizing, avoid hairrevitalizing gel, hairrevitalizing gel blisters, gel blisters and, blisters and make, and make them, make them silky, them silky and, silky and bright, and bright to, bright to prevent, to prevent the, prevent the appearance, the appearance of, appearance of stretch, of stretch marks, stretch marks following, marks following a, following a diet, a diet or, diet or period, or period of, period of pregnancy

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