The hot pepper, powerful cure for cancer?

The hot pepper, powerful cure for cancer?

The hot pepper, powerful cure for cancer?

Cancer, a disease widespread in developed countries or in the process of development, remains a real headache for researchers. Very few cancers can now be cured and every year, according to WHO statistics, this terrible disease carries around 15 million people worldwide. However, scientific progress is often recorded, especially thanks to plants.

Recently, researchers have been interested in chile. It seems to be effective in slowing down the evolution of cancer, even stopping it. Indeed, studies carried out on human cell tissues of lung and pancreatic cancer have shown that capsaicin, an essential component of chilli pepper, can lead to the death of cancer cells while preserving healthy cells. It would indeed cause "suicide" of the infested cells. To achieve the desired anti-cancer effect and boost the immune system, scientists advise to consume 400 milligrams of capsaicin at least three times a week.

If it gives the hot pepper its pronounced taste, capsaicin is also present in cumin and curry. Our tip of the day: Eat spicy and bet on Tabasco!

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advise, to, consume, 400, milligrams, of, capsaicin, at, least, three, times, a, week, If, it, gives, the, hot, pepper, its, pronounced, taste, capsaicin, is, also, present, in, cumin, and, curry, Our, tip, of, the, day, Eat, spicy, and, bet, on, Tabasco, The hot, hot pepper, pepper powerful, powerful cure, cure for, for cancer, cancer Cancer, Cancer a, a disease, disease widespread, widespread in, in developed, developed countries, countries or, or in, in the, the process, process of, of development, development remains, remains a, a real, real headache, headache for, for researchers, researchers Very, Very few, few cancers, cancers can, can now, now be, be cured, cured and, and every, every year, year according, according to, to WHO, WHO statistics, statistics this, this terrible, terrible disease, disease carries, carries around, around 15, 15 million, million people, people worldwide, worldwide However, However scientific, scientific progress, progress is, is often, often recorded, recorded especially, especially thanks, thanks to, to plants, plants Recently, Recently researchers, researchers have, have been, been interested, interested in, in chile, chile It, It seems, seems to, to be, be effective, effective in, in slowing, slowing down, down the, the evolution, evolution of, of cancer, cancer even, even stopping, stopping it, it Indeed, Indeed studies, studies carried, carried out, out on, on human, human cell, cell tissues, tissues of, of lung, lung and, and pancreatic, pancreatic cancer, cancer have, have shown, shown that, that capsaicin, capsaicin an, an essential, essential component, component of, of chilli, chilli pepper, pepper can, can lead, lead to, to the, the death, death of, of cancer, cancer cells, cells while, while preserving, preserving healthy, healthy cells, cells It, It would, would indeed, indeed cause, cause suicide, suicide of, of the, the infested, infested cells, cells To, To achieve, achieve the, the desired, desired anticancer, anticancer effect, effect and, and boost, boost the, the immune, immune system, system scientists, scientists advise, advise to, to consume, consume 400, 400 milligrams, milligrams of, of capsaicin, capsaicin at, at least, least three, three times, times a, a week, week If, If it, it gives, gives the, the hot, hot pepper, pepper its, its pronounced, pronounced taste, taste capsaicin, capsaicin is, is also, also present, present in, in cumin, cumin and, and curry, curry Our, Our tip, tip of, of the, the day, day Eat, Eat spicy, spicy and, and bet, bet on, on Tabasco, The hot pepper, hot pepper powerful, pepper powerful cure, powerful cure for, cure for cancer, for cancer Cancer, cancer Cancer a, Cancer a disease, a disease widespread, disease widespread in, widespread in developed, in developed countries, developed countries or, countries or in, or in the, in the process, the process of, process of development, of development remains, development remains a, remains a real, a real headache, real headache for, headache for researchers, for researchers Very, researchers Very few, Very few cancers, few cancers can, cancers can now, can now be, now be cured, be cured and, cured and every, and every year, every year according, year according to, according to WHO, to WHO statistics, WHO statistics this, statistics this terrible, this terrible disease, terrible disease carries, disease carries around, carries around 15, around 15 million, 15 million people, million people worldwide, people worldwide However, worldwide However scientific, However scientific progress, scientific progress is, progress is often, is often recorded, often recorded especially, recorded especially thanks, especially thanks to, thanks to plants, to plants Recently, plants Recently researchers, Recently researchers have, researchers have been, have been interested, been interested in, interested in chile, in chile It, chile It seems, It seems to, seems to be, to be effective, be effective in, effective in slowing, in slowing down, slowing down the, down the evolution, the evolution of, evolution of cancer, of cancer even, cancer even stopping, even stopping it, stopping it Indeed, it Indeed studies, Indeed studies carried, studies carried out, carried out on, out on human, on human cell, human cell tissues, cell tissues of, tissues of lung, of lung and, lung and pancreatic, and pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer have, cancer have shown, have shown that, shown that capsaicin, that capsaicin an, capsaicin an essential, an essential component, essential component of, component of chilli, of chilli pepper, chilli pepper can, pepper can lead, can lead to, lead to the, to the death, the death of, death of cancer, of cancer cells, cancer cells while, cells while preserving, while preserving healthy, preserving healthy cells, healthy cells It, cells It would, It would indeed, would indeed cause, indeed cause suicide, cause suicide of, suicide of the, of the infested, the infested cells, infested cells To, cells To achieve, To achieve the, achieve the desired, the desired anticancer, desired anticancer effect, anticancer effect and, effect and boost, and boost the, boost the immune, the immune system, immune system scientists, system scientists advise, scientists advise to, advise to consume, to consume 400, consume 400 milligrams, 400 milligrams of, milligrams of capsaicin, of capsaicin at, capsaicin at least, at least three, least three times, three times a, times a week, a week If, week If it, If it gives, it gives the, gives the hot, the hot pepper, hot pepper its, pepper its pronounced, its pronounced taste, pronounced taste capsaicin, taste capsaicin is, capsaicin is also, is also present, also present in, present in cumin, in cumin and, cumin and curry, and curry Our, curry Our tip, Our tip of, tip of the, of the day, the day Eat, day Eat spicy, Eat spicy and, spicy and bet, and bet on, bet on Tabasco

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