The horror in several cities of the United States: here is the devouring amoeba of brain

The horror in several cities of the United States: here is the devouring amoeba of brain

The horror in several cities of the United States: here is the devouring amoeba of brain

It is panic in the USA and more precisely in the South of the United States where many municipalities have discovered that a rare and dangerous form of amoeba was present in their drinking water distribution channels. This bacterium bears the name of Naegleria fowleri and would be devouring brain! Indeed, this amoeba would be at the origin of the primary amoebic meningoencephalitis. In 90% of cases, it is fatal.

Many people are already infected. The American health authorities take this threat very seriously and the worst is feared, especially as the operating mode of this amoeba is disconcerting. This micro-organism generally lives in fresh waters (lakes, swimming pool poorly maintained ...). It enters the body via the nasal cavities of the individual and then begins to ascend the olfactory nerve until reaching the brain ... devouring everything in its path! Its damage is consistent and irreversible. The first symptoms appear 3 to 7 days after infection. These include severe headache, fever, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. After a week, the patient is plunged into a coma until his death that occurs a few days later.

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The, horror, in, several, cities, of, the, United, States, here, is, the, devouring, amoeba, of, brain, It, is, panic, in, the, USA, and, more, precisely, in, the, South, of, the, United, States, where, many, municipalities, have, discovered, that, a, rare, and, dangerous, form, of, amoeba, was, present, in, their, drinking, water, distribution, channels, This, bacterium, bears, the, name, of, Naegleria, fowleri, and, would, be, devouring, brain, Indeed, this, amoeba, would, be, at, the, origin, of, the, primary, amoebic, meningoencephalitis, In, 90, of, cases, it, is, fatal, Many, people, are, already, infected, The, American, health, authorities, take, this, threat, very, seriously, and, the, worst, is, feared, especially, as, the, operating, mode, of, this, amoeba, is, disconcerting, This, microorganism, generally, lives, in, fresh, waters, lakes, swimming, pool, poorly, maintained, , It, enters, the, body, via, the, nasal, cavities, of, the, individual, and, then, begins, to, ascend, the, olfactory, nerve, until, reaching, the, brain, , devouring, everything, in, its, path, Its, damage, is, consistent, and, irreversible, The, first, symptoms, appear, 3, to, 7, days, after, infection, These, include, severe, headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, and, dizziness, After, a, week, the, patient, is, plunged, into, a, coma, until, his, death, that, occurs, a, few, days, later, The horror, horror in, in several, several cities, cities of, of the, the United, United States, States here, here is, is the, the devouring, devouring amoeba, amoeba of, of brain, brain It, It is, is panic, panic in, in the, the USA, USA and, and more, more precisely, precisely in, in the, the South, South of, of the, the United, United States, States where, where many, many municipalities, municipalities have, have discovered, discovered that, that a, a rare, rare and, and dangerous, dangerous form, form of, of amoeba, amoeba was, was present, present in, in their, their drinking, drinking water, water distribution, distribution channels, channels This, This bacterium, bacterium bears, bears the, the name, name of, of Naegleria, Naegleria fowleri, fowleri and, and would, would be, be devouring, devouring brain, brain Indeed, Indeed this, this amoeba, amoeba would, would be, be at, at the, the origin, origin of, of the, the primary, primary amoebic, amoebic meningoencephalitis, meningoencephalitis In, In 90, 90 of, of cases, cases it, it is, is fatal, fatal Many, Many people, people are, are already, already infected, infected The, The American, American health, health authorities, authorities take, take this, this threat, threat very, very seriously, seriously and, and the, the worst, worst is, is feared, feared especially, especially as, as the, the operating, operating mode, mode of, of this, this amoeba, amoeba is, is disconcerting, disconcerting This, This microorganism, microorganism generally, generally lives, lives in, in fresh, fresh waters, waters lakes, lakes swimming, swimming pool, pool poorly, poorly maintained, The horror in, horror in several, in several cities, several cities of, cities of the, of the United, the United States, United States here, States here is, here is the, is the devouring, the devouring amoeba, devouring amoeba of, amoeba of brain, of brain It, brain It is, It is panic, is panic in, panic in the, in the USA, the USA and, USA and more, and more precisely, more precisely in, precisely in the, in the South, the South of, South of the, of the United, the United States, United States where, States where many, where many municipalities, many municipalities have, municipalities have discovered, have discovered that, discovered that a, that a rare, a rare and, rare and dangerous, and dangerous form, dangerous form of, form of amoeba, of amoeba was, amoeba was present, was present in, present in their, in their drinking, their drinking water, drinking water distribution, water distribution channels, distribution channels This, channels This bacterium, This bacterium bears, bacterium bears the, bears the name, the name of, name of Naegleria, of Naegleria fowleri, Naegleria fowleri and, fowleri and would, and would be, would be devouring, be devouring brain, devouring brain Indeed, brain Indeed this, Indeed this amoeba, this amoeba would, amoeba would be, would be at, be at the, at the origin, the origin of, origin of the, of the primary, the primary amoebic, primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, amoebic meningoencephalitis In, meningoencephalitis In 90, In 90 of, 90 of cases, of cases it, cases it is, it is fatal, is fatal Many, fatal Many people, Many people are, people are already, are already infected, already infected The, infected The American, The American health, American health authorities, health authorities take, authorities take this, take this threat, this threat very, threat very seriously, very seriously and, seriously and the, and the worst, the worst is, worst is feared, is feared especially, feared especially as, especially as the, as the operating, the operating mode, operating mode of, mode of this, of this amoeba, this amoeba is, amoeba is disconcerting, is disconcerting This, disconcerting This microorganism, This microorganism generally, microorganism generally lives, generally lives in, lives in fresh, in fresh waters, fresh waters lakes, waters lakes swimming, lakes swimming pool, swimming pool poorly, pool poorly maintained

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