The hidden virtues of aloe vera

The hidden virtues of aloe vera

The hidden virtues of aloe vera

Called by the Maya people "Fountain of Youth," aloe vera is a true miracle cure for many health concerns. This medicinal plant without stem that originated in Egypt and the Middle East and since grown in abundance in the hot countries of Africa but also in India and South America, has innumerable soothing, moisturizing and healing benefits. Its use goes back more than 5000 years and there would be a total of 300

Species of aloe. Many cosmetic treatments are based on aloe vera. No wonder if the aloe vera leaf contains about 75 nutrients as well as many minerals, amino acids and vitamins. To take advantage of its benefits, just collect the gel found in the green parts of the plant, a kind of translucent pulp that purifies the body by eliminating its toxins, relieves intestinal pain and constipation, prevents heart disease ...

The aloe vera:

  • Hydrates and soothes the skin by promoting the production of collagen
  • Prevents premature aging of cells
  • Nourishes and revitalizes the hair while facilitating their disentangling
  • Relieves burns and sunburns
  • Accelerates wound healing and repairs tissue
  • Regulates the acidity of the intestines
  • Strengthen the intestinal barrier against bacteria
  • Treats constipation
  • Prevents Colon and Skin Cancer
  • Has no contraindications except that it is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 6 years of age

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Aloe, vera, moisturizes, and, soothes, the, skin, by, promoting, the, production, of, collagen, prevents, premature, aging, of, the, cells, nourishes, and, revitalizes, the, hair, while, facilitating, their, disentangling, relieves, burns, and, sunburn, accelerates, the, healing, of, wounds, and, repairs, The, tissues, regulates, the, acidity, of, the, intestines, strengthen, the, intestinal, barrier, against, bacteria, treats, constipation, prevents, colon, and, skin, cancer, has, no, contraindications, except, that, it, is, discouraged, to, pregnant, women, and, children, under, 6, years, The hidden, hidden virtues, virtues of, of aloe, aloe vera, vera Called, Called by, by the, the Maya, Maya people, people Fountain, Fountain of, of Youth, Youth aloe, aloe vera, vera is, is a, a true, true miracle, miracle cure, cure for, for many, many health, health concerns, concerns This, This medicinal, medicinal plant, plant without, without stem, stem that, that originated, originated in, in Egypt, Egypt and, and the, the Middle, Middle East, East and, and since, since grown, grown in, in abundance, abundance in, in the, the hot, hot countries, countries of, of Africa, Africa but, but also, also in, in India, India and, and South, South America, America has, has innumerable, innumerable soothing, soothing moisturizing, moisturizing and, and healing, healing benefits, benefits Its, Its use, use goes, goes back, back more, more than, than 5000, 5000 years, years and, and there, there would, would be, be a, a total, total of, of 300, 300 species, species of, of aloe, aloe Many, Many cosmetic, cosmetic treatments, treatments are, are based, based on, on aloe, aloe vera, vera No, No wonder, wonder if, if the, the aloe, aloe vera, vera leaf, leaf contains, contains about, about 75, 75 nutrients, nutrients as, as well, well as, as many, many minerals, minerals amino, amino acids, acids and, and vitamins, vitamins To, To take, take advantage, advantage of, of its, its benefits, benefits just, just collect, collect the, the gel, gel found, found in, in the, the green, green parts, parts of, of the, the plant, plant a, a kind, kind of, of translucent, translucent pulp, pulp that, that purifies, purifies the, the body, body by, by eliminating, eliminating its, its toxins, toxins relieves, relieves intestinal, intestinal pain, pain and, and constipation, constipation prevents, prevents heart, heart disease, The hidden virtues, hidden virtues of, virtues of aloe, of aloe vera, aloe vera Called, vera Called by, Called by the, by the Maya, the Maya people, Maya people Fountain, people Fountain of, Fountain of Youth, of Youth aloe, Youth aloe vera, aloe vera is, vera is a, is a true, a true miracle, true miracle cure, miracle cure for, cure for many, for many health, many health concerns, health concerns This, concerns This medicinal, This medicinal plant, medicinal plant without, plant without stem, without stem that, stem that originated, that originated in, originated in Egypt, in Egypt and, Egypt and the, and the Middle, the Middle East, Middle East and, East and since, and since grown, since grown in, grown in abundance, in abundance in, abundance in the, in the hot, the hot countries, hot countries of, countries of Africa, of Africa but, Africa but also, but also in, also in India, in India and, India and South, and South America, South America has, America has innumerable, has innumerable soothing, innumerable soothing moisturizing, soothing moisturizing and, moisturizing and healing, and healing benefits, healing benefits Its, benefits Its use, Its use goes, use goes back, goes back more, back more than, more than 5000, than 5000 years, 5000 years and, years and there, and there would, there would be, would be a, be a total, a total of, total of 300, of 300 species, 300 species of, species of aloe, of aloe Many, aloe Many cosmetic, Many cosmetic treatments, cosmetic treatments are, treatments are based, are based on, based on aloe, on aloe vera, aloe vera No, vera No wonder, No wonder if, wonder if the, if the aloe, the aloe vera, aloe vera leaf, vera leaf contains, leaf contains about, contains about 75, about 75 nutrients, 75 nutrients as, nutrients as well, as well as, well as many, as many minerals, many minerals amino, minerals amino acids, amino acids and, acids and vitamins, and vitamins To, vitamins To take, To take advantage, take advantage of, advantage of its, of its benefits, its benefits just, benefits just collect, just collect the, collect the gel, the gel found, gel found in, found in the, in the green, the green parts, green parts of, parts of the, of the plant, the plant a, plant a kind, a kind of, kind of translucent, of translucent pulp, translucent pulp that, pulp that purifies, that purifies the, purifies the body, the body by, body by eliminating, by eliminating its, eliminating its toxins, its toxins relieves, toxins relieves intestinal, relieves intestinal pain, intestinal pain and, pain and constipation, and constipation prevents, constipation prevents heart, prevents heart disease

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