The health benefits of strawberries

The health benefits of strawberries

The health benefits of strawberries

It is crisp and its color red flamboyant. Strawberry is a fruit very appreciated by the small as well as the big ones. Very low in calories, it is rich in vitamin C, twice as much as some citrus fruits. A portion of strawberry contains 51.5mg of vitamin C. Through this intake, it brings vitality and tonus to the body. Energizing and remineralizing, it helps to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. The strawberry is also good for the view,

Protects the lens, the cornea and the retina. Due to its vitamin C content but also to the antioxidants it contains, it prevents the appearance of eye diseases related to age such as cataract. In addition, the strawberry is a very effective anti-wrinkle, which stimulates the production of collagen, fights the aging of the skin and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The strawberry is also known for its anti-cancer properties. It consists of lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants capable of counteracting the action of free radicals responsible for many diseases, it slows down or even stops the development of cancer cells and protects healthy cells. Strawberry is also a potent anti-inflammatory (especially reduces joint inflammation responsible for diseases like arthritis), good for the heart and also lowering the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, thus reducing the risk of diseases cardiovascular.

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The, health, benefits, of, strawberries, It, is, crisp, and, its, color, red, flamboyant, Strawberry, is, a, fruit, very, appreciated, by, the, small, as, well, as, the, big, ones, Very, low, in, calories, it, is, rich, in, vitamin, C, twice, as, much, as, some, citrus, fruits, A, portion, of, strawberry, contains, 515mg, of, vitamin, C, Through, this, intake, it, brings, vitality, and, tonus, to, the, body, Energizing, and, remineralizing, it, helps, to, stimulate, and, strengthen, the, immune, system, The, strawberry, is, also, good, for, sight, protects, the, lens, the, cornea, and, the, retina, Due, to, its, vitamin, C, content, but, also, to, the, antioxidants, it, contains, it, prevents, the, appearance, of, eye, diseases, related, to, age, such, as, cataract, In, addition, the, strawberry, is, a, very, effective, antiwrinkle, which, stimulates, the, production, of, collagen, fights, the, aging, of, the, skin, and, prevents, the, appearance, of, wrinkles, and, fine, lines, The, strawberry, is, also, known, for, its, anticancer, properties, It, consists, of, lutein, and, zeaxanthin, antioxidants, capable, of, counteracting, the, action, of, free, radicals, responsible, for, many, diseases, it, slows, down, or, even, stops, the, development, of, cancer, cells, and, protects, healthy, cells, Strawberry, is, also, a, potent, antiinflammatory, especially, reduces, joint, inflammation, responsible, for, diseases, like, arthritis, good, for, the, heart, and, also, lowering, the, level, of, bad, cholesterol, LDL, in, the, blood, thus, reducing, the, risk, of, diseases, cardiovascular, The health, health benefits, benefits of, of strawberries, strawberries It, It is, is crisp, crisp and, and its, its color, color red, red flamboyant, flamboyant Strawberry, Strawberry is, is a, a fruit, fruit very, very appreciated, appreciated by, by the, the small, small as, as well, well as, as the, the big, big ones, ones Very, Very low, low in, in calories, calories it, it is, is rich, rich in, in vitamin, vitamin C, C twice, twice as, as much, much as, as some, some citrus, citrus fruits, fruits A, A portion, portion of, of strawberry, strawberry contains, contains 515mg, 515mg of, of vitamin, vitamin C, C Through, Through this, this intake, intake it, it brings, brings vitality, vitality and, and tonus, tonus to, to the, the body, body Energizing, Energizing and, and remineralizing, remineralizing it, it helps, helps to, to stimulate, stimulate and, and strengthen, strengthen the, the immune, immune system, system The, The strawberry, strawberry is, is also, also good, good for, for sight, sight protects, protects the, the lens, lens the, the cornea, cornea and, and the, the retina, retina Due, Due to, to its, its vitamin, vitamin C, C content, content but, but also, also to, to the, the antioxidants, antioxidants it, it contains, contains it, it prevents, prevents the, the appearance, appearance of, of eye, eye diseases, diseases related, related to, to age, age such, such as, as cataract, cataract In, In addition, addition the, the strawberry, strawberry is, is a, a very, very effective, effective antiwrinkle, antiwrinkle which, which stimulates, stimulates the, the production, production of, of collagen, collagen fights, fights the, the aging, aging of, of the, the skin, skin and, and prevents, prevents the, the appearance, appearance of, of wrinkles, wrinkles and, and fine, fine lines, lines The, The strawberry, strawberry is, is also, also known, known for, for its, its anticancer, anticancer properties, properties It, It consists, consists of, of lutein, lutein and, and zeaxanthin, zeaxanthin antioxidants, antioxidants capable, capable of, of counteracting, counteracting the, the action, action of, of free, free radicals, radicals responsible, responsible for, for many, many diseases, diseases it, it slows, slows down, down or, or even, even stops, stops the, the development, development of, of cancer, cancer cells, cells and, and protects, protects healthy, healthy cells, cells Strawberry, Strawberry is, is also, also a, a potent, potent antiinflammatory, antiinflammatory especially, especially reduces, reduces joint, joint inflammation, inflammation responsible, responsible for, for diseases, diseases like, like arthritis, arthritis good, good for, for the, the heart, heart and, and also, also lowering, lowering the, the level, level of, of bad, bad cholesterol, cholesterol LDL, LDL in, in the, the blood, blood thus, thus reducing, reducing the, the risk, risk of, of diseases, diseases cardiovascular, The health benefits, health benefits of, benefits of strawberries, of strawberries It, strawberries It is, It is crisp, is crisp and, crisp and its, and its color, its color red, color red flamboyant, red flamboyant Strawberry, flamboyant Strawberry is, Strawberry is a, is a fruit, a fruit very, fruit very appreciated, very appreciated by, appreciated by the, by the small, the small as, small as well, as well as, well as the, as the big, the big ones, big ones Very, ones Very low, Very low in, low in calories, in calories it, calories it is, it is rich, is rich in, rich in vitamin, in vitamin C, vitamin C twice, C twice as, twice as much, as much as, much as some, as some citrus, some citrus fruits, citrus fruits A, fruits A portion, A portion of, portion of strawberry, of strawberry contains, strawberry contains 515mg, contains 515mg of, 515mg of vitamin, of vitamin C, vitamin C Through, C Through this, Through this intake, this intake it, intake it brings, it brings vitality, brings vitality and, vitality and tonus, and tonus to, tonus to the, to the body, the body Energizing, body Energizing and, Energizing and remineralizing, and remineralizing it, remineralizing it helps, it helps to, helps to stimulate, to stimulate and, stimulate and strengthen, and strengthen the, strengthen the immune, the immune system, immune system The, system The strawberry, The strawberry is, strawberry is also, is also good, also good for, good for sight, for sight protects, sight protects the, protects the lens, the lens the, lens the cornea, the cornea and, cornea and the, and the retina, the retina Due, retina Due to, Due to its, to its vitamin, its vitamin C, vitamin C content, C content but, content but also, but also to, also to the, to the antioxidants, the antioxidants it, antioxidants it contains, it contains it, contains it prevents, it prevents the, prevents the appearance, the appearance of, appearance of eye, of eye diseases, eye diseases related, diseases related to, related to age, to age such, age such as, such as cataract, as cataract In, cataract In addition, In addition the, addition the strawberry, the strawberry is, strawberry is a, is a very, a very effective, very effective antiwrinkle, effective antiwrinkle which, antiwrinkle which stimulates, which stimulates the, stimulates the production, the production of, production of collagen, of collagen fights, collagen fights the, fights the aging, the aging of, aging of the, of the skin, the skin and, skin and prevents, and prevents the, prevents the appearance, the appearance of, appearance of wrinkles, of wrinkles and, wrinkles and fine, and fine lines, fine lines The, lines The strawberry, The strawberry is, strawberry is also, is also known, also known for, known for its, for its anticancer, its anticancer properties, anticancer properties It, properties It consists, It consists of, consists of lutein, of lutein and, lutein and zeaxanthin, and zeaxanthin antioxidants, zeaxanthin antioxidants capable, antioxidants capable of, capable of counteracting, of counteracting the, counteracting the action, the action of, action of free, of free radicals, free radicals responsible, radicals responsible for, responsible for many, for many diseases, many diseases it, diseases it slows, it slows down, slows down or, down or even, or even stops, even stops the, stops the development, the development of, development of cancer, of cancer cells, cancer cells and, cells and protects, and protects healthy, protects healthy cells, healthy cells Strawberry, cells Strawberry is, Strawberry is also, is also a, also a potent, a potent antiinflammatory, potent antiinflammatory especially, antiinflammatory especially reduces, especially reduces joint, reduces joint inflammation, joint inflammation responsible, inflammation responsible for, responsible for diseases, for diseases like, diseases like arthritis, like arthritis good, arthritis good for, good for the, for the heart, the heart and, heart and also, and also lowering, also lowering the, lowering the level, the level of, level of bad, of bad cholesterol, bad cholesterol LDL, cholesterol LDL in, LDL in the, in the blood, the blood thus, blood thus reducing, thus reducing the, reducing the risk, the risk of, risk of diseases, of diseases cardiovascular

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