The Effects of Salt on Health

The Effects of Salt on Health

The Effects of Salt on Health

Although it seasoning dishes and makes them more tasty, salt is not harmless to the body. Several studies and research have demonstrated the close connection between excessive salt consumption and certain diseases, including cardiovascular diseases.

Why salt is dangerous?

The salt contains large amounts of sodium. It is this compound that harms the body when it is present in excess. It causes especially water retention that causes bloating and cellulite and accelerates the aging of the skin.

Excessive intake of salt also promotes the occurrence of edema and blood clots and causes hypertension since the genes that regulate arterial pressure are the same that control the reabsorption of salt in the kidneys.

A too salty diet also increases the risk of stomach cancer and increases the elimination of calcium which weakens the bones in the long term and promotes the appearance of age-related diseases such as osteoporosis.

Should we finally banish the salt from our plates?

No ! To function properly, the body has a daily need for sodium, iodine and fluoride, contained in salt. The daily requirement is 2g but a healthy individual can consume up to 7g of salt per day. To reduce salt consumption, it is sufficient to avoid industrially prepared dishes, condiments, refill citrus and replace some of the salt with herbs that will enhance the taste.

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in, the, long, term, and, promotes, the, appearance, of, agerelated, diseases, such, as, osteoporosis, Should, we, finally, banish, the, salt, from, our, plates, No, , To, function, properly, the, body, has, a, daily, need, for, sodium, iodine, and, fluoride, contained, in, salt, The, daily, requirement, is, 2g, but, a, healthy, individual, can, consume, up, to, 7g, of, salt, per, day, To, reduce, salt, consumption, it, is, sufficient, to, avoid, industrially, prepared, dishes, condiments, refill, citrus, and, replace, some, of, the, salt, with, herbs, that, will, enhance, the, taste, The Effects, Effects of, of Salt, Salt on, on Health, Health Although, Although it, it seasoning, seasoning dishes, dishes and, and makes, makes them, them more, more tasty, tasty salt, salt is, is not, not harmless, harmless to, to the, the body, body Several, Several studies, studies and, and research, research have, have demonstrated, demonstrated the, the close, close connection, connection between, between excessive, excessive salt, salt consumption, consumption and, and certain, certain diseases, diseases including, including cardiovascular, cardiovascular diseases, diseases Why, Why salt, salt is, is dangerous, dangerous The, The salt, salt contains, contains large, large amounts, amounts of, of sodium, sodium It, It is, is this, this compound, compound that, that harms, harms the, the body, body when, when it, it is, is present, present in, in excess, excess It, It causes, causes especially, especially water, water retention, retention that, that causes, causes bloating, bloating and, and cellulite, cellulite and, and accelerates, accelerates the, the aging, aging of, of the, the skin, skin Excessive, Excessive intake, intake of, of salt, salt also, also promotes, promotes the, the occurrence, occurrence of, of edema, edema and, and blood, blood clots, clots and, and causes, causes hypertension, hypertension since, since the, the genes, genes that, that regulate, regulate arterial, arterial pressure, pressure are, are the, the same, same that, that control, control the, the reabsorption, reabsorption of, of salt, salt in, in the, the kidneys, kidneys A, A too, too salty, salty diet, diet also, also increases, increases the, the risk, risk of, of stomach, stomach cancer, cancer and, and increases, increases the, the elimination, elimination of, of calcium, calcium which, which weakens, weakens the, the bones, bones in, in the, the long, long term, term and, and promotes, promotes the, the appearance, appearance of, of agerelated, agerelated diseases, diseases such, such as, as osteoporosis, osteoporosis Should, Should we, we finally, finally banish, banish the, the salt, salt from, from our, our plates, plates No, The Effects of, Effects of Salt, of Salt on, Salt on Health, on Health Although, Health Although it, Although it seasoning, it seasoning dishes, seasoning dishes and, dishes and makes, and makes them, makes them more, them more tasty, more tasty salt, tasty salt is, salt is not, is not harmless, not harmless to, harmless to the, to the body, the body Several, body Several studies, Several studies and, studies and research, and research have, research have demonstrated, have demonstrated the, demonstrated the close, the close connection, close connection between, connection between excessive, between excessive salt, excessive salt consumption, salt consumption and, consumption and certain, and certain diseases, certain diseases including, diseases including cardiovascular, including cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases Why, diseases Why salt, Why salt is, salt is dangerous, is dangerous The, dangerous The salt, The salt contains, salt contains large, contains large amounts, large amounts of, amounts of sodium, of sodium It, sodium It is, It is this, is this compound, this compound that, compound that harms, that harms the, harms the body, the body when, body when it, when it is, it is present, is present in, present in excess, in excess It, excess It causes, It causes especially, causes especially water, especially water retention, water retention that, retention that causes, that causes bloating, causes bloating and, bloating and cellulite, and cellulite and, cellulite and accelerates, and accelerates the, accelerates the aging, the aging of, aging of the, of the skin, the skin Excessive, skin Excessive intake, Excessive intake of, intake of salt, of salt also, salt also promotes, also promotes the, promotes the occurrence, the occurrence of, occurrence of edema, of edema and, edema and blood, and blood clots, blood clots and, clots and causes, and causes hypertension, causes hypertension since, hypertension since the, since the genes, the genes that, genes that regulate, that regulate arterial, regulate arterial pressure, arterial pressure are, pressure are the, are the same, the same that, same that control, that control the, control the reabsorption, the reabsorption of, reabsorption of salt, of salt in, salt in the, in the kidneys, the kidneys A, kidneys A too, A too salty, too salty diet, salty diet also, diet also increases, also increases the, increases the risk, the risk of, risk of stomach, of stomach cancer, stomach cancer and, cancer and increases, and increases the, increases the elimination, the elimination of, elimination of calcium, of calcium which, calcium which weakens, which weakens the, weakens the bones, the bones in, bones in the, in the long, the long term, long term and, term and promotes, and promotes the, promotes the appearance, the appearance of, appearance of agerelated, of agerelated diseases, agerelated diseases such, diseases such as, such as osteoporosis, as osteoporosis Should, osteoporosis Should we, Should we finally, we finally banish, finally banish the, banish the salt, the salt from, salt from our, from our plates, our plates No

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