The Benefits of Vitamin K for Your Body

The Benefits of Vitamin K for Your Body

The Benefits of Vitamin K for Your Body

Like other vitamins in our body, vitamin K is an essential nutrient essential for the proper functioning of our body. Its role is to help the blood coagulate but it also protects against the degeneration of cellular tissues and against the diseases of the bones of which osteoporosis, a disease widespread in

Women when they reach the age of menopause.lVitamin K also helps to regulate blood pressure and stimulates brain function.

There are two forms of vitamin K: the K1 contained in plants and other foods and the K2 produced by the bacteria in the digestive tract from the K1.

Where is vitamin K found?

• Vegetables: celery, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, turnip, leek ...

• Fruits: avocado, plums fig, kiwi, apricot, tomato, grape

• Lean meats, liver

• Milk

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