The benefits of rabbit meat

The benefits of rabbit meat
The benefits of rabbit meat

The benefits of rabbit meat

Although it is a mammal, the rabbit is classified as a poultry because its nutritional strengths are almost the same. Commercial rabbits are slaughtered between the ages of 12 and 3 months. They weigh about 1.5 to 3 kg. Their flesh is tender and their flavor is similar to that of chicken. If you have never tasted rabbit, try it! Because this meat has its place in the context of a healthy diet.

To jump like a kid; Eat rabbit!This white meat has several nutritional qualities to give you fishing. Indeed, rabbit is the meat containing the highest level of vitamin B12 since 100g of rabbit is equivalent to 300% of the daily intake of B12. The latter, together with folic acid B9, makes red blood cells in the blood and maintains nerve cells. It is also rich in vitamin B3 which participates in many metabolic reactions and contributes to the production of energy from carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. The rabbit is an excellent source of vitamin B6 which helps in the production of red blood cells and allows them to transport oxygen. It is also a good source of vitamin B2 that plays a role in the energy metabolism of all cells and contributes to tissue growth and repair, hormone production and red blood cell formation.

Like a rabbit; Jump light!The rabbit is less caloric than beef, lamb, pork and even chicken! Its energy intake is very moderate: about 170 kcal / 100g. It provides 20.5% protein per 100g of meat. Rabbit thigh has the lowest cholesterol content of all meats; And contains more than 35% monounsaturated fatty acids, known to lower cholesterol levels. Its vegetable nourishment brings it unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid (omega6) by sunflower; And linolenic acid (omega 3) by alfalfa ...

Rabbit, source of mineral salts:The rabbit is rich in phosphorus, which plays an essential role in the formation and maintenance of bone and teeth health and in the growth and regeneration of tissues. It is also a good source of selenium which is an antioxidant contributing to convert thyroid hormones into their active form. This meat is also rich in iron essential to the transport of oxygen and the formation of red blood cells in the blood; And also plays a role in the manufacture of new cells, hormones and neurotransmitters. The rabbit also allows you to have zinc that participates in the immune reactions, the manufacture of the genetic material, the perception of the taste, the healing of the wounds and the development of the fetus ...

How to cook it?

Ingredients:1bol of rice, 1lb of 1.5kg, 1bol of shelled peas, 2 carrots, 2 chopped onions, 2tomates shredded, 1 small glass of olive oil, 4 garlic cloves, chopped 1 tsp. at. c. Of butter, 1 tsp. at. c. Of pepper, 1 tsp. at. c. Ginger, 1 little saffron coloring, 1 liter and half water, salt.

preparation:Wash the rabbit and cut into 8 pieces. Heat the oil in a pot over low heat. Brown the rabbit with onions, garlic, salt and seasoning (ginger, saffron, pepper and salt). Stir until lightly browned and add the grated tomatoes. Add one and a half liters of water and let cook. Add the carrots followed by the peas. Add the rice. Stir and cook. Check for rice to add water if necessary. After 45 min of cooking, leave and put in a dish to bake about 15 mn.

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The, benefits, of, rabbit, meat, Although, it, is, a, mammal, the, rabbit, is, classified, as, a, poultry, because, its, nutritional, strengths, are, almost, the, same, Commercial, rabbits, are, slaughtered, between, the, ages, of, 12, and, 3, months, They, weigh, about, 15, to, 3, kg, Their, flesh, is, tender, and, their, flavor, is, similar, to, that, of, chicken, If, you, have, never, tasted, rabbit, try, it, Because, this, meat, has, its, place, in, the, context, of, a, healthy, diet, To, jump, like, a, kid, Eat, rabbit, This, white, meat, has, several, nutritional, qualities, to, give, you, fishing, Indeed, rabbit, is, the, meat, containing, the, highest, level, of, vitamin, B12, since, 100g, of, rabbit, is, equivalent, to, 300, of, the, daily, intake, of, B12, The, latter, together, with, folic, acid, B9, makes, red, blood, cells, in, the, blood, and, maintains, nerve, cells, It, is, also, rich, in, vitamin, B3, which, participates, in, many, metabolic, reactions, and, contributes, to, the, production, of, energy, from, carbohydrates, lipids, and, proteins, The, rabbit, is, an, excellent, source, of, vitamin, B6, which, helps, in, the, production, of, red, blood, cells, and, allows, them, to, transport, oxygen, It, is, also, a, good, source, of, vitamin, B2, that, plays, a, role, in, the, energy, metabolism, of, all, cells, and, contributes, to, tissue, growth, and, repair, hormone, production, and, red, blood, cell, formation, Like, a, rabbit, Jump, light, The, rabbit, is, less, caloric, than, beef, lamb, pork, and, even, chicken, Its, energy, intake, is, very, moderate, about, 170, kcal, , 100g, It, provides, 205, protein, per, 100g, of, meat, Rabbit, thigh, has, the, lowest, cholesterol, content, of, all, meats, And, contains, more, than, 35, monounsaturated, fatty, acids, known, to, lower, cholesterol, levels, Its, vegetable, nourishment, brings, it, unsaturated, fatty, acids, especially, linoleic, acid, omega6, by, sunflower, And, linolenic, acid, omega, 3, by, alfalfa, , Rabbit, source, of, mineral, salts, Rabbit, is, rich, in, phosphorus, whose, role, is, essential, in, the, formation, and, maintenance, of, bone, and, teeth, health, and, As, well, as, tissue, growth, and, regeneration, It, is, also, a, good, source, of, selenium, which, is, an, antioxidant, contributing, to, convert, thyroid, hormones, into, their, active, form, This, meat, is, also, rich, in, iron, essential, to, the, transport, of, oxygen, and, the, formation, of, red, blood, cells, in, the, blood, And, also, plays, a, role, in, the, manufacture, of, new, cells, hormones, and, neurotransmitters, The, rabbit, also, allows, you, to, have, zinc, that, participates, in, immune, reactions, germplasm, production, taste, perception, wound, healing, and, fetal, development, , how, to, cook, it, , Ingredients, 1bol, of, rice, 1lb, of, 15kg, 1bol, of, shelled, peas, 2, carrots, 2, chopped, onions, 2tomates, grated, 1, small, glass, of, olive, oil, 4, cloves, of, garlic, 1, tsp, at, c, Of, butter, 1, tsp, at, c, Of, pepper, 1, tsp, at, c, Ginger, 1, little, saffron, coloring, 1, liter, and, half, water, salt, Preparation, Wash, the, rabbit, and, cut, into, 8, pieces, Heat, the, oil, in, a, pot, over, low, heat, Brown, the, rabbit, with, onions, garlic, salt, and, seasoning, ginger, saffron, pepper, and, salt, Stir, until, lightly, browned, and, add, the, grated, tomatoes, Add, one, and, a, half, liters, of, water, and, let, cook, Add, the, carrots, followed, by, the, peas, Add, the, rice, Stir, and, cook, Check, for, rice, to, add, water, if, necessary, After, 45, min, of, cooking, leave, and, put, in, a, dish, to, bake, about, 15, mn, The benefits, benefits of, of rabbit, rabbit meat, meat Although, Although it, it is, is a, a mammal, mammal the, the rabbit, rabbit is, is classified, classified as, as a, a poultry, poultry because, because its, its nutritional, nutritional strengths, strengths are, are almost, almost the, the same, same Commercial, Commercial rabbits, rabbits are, are slaughtered, slaughtered between, between the, the ages, ages of, of 12, 12 and, and 3, 3 months, months They, They weigh, weigh about, about 15, 15 to, to 3, 3 kg, kg Their, Their flesh, flesh is, is tender, tender and, and their, their flavor, flavor is, is similar, similar to, to that, that of, of chicken, chicken If, If you, you have, have never, never tasted, tasted rabbit, rabbit try, try it, it Because, Because this, this meat, meat has, has its, its place, place in, in the, the context, context of, of a, a healthy, healthy diet, diet To, To jump, jump like, like a, a kid, kid Eat, Eat rabbit, rabbit This, This white, white meat, meat has, has several, several nutritional, nutritional qualities, qualities to, to give, give you, you fishing, fishing Indeed, Indeed rabbit, rabbit is, is the, the meat, meat containing, containing the, the highest, highest level, level of, of vitamin, vitamin B12, B12 since, since 100g, 100g of, of rabbit, rabbit is, is equivalent, equivalent to, to 300, 300 of, of the, the daily, daily intake, intake of, of B12, B12 The, The latter, latter together, together with, with folic, folic acid, acid B9, B9 makes, makes red, red blood, blood cells, cells in, in the, the blood, blood and, and maintains, maintains nerve, nerve cells, cells It, It is, is also, also rich, rich in, in vitamin, vitamin B3, B3 which, which participates, participates in, in many, many metabolic, metabolic reactions, reactions and, and contributes, contributes to, to the, the production, production of, of energy, energy from, from carbohydrates, carbohydrates lipids, lipids and, and proteins, proteins The, The rabbit, rabbit is, is an, an excellent, excellent source, source of, of vitamin, vitamin B6, B6 which, which helps, helps in, in the, the production, production of, of red, red blood, blood cells, cells and, and allows, allows them, them to, to transport, transport oxygen, oxygen It, It is, is also, also a, a good, good source, source of, of vitamin, vitamin B2, B2 that, that plays, plays a, a role, role in, in the, the energy, energy metabolism, metabolism of, of all, all cells, cells and, and contributes, contributes to, to tissue, tissue growth, growth and, and repair, repair hormone, hormone production, production and, and red, red blood, blood cell, cell formation, formation Like, Like a, a rabbit, rabbit Jump, Jump light, light The, The rabbit, rabbit is, is less, less caloric, caloric than, than beef, beef lamb, lamb pork, pork and, and even, even chicken, chicken Its, Its energy, energy intake, intake is, is very, very moderate, moderate about, about 170, 170 kcal, The benefits of, benefits of rabbit, of rabbit meat, rabbit meat Although, meat Although it, Although it is, it is a, is a mammal, a mammal the, mammal the rabbit, the rabbit is, rabbit is classified, is classified as, classified as a, as a poultry, a poultry because, poultry because its, because its nutritional, its nutritional strengths, nutritional strengths are, strengths are almost, are almost the, almost the same, the same Commercial, same Commercial rabbits, Commercial rabbits are, rabbits are slaughtered, are slaughtered between, slaughtered between the, between the ages, the ages of, ages of 12, of 12 and, 12 and 3, and 3 months, 3 months They, months They weigh, They weigh about, weigh about 15, about 15 to, 15 to 3, to 3 kg, 3 kg Their, kg Their flesh, Their flesh is, flesh is tender, is tender and, tender and their, and their flavor, their flavor is, flavor is similar, is similar to, similar to that, to that of, that of chicken, of chicken If, chicken If you, If you have, you have never, have never tasted, never tasted rabbit, tasted rabbit try, rabbit try it, try it Because, it Because this, Because this meat, this meat has, meat has its, has its place, its place in, place in the, in the context, the context of, context of a, of a healthy, a healthy diet, healthy diet To, diet To jump, To jump like, jump like a, like a kid, a kid Eat, kid Eat rabbit, Eat rabbit This, rabbit This white, This white meat, white meat has, meat has several, has several nutritional, several nutritional qualities, nutritional qualities to, qualities to give, to give you, give you fishing, you fishing Indeed, fishing Indeed rabbit, Indeed rabbit is, rabbit is the, is the meat, the meat containing, meat containing the, containing the highest, the highest level, highest level of, level of vitamin, of vitamin B12, vitamin B12 since, B12 since 100g, since 100g of, 100g of rabbit, of rabbit is, rabbit is equivalent, is equivalent to, equivalent to 300, to 300 of, 300 of the, of the daily, the daily intake, daily intake of, intake of B12, of B12 The, B12 The latter, The latter together, latter together with, together with folic, with folic acid, folic acid B9, acid B9 makes, B9 makes red, makes red blood, red blood cells, blood cells in, cells in the, in the blood, the blood and, blood and maintains, and maintains nerve, maintains nerve cells, nerve cells It, cells It is, It is also, is also rich, also rich in, rich in vitamin, in vitamin B3, vitamin B3 which, B3 which participates, which participates in, participates in many, in many metabolic, many metabolic reactions, metabolic reactions and, reactions and contributes, and contributes to, contributes to the, to the production, the production of, production of energy, of energy from, energy from carbohydrates, from carbohydrates lipids, carbohydrates lipids and, lipids and proteins, and proteins The, proteins The rabbit, The rabbit is, rabbit is an, is an excellent, an excellent source, excellent source of, source of vitamin, of vitamin B6, vitamin B6 which, B6 which helps, which helps in, helps in the, in the production, the production of, production of red, of red blood, red blood cells, blood cells and, cells and allows, and allows them, allows them to, them to transport, to transport oxygen, transport oxygen It, oxygen It is, It is also, is also a, also a good, a good source, good source of, source of vitamin, of vitamin B2, vitamin B2 that, B2 that plays, that plays a, plays a role, a role in, role in the, in the energy, the energy metabolism, energy metabolism of, metabolism of all, of all cells, all cells and, cells and contributes, and contributes to, contributes to tissue, to tissue growth, tissue growth and, growth and repair, and repair hormone, repair hormone production, hormone production and, production and red, and red blood, red blood cell, blood cell formation, cell formation Like, formation Like a, Like a rabbit, a rabbit Jump, rabbit Jump light, Jump light The, light The rabbit, The rabbit is, rabbit is less, is less caloric, less caloric than, caloric than beef, than beef lamb, beef lamb pork, lamb pork and, pork and even, and even chicken, even chicken Its, chicken Its energy, Its energy intake, energy intake is, intake is very, is very moderate, very moderate about, moderate about 170, about 170 kcal

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