The Benefits of Pineapple

The Benefits of Pineapple

The Benefits of Pineapple

What do we really know about pineapple? This tropical fruit is native to southern Brazil and Paraguay. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus long ago, in 1493 more precisely. There are several varieties of pineapple but only a few are currently grown. Consumed fresh or in juice, the pineapple facilitates the digestion of proteins and has many positive effects on thehealth. It is an excellent source of antioxidant compounds (polyphenols and flavonoids)

But also manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, minerals (copper) and fiber. It is especially recommended for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, antiplatelet and fibrinolytic properties which fluidize the blood circulation and prevent the formation of blood clots) but also to fight cancer. Research has shown that pineapple is capable of neutralizing cancer cells and slowing down their development. Containing bromelain, a substance that prevents tumors, inflammations and edema, this exotic fruit also helps fight osteoarthritis.

Does pineapple make you lose weight?

There are pineapple-based diets that can be harmful to long-term use. Certainly, pineapple is full of bromelain, an enzyme capable of splitting proteins, but it does not make it a real fat burn but no more. It may, however, be associated with a diet prescribed by a nutritionist.

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The, Benefits, of, Pineapple, What, do, we, really, know, about, pineapple, This, tropical, fruit, is, native, to, southern, Brazil, and, Paraguay, It, was, discovered, by, Christopher, Columbus, long, ago, in, 1493, more, precisely, There, are, several, varieties, of, pineapple, but, only, a, few, are, currently, grown, Consumed, fresh, or, in, juice, pineapple, facilitates, the, digestion, of, proteins, and, has, many, positive, effects, on, health, It, is, an, excellent, source, of, antioxidant, compounds, polyphenols, and, flavonoids, as, well, as, manganese, vitamin, C, vitamin, B1, vitamin, B6, minerals, copper, and, fiber, It, is, especially, recommended, for, the, prevention, of, cardiovascular, diseases, thanks, to, its, antiinflammatory, antithrombotic, antiplatelet, and, fibrinolytic, properties, which, fluidize, the, blood, circulation, and, prevent, the, formation, of, blood, clots, but, also, to, fight, cancer, Research, has, shown, that, pineapple, is, capable, of, neutralizing, cancer, cells, and, slowing, down, their, development, Containing, bromelain, a, substance, that, prevents, tumors, inflammations, and, edema, this, exotic, fruit, also, helps, fight, osteoarthritis, Does, pineapple, make, you, lose, weight, There, are, pineapplebased, diets, that, can, be, harmful, to, longterm, use, Certainly, pineapple, is, full, of, bromelain, an, enzyme, capable, of, splitting, proteins, but, it, does, not, make, it, a, real, fat, burn, but, no, more, It, may, however, be, associated, with, a, diet, prescribed, by, a, nutritionist, The Benefits, Benefits of, of Pineapple, Pineapple What, What do, do we, we really, really know, know about, about pineapple, pineapple This, This tropical, tropical fruit, fruit is, is native, native to, to southern, southern Brazil, Brazil and, and Paraguay, Paraguay It, It was, was discovered, discovered by, by Christopher, Christopher Columbus, Columbus long, long ago, ago in, in 1493, 1493 more, more precisely, precisely There, There are, are several, several varieties, varieties of, of pineapple, pineapple but, but only, only a, a few, few are, are currently, currently grown, grown Consumed, Consumed fresh, fresh or, or in, in juice, juice pineapple, pineapple facilitates, facilitates the, the digestion, digestion of, of proteins, proteins and, and has, has many, many positive, positive effects, effects on, on health, health It, It is, is an, an excellent, excellent source, source of, of antioxidant, antioxidant compounds, compounds polyphenols, polyphenols and, and flavonoids, flavonoids as, as well, well as, as manganese, manganese vitamin, vitamin C, C vitamin, vitamin B1, B1 vitamin, vitamin B6, B6 minerals, minerals copper, copper and, and fiber, fiber It, It is, is especially, especially recommended, recommended for, for the, the prevention, prevention of, of cardiovascular, cardiovascular diseases, diseases thanks, thanks to, to its, its antiinflammatory, antiinflammatory antithrombotic, antithrombotic antiplatelet, antiplatelet and, and fibrinolytic, fibrinolytic properties, properties which, which fluidize, fluidize the, the blood, blood circulation, circulation and, and prevent, prevent the, the formation, formation of, of blood, blood clots, clots but, but also, also to, to fight, fight cancer, cancer Research, Research has, has shown, shown that, that pineapple, pineapple is, is capable, capable of, of neutralizing, neutralizing cancer, cancer cells, cells and, and slowing, slowing down, down their, their development, development Containing, Containing bromelain, bromelain a, a substance, substance that, that prevents, prevents tumors, tumors inflammations, inflammations and, and edema, edema this, this exotic, exotic fruit, fruit also, also helps, helps fight, fight osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis Does, Does pineapple, pineapple make, make you, you lose, lose weight, weight There, There are, are pineapplebased, pineapplebased diets, diets that, that can, can be, be harmful, harmful to, to longterm, longterm use, use Certainly, Certainly pineapple, pineapple is, is full, full of, of bromelain, bromelain an, an enzyme, enzyme capable, capable of, of splitting, splitting proteins, proteins but, but it, it does, does not, not make, make it, it a, a real, real fat, fat burn, burn but, but no, no more, more It, It may, may however, however be, be associated, associated with, with a, a diet, diet prescribed, prescribed by, by a, a nutritionist, The Benefits of, Benefits of Pineapple, of Pineapple What, Pineapple What do, What do we, do we really, we really know, really know about, know about pineapple, about pineapple This, pineapple This tropical, This tropical fruit, tropical fruit is, fruit is native, is native to, native to southern, to southern Brazil, southern Brazil and, Brazil and Paraguay, and Paraguay It, Paraguay It was, It was discovered, was discovered by, discovered by Christopher, by Christopher Columbus, Christopher Columbus long, Columbus long ago, long ago in, ago in 1493, in 1493 more, 1493 more precisely, more precisely There, precisely There are, There are several, are several varieties, several varieties of, varieties of pineapple, of pineapple but, pineapple but only, but only a, only a few, a few are, few are currently, are currently grown, currently grown Consumed, grown Consumed fresh, Consumed fresh or, fresh or in, or in juice, in juice pineapple, juice pineapple facilitates, pineapple facilitates the, facilitates the digestion, the digestion of, digestion of proteins, of proteins and, proteins and has, and has many, has many positive, many positive effects, positive effects on, effects on health, on health It, health It is, It is an, is an excellent, an excellent source, excellent source of, source of antioxidant, of antioxidant compounds, antioxidant compounds polyphenols, compounds polyphenols and, polyphenols and flavonoids, and flavonoids as, flavonoids as well, as well as, well as manganese, as manganese vitamin, manganese vitamin C, vitamin C vitamin, C vitamin B1, vitamin B1 vitamin, B1 vitamin B6, vitamin B6 minerals, B6 minerals copper, minerals copper and, copper and fiber, and fiber It, fiber It is, It is especially, is especially recommended, especially recommended for, recommended for the, for the prevention, the prevention of, prevention of cardiovascular, of cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases thanks, diseases thanks to, thanks to its, to its antiinflammatory, its antiinflammatory antithrombotic, antiinflammatory antithrombotic antiplatelet, antithrombotic antiplatelet and, antiplatelet and fibrinolytic, and fibrinolytic properties, fibrinolytic properties which, properties which fluidize, which fluidize the, fluidize the blood, the blood circulation, blood circulation and, circulation and prevent, and prevent the, prevent the formation, the formation of, formation of blood, of blood clots, blood clots but, clots but also, but also to, also to fight, to fight cancer, fight cancer Research, cancer Research has, Research has shown, has shown that, shown that pineapple, that pineapple is, pineapple is capable, is capable of, capable of neutralizing, of neutralizing cancer, neutralizing cancer cells, cancer cells and, cells and slowing, and slowing down, slowing down their, down their development, their development Containing, development Containing bromelain, Containing bromelain a, bromelain a substance, a substance that, substance that prevents, that prevents tumors, prevents tumors inflammations, tumors inflammations and, inflammations and edema, and edema this, edema this exotic, this exotic fruit, exotic fruit also, fruit also helps, also helps fight, helps fight osteoarthritis, fight osteoarthritis Does, osteoarthritis Does pineapple, Does pineapple make, pineapple make you, make you lose, you lose weight, lose weight There, weight There are, There are pineapplebased, are pineapplebased diets, pineapplebased diets that, diets that can, that can be, can be harmful, be harmful to, harmful to longterm, to longterm use, longterm use Certainly, use Certainly pineapple, Certainly pineapple is, pineapple is full, is full of, full of bromelain, of bromelain an, bromelain an enzyme, an enzyme capable, enzyme capable of, capable of splitting, of splitting proteins, splitting proteins but, proteins but it, but it does, it does not, does not make, not make it, make it a, it a real, a real fat, real fat burn, fat burn but, burn but no, but no more, no more It, more It may, It may however, may however be, however be associated, be associated with, associated with a, with a diet, a diet prescribed, diet prescribed by, prescribed by a, by a nutritionist

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