The benefits of kiwi and its incredible effects

The benefits of kiwi and its incredible effects

The benefits of kiwi and its incredible effects

Little but strong. Here's how you could summarize the kiwi in a single sentence. This fruit with brown skin and green pulp is pleasant on the palate, slightly sweet with a touch of acidity that makes all the difference. The kiwi is waterlogged (more than 80% of its composition). Low calorie (56 calories for a large 100g kiwi) and low glycemic index, it is full of nutritional benefits thanks in particular to its high content of vitamin C and E,

Useful for healthy arteries, teeth and bones, but also to strengthen the immune and cellular systems, making it an ally of choice for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Mine of nothing, the kiwi contains more vitamin C than an orange or that two big lemons. Kiwifruit is also known for its deworming properties (fight against intestinal parasites), purgatives and laxatives. In case of recurrent physical fatigue, eating a kiwi daily for 10 days reboots the body, strengthens the natural defenses and relieves cramps and contractions. Finally, kiwifruit is highly recommended for pregnant women because they bring a part of her daily need for folic acid, necessary for the good development of the fetus. Beware, however, of excess kiwi which can cause digestive problems and irritation in the rectum.

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The, benefits, of, kiwi, and, its, incredible, effects, Little, but, strong, Heres, how, you, could, summarize, the, kiwi, in, a, single, sentence, This, fruit, with, brown, skin, and, green, pulp, is, pleasant, on, the, palate, slightly, sweet, with, a, touch, of, acidity, that, makes, all, the, difference, The, kiwi, is, waterlogged, more, than, 80, of, its, composition, Low, calorie, 56, calories, for, a, large, 100g, kiwi, and, low, glycemic, index, it, is, full, of, nutritional, benefits, thanks, in, particular, to, its, high, content, of, vitamins, C, and, E, which, are, useful, for, the, good, health, of, the, arteries, the, teeth, and, the, bones, but, also, To, strengthen, the, immune, and, cellular, system, making, it, an, ally, of, choice, for, people, suffering, from, cardiovascular, diseases, Mine, of, nothing, the, kiwi, contains, more, vitamin, C, than, an, orange, or, that, two, big, lemons, Kiwifruit, is, also, known, for, its, deworming, properties, fight, against, intestinal, parasites, purgatives, and, laxatives, In, case, of, recurrent, physical, fatigue, eating, a, kiwi, daily, for, 10, days, reboots, the, body, strengthens, the, natural, defenses, and, relieves, cramps, and, contractions, Finally, kiwifruit, is, highly, recommended, for, pregnant, women, because, they, bring, a, part, of, her, daily, need, for, folic, acid, necessary, for, the, good, development, of, the, fetus, Beware, however, of, excess, kiwi, which, can, cause, digestive, problems, and, irritation, in, the, rectum, The benefits, benefits of, of kiwi, kiwi and, and its, its incredible, incredible effects, effects Little, Little but, but strong, strong Heres, Heres how, how you, you could, could summarize, summarize the, the kiwi, kiwi in, in a, a single, single sentence, sentence This, This fruit, fruit with, with brown, brown skin, skin and, and green, green pulp, pulp is, is pleasant, pleasant on, on the, the palate, palate slightly, slightly sweet, sweet with, with a, a touch, touch of, of acidity, acidity that, that makes, makes all, all the, the difference, difference The, The kiwi, kiwi is, is waterlogged, waterlogged more, more than, than 80, 80 of, of its, its composition, composition Low, Low calorie, calorie 56, 56 calories, calories for, for a, a large, large 100g, 100g kiwi, kiwi and, and low, low glycemic, glycemic index, index it, it is, is full, full of, of nutritional, nutritional benefits, benefits thanks, thanks in, in particular, particular to, to its, its high, high content, content of, of vitamins, vitamins C, C and, and E, E which, which are, are useful, useful for, for the, the good, good health, health of, of the, the arteries, arteries the, the teeth, teeth and, and the, the bones, bones but, but also, also To, To strengthen, strengthen the, the immune, immune and, and cellular, cellular system, system making, making it, it an, an ally, ally of, of choice, choice for, for people, people suffering, suffering from, from cardiovascular, cardiovascular diseases, diseases Mine, Mine of, of nothing, nothing the, the kiwi, kiwi contains, contains more, more vitamin, vitamin C, C than, than an, an orange, orange or, or that, that two, two big, big lemons, lemons Kiwifruit, Kiwifruit is, is also, also known, known for, for its, its deworming, deworming properties, properties fight, fight against, against intestinal, intestinal parasites, parasites purgatives, purgatives and, and laxatives, laxatives In, In case, case of, of recurrent, recurrent physical, physical fatigue, fatigue eating, eating a, a kiwi, kiwi daily, daily for, for 10, 10 days, days reboots, reboots the, the body, body strengthens, strengthens the, the natural, natural defenses, defenses and, and relieves, relieves cramps, cramps and, and contractions, contractions Finally, Finally kiwifruit, kiwifruit is, is highly, highly recommended, recommended for, for pregnant, pregnant women, women because, because they, they bring, bring a, a part, part of, of her, her daily, daily need, need for, for folic, folic acid, acid necessary, necessary for, for the, the good, good development, development of, of the, the fetus, fetus Beware, Beware however, however of, of excess, excess kiwi, kiwi which, which can, can cause, cause digestive, digestive problems, problems and, and irritation, irritation in, in the, the rectum, The benefits of, benefits of kiwi, of kiwi and, kiwi and its, and its incredible, its incredible effects, incredible effects Little, effects Little but, Little but strong, but strong Heres, strong Heres how, Heres how you, how you could, you could summarize, could summarize the, summarize the kiwi, the kiwi in, kiwi in a, in a single, a single sentence, single sentence This, sentence This fruit, This fruit with, fruit with brown, with brown skin, brown skin and, skin and green, and green pulp, green pulp is, pulp is pleasant, is pleasant on, pleasant on the, on the palate, the palate slightly, palate slightly sweet, slightly sweet with, sweet with a, with a touch, a touch of, touch of acidity, of acidity that, acidity that makes, that makes all, makes all the, all the difference, the difference The, difference The kiwi, The kiwi is, kiwi is waterlogged, is waterlogged more, waterlogged more than, more than 80, than 80 of, 80 of its, of its composition, its composition Low, composition Low calorie, Low calorie 56, calorie 56 calories, 56 calories for, calories for a, for a large, a large 100g, large 100g kiwi, 100g kiwi and, kiwi and low, and low glycemic, low glycemic index, glycemic index it, index it is, it is full, is full of, full of nutritional, of nutritional benefits, nutritional benefits thanks, benefits thanks in, thanks in particular, in particular to, particular to its, to its high, its high content, high content of, content of vitamins, of vitamins C, vitamins C and, C and E, and E which, E which are, which are useful, are useful for, useful for the, for the good, the good health, good health of, health of the, of the arteries, the arteries the, arteries the teeth, the teeth and, teeth and the, and the bones, the bones but, bones but also, but also To, also To strengthen, To strengthen the, strengthen the immune, the immune and, immune and cellular, and cellular system, cellular system making, system making it, making it an, it an ally, an ally of, ally of choice, of choice for, choice for people, for people suffering, people suffering from, suffering from cardiovascular, from cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases Mine, diseases Mine of, Mine of nothing, of nothing the, nothing the kiwi, the kiwi contains, kiwi contains more, contains more vitamin, more vitamin C, vitamin C than, C than an, than an orange, an orange or, orange or that, or that two, that two big, two big lemons, big lemons Kiwifruit, lemons Kiwifruit is, Kiwifruit is also, is also known, also known for, known for its, for its deworming, its deworming properties, deworming properties fight, properties fight against, fight against intestinal, against intestinal parasites, intestinal parasites purgatives, parasites purgatives and, purgatives and laxatives, and laxatives In, laxatives In case, In case of, case of recurrent, of recurrent physical, recurrent physical fatigue, physical fatigue eating, fatigue eating a, eating a kiwi, a kiwi daily, kiwi daily for, daily for 10, for 10 days, 10 days reboots, days reboots the, reboots the body, the body strengthens, body strengthens the, strengthens the natural, the natural defenses, natural defenses and, defenses and relieves, and relieves cramps, relieves cramps and, cramps and contractions, and contractions Finally, contractions Finally kiwifruit, Finally kiwifruit is, kiwifruit is highly, is highly recommended, highly recommended for, recommended for pregnant, for pregnant women, pregnant women because, women because they, because they bring, they bring a, bring a part, a part of, part of her, of her daily, her daily need, daily need for, need for folic, for folic acid, folic acid necessary, acid necessary for, necessary for the, for the good, the good development, good development of, development of the, of the fetus, the fetus Beware, fetus Beware however, Beware however of, however of excess, of excess kiwi, excess kiwi which, kiwi which can, which can cause, can cause digestive, cause digestive problems, digestive problems and, problems and irritation, and irritation in, irritation in the, in the rectum

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