Thanks to this tip, you will never forget to water your plants

Thanks to this tip, you will never forget to water your plants

Thanks to this tip, you will never forget to water your plants

If, like me, you do not know whether you should give too much or little water to your plants, here is a tip that will allow you to properly maintain all your plants! Using ice cubes instead of water has become not only a popular trend, but also a practical trick that every gardener needs to know.
Ice cubes are an excellent drip irrigation system, giving your plants enough time to absorb all the water they need.

When to use ice cubes

Indoor plants like orchids and some of these hard-to-reach hanging planters will love ice cubes. Try to stick your finger into the soil to see if your plant has got enough water. If the first two inches of the soil are damp, they received plenty of water for the day.
We recommend that you carefully monitor the leaves of your plant. If you notice excessive runoff or fall suddenly, then you may have set too many ice cubes.

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