Ten dangerous habits for your brain to give up immediately.

Ten dangerous habits for your brain to give up immediately.

Ten dangerous habits for your brain to give up immediately.

This benevolent organ is sometimes the victim of our eating habits and our rhythm of life. Here are 10 harmful habits to the brain to give up immediately.
-Sump breakfast and excess sugar: After a night's fast the brain needs food and glucose to start. To deprive oneself of breakfast is the slowness and the fatigue
-Lack of sleep and Covering your head while sleeping
-Hyperphagia: aggravating factor of obesity and circulatory disorders of the brain
-Tobacco: it leads to diseases related to dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease.
-Living in a polluted environment and exhausting oneself at work without having to rest
-Limiting communication: Talking to others allows the development and growth of the brain.
-The lack of intellectual stimulation

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