SUMMER The sun will not have my skin!

SUMMER The sun will not have my skin!

SUMMER The sun will not have my skin!

The sun, long awaited in winter, becomes a danger to our skins in summer! It is between 10 am and 4 pm that the UVB, the shortest and most powerful rays, are the most intense. If you do not protect yourself against these ugly rays, you risk: sunburn, sunstroke, dehydration, skin aging, skin cancer ... Here's how to take advantage of it; Without putting yourself in danger:

- Consume foods high in vitamin E such as nuts and carrots. Season your summer salads often with olive oil because its saturated fat eliminates free radicals. Choose melon for dessert because its carotenoid protects against the aging of the skin and UV rays. Make tomato salads since its lycopene is a very active antioxidant. Focus on antioxidant foods; Such as red fruit friends also green tea. And do not forget to drink a liter and a half of water every day! When you tan, drink every 20 minutes, otherwise eat watermelon rich in water.

- Nourish your skin with essential fatty acids, polyunsaturated, including the famous omega 3 and omega 6! So you protect your skin from dehydration and maintain its suppleness. So season your salads with rapeseed oil, soya or nuts! And make grilled fish; Or dishes with salmon, tuna or sardines!

- Put dark colors, especially black, as they protect from UV. Wear a broad-brimmed hat or cap; As well as glasses that comply with CE standards.

- Apply a sunscreen that filters the UVB and UVA, on the exposed areas, and renew every two hours!

- Avoid the sun between 12 pm and 4 pm, as this is the period when ultraviolet radiation is most intense. Note that 80% of UV radiation passes through light clouds.

- Beware of reverberation when you're in the water! Know that the light surfaces increase the amount of UV received by the skin. For children, wear a hat, a t-shirt and apply regularly on their fragile skin a protective cream index higher than 50 preferably waterproof.

- Before tanning, it is necessary to habituate, gently, its skin to the sun so that it can set up its mechanisms of self-protection. Start by 30 minutes maximum per day, between 16 and 17h; Knowing that the skin takes 70 hours to be naturally protected from the sun by its own melanin production. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to opt for good protection at the start with a good cream that is both tan and protective; Even for dull skins. Do not forget to put some cream every 2 hours and after each bath to avoid sunburn! And after tanning, use this natural after-tanning lotion from grandmother: reduce mashed peaches; To apply it to the skin for 10 minutes before taking a shower.

- If, despite your vigilance, you are sunburned, put on the irritated skin of Biafine, slices of tomato or olive oil, for 15 minutes, so the burning sensation will soon be appeased! It is also necessary to apply compresses of cold water several times a day on the skin and head, or rose water. And in case of burns with blisters and fever, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

- Avoid photosensitization with anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-acne drugs; But also cosmetics, perfumes and deodorants!

- Regular exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer. So, it is better to report any changes in your skin to the dermatologist.

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shower, , If, despite, your, vigilance, you, are, sunburned, put, on, the, irritated, skin, of, Biafine, slices, of, tomato, or, olive, oil, for, 15, minutes, so, the, burning, sensation, will, soon, be, appeased, It, is, also, necessary, to, apply, compresses, of, cold, water, several, times, a, day, on, the, skin, and, head, or, rose, water, And, in, case, of, burns, with, blisters, and, fever, it, is, imperative, to, consult, a, doctor, , Avoid, photosensitization, with, antiinflammatory, antibiotic, and, antiacne, drugs, But, also, cosmetics, perfumes, and, deodorants, , Regular, exposure, to, UV, rays, can, cause, skin, cancer, So, it, is, better, to, report, any, changes, in, your, skin, to, the, dermatologist, SUMMER The, The sun, sun will, will not, not have, have my, my skin, skin The, The sun, sun long, long awaited, awaited in, in winter, winter becomes, becomes a, a danger, danger to, to our, our skins, skins in, in summer, summer It, It is, is between, between 10, 10 am, am and, and 4, 4 pm, pm that, that the, the UVB, UVB the, the shortest, shortest and, and most, most powerful, powerful rays, rays are, are the, the most, most intense, intense If, If you, you do, do not, not protect, protect yourself, yourself against, against these, these ugly, ugly rays, rays you, you risk, risk sunburn, sunburn sunstroke, sunstroke dehydration, dehydration skin, skin aging, aging skin, skin cancer, SUMMER The sun, The sun will, sun will not, will not have, not have my, have my skin, my skin The, skin The sun, The sun long, sun long awaited, long awaited in, awaited in winter, in winter becomes, winter becomes a, becomes a danger, a danger to, danger to our, to our skins, our skins in, skins in summer, in summer It, summer It is, It is between, is between 10, between 10 am, 10 am and, am and 4, and 4 pm, 4 pm that, pm that the, that the UVB, the UVB the, UVB the shortest, the shortest and, shortest and most, and most powerful, most powerful rays, powerful rays are, rays are the, are the most, the most intense, most intense If, intense If you, If you do, you do not, do not protect, not protect yourself, protect yourself against, yourself against these, against these ugly, these ugly rays, ugly rays you, rays you risk, you risk sunburn, risk sunburn sunstroke, sunburn sunstroke dehydration, sunstroke dehydration skin, dehydration skin aging, skin aging skin, aging skin cancer

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