Stroke: 80% of cases can be prevented. How to quickly identify and prevent it

Stroke: 80% of cases can be prevented. How to quickly identify and prevent it

Stroke: 80% of cases can be prevented. How to quickly identify and prevent it

A stroke happens very often without warning. However, it is often preceded by transient cerebral ischemia (ICT), also called mini-stroke, easily identifiable. It is essential to recognize its signs in order to anticipate any stroke. But it is even more important to be able to protect themselves thanks to small gestures of everyday life.

Signs that must alert:

• Fatigue, muscle weakness

• Numbness in the arms and / or legs

• Tingling at the face

• Sudden problems of speaking and / or understanding

• Visual Disorders

• Skull sickness, intense migraine

• Sudden loss of balance and feeling of dizziness

How to protect yourself from a 10 point stroke

- Measure your blood pressure as often as possible. In case of repetitive hypertension, consult a doctor who will prescribe medication. It is also important to change your lifestyle and diet to make them as healthy as possible.

- Watch out for bad cholesterol. The more it increases, the more your arteries narrow. When one or more arteries are damaged, blood clots form and block the normal flow of blood. It happens that one of these clots is detached and arrives to the brain. In either case, it is the stroke.

- Move, do sports! Go for a little sustained physical activity such as walking that will reduce your blood pressure and increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL) that helps get rid of bad cholesterol.

- Consume alcohol but in moderation as it increases the risk of high blood pressure

- Banish fat and reduce salt

- Pay attention to your weight and get rid of excess pounds quickly

- Stop smoking. Tobacco reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and causes the heart to work more intensely, in addition to blocking the arteries with plaque

"Relax! Stress, anxiety and anxiety increase blood pressure and fatigue the heart.

- Identify your family history. It is essential to know if in your family, relatives, uncles, cousins ​​suffer or have suffered from cardiovascular diseases.

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