Stop chemical antibiotics, opt for these 5 natural antibiotics!

Stop chemical antibiotics, opt for these 5 natural antibiotics!

Stop chemical antibiotics, opt for these 5 natural antibiotics!

Winter sets with a lot of ENT diseases: colds, flu, sore throats ... If in some cases, especially in cases of severe inflammation, the passage through the box antibiotics is inevitable, in others it is possible to And replace them with food. For if they treat the ill, antibiotics disrupt parallel entire digestive system. Indeed, as intestinal flora contains large amounts of bacteria, essential to the proper functioning of the intestines, the antibiotics whose effect is bactericidal, risk to injure and destroy them.

Here is our list of natural antibiotics, an alternative choice for chemicals and much less effect:

  • Ginger: In powder or sliced ​​confit, this plant very present in the Asian dishes possesses important therapeutic virtues. Indeed, ginger calms inflammations and relieves gastrointestinal or muscular pain. It is also an excellent treatment for respiratory diseases.
  • Garlic: It is the antibacterial food but also antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer par excellence. It would even be capable of destroying bacteria that chemical antibiotics can not neutralize. Doctors advocate eating two cloves of garlic daily to fully enjoy its benefits.
  • Turmeric: This spice from Asia, with its yellowish color, has an important antioxidant power thanks to its high content of curcumin, an active compound capable, according to recent studies, of neutralizing the cancer cells. Combined with ginger, turmeric is able to cure various stomach disorders and is particularly recommended for people who suffer from ulcer.
  • Honey: Its antibacterial properties have been recognized since antiquity. The Greeks called him "nectar of the gods" and used it in case of fever, ulcer, wound ... To benefit from its benefits, it is enough to take a spoon a day or even Apply it directly to the wound.
  • Grapefruit seeds: According to numerous studies, grapefruit seed extract, also called citrobiotic, is capable of disturbing the cytoplasmic membrane of pathogenic bacteria and thus destroying them. Although it has the same therapeutic effect as antibiotics, citrobiotic has no adverse effect on the body.

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