Space: Discovery of a black hole of a new kind

Space: Discovery of a black hole of a new kind

Space: Discovery of a black hole of a new kind

Up to now, astrophysicists knew two types of black holes. Those whose mass is 25 times that of the sun and other supermassives, located in the center of galaxies and whose mass exceeds tens of thousands or even millions of times that of the sun. But this is the first time scientists have discovered a black hole that does not belong to any of the

Two categories and of average mass, situated between the two genera mentioned above. NASA announced that it had made this unprecedented discovery thanks to data from the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer satellite. It is a black hole with a size of about 400 solar masses and is housed in the Messier 82 galaxy, which is about 14 million light years away from planet Earth in the constellation the Great Bear.

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Space, Discovery, of, a, black, hole, of, a, new, kind, Up, to, now, astrophysicists, knew, two, types, of, black, holes, Those, whose, mass, is, 25, times, that, of, the, sun, and, other, supermassives, located, in, the, center, of, galaxies, and, whose, mass, exceeds, tens, of, thousands, or, even, millions, of, times, that, of, the, sun, But, this, is, the, first, time, that, scientists, have, discovered, a, black, hole, not, belonging, to, either, of, the, two, categories, and, of, average, mass, situated, between, the, two, genres, mentioned, above, NASA, announced, that, it, had, made, this, unprecedented, discovery, thanks, to, data, from, the, Rossi, Xray, Timing, Explorer, satellite, It, is, a, black, hole, with, a, size, of, about, 400, solar, masses, and, is, housed, in, the, Messier, 82, galaxy, which, is, about, 14, million, light, years, away, from, planet, Earth, in, the, constellation, the, Great, Bear, Space Discovery, Discovery of, of a, a black, black hole, hole of, of a, a new, new kind, kind Up, Up to, to now, now astrophysicists, astrophysicists knew, knew two, two types, types of, of black, black holes, holes Those, Those whose, whose mass, mass is, is 25, 25 times, times that, that of, of the, the sun, sun and, and other, other supermassives, supermassives located, located in, in the, the center, center of, of galaxies, galaxies and, and whose, whose mass, mass exceeds, exceeds tens, tens of, of thousands, thousands or, or even, even millions, millions of, of times, times that, that of, of the, the sun, sun But, But this, this is, is the, the first, first time, time that, that scientists, scientists have, have discovered, discovered a, a black, black hole, hole not, not belonging, belonging to, to either, either of, of the, the two, two categories, categories and, and of, of average, average mass, mass situated, situated between, between the, the two, two genres, genres mentioned, mentioned above, above NASA, NASA announced, announced that, that it, it had, had made, made this, this unprecedented, unprecedented discovery, discovery thanks, thanks to, to data, data from, from the, the Rossi, Rossi Xray, Xray Timing, Timing Explorer, Explorer satellite, satellite It, It is, is a, a black, black hole, hole with, with a, a size, size of, of about, about 400, 400 solar, solar masses, masses and, and is, is housed, housed in, in the, the Messier, Messier 82, 82 galaxy, galaxy which, which is, is about, about 14, 14 million, million light, light years, years away, away from, from planet, planet Earth, Earth in, in the, the constellation, constellation the, the Great, Great Bear, Space Discovery of, Discovery of a, of a black, a black hole, black hole of, hole of a, of a new, a new kind, new kind Up, kind Up to, Up to now, to now astrophysicists, now astrophysicists knew, astrophysicists knew two, knew two types, two types of, types of black, of black holes, black holes Those, holes Those whose, Those whose mass, whose mass is, mass is 25, is 25 times, 25 times that, times that of, that of the, of the sun, the sun and, sun and other, and other supermassives, other supermassives located, supermassives located in, located in the, in the center, the center of, center of galaxies, of galaxies and, galaxies and whose, and whose mass, whose mass exceeds, mass exceeds tens, exceeds tens of, tens of thousands, of thousands or, thousands or even, or even millions, even millions of, millions of times, of times that, times that of, that of the, of the sun, the sun But, sun But this, But this is, this is the, is the first, the first time, first time that, time that scientists, that scientists have, scientists have discovered, have discovered a, discovered a black, a black hole, black hole not, hole not belonging, not belonging to, belonging to either, to either of, either of the, of the two, the two categories, two categories and, categories and of, and of average, of average mass, average mass situated, mass situated between, situated between the, between the two, the two genres, two genres mentioned, genres mentioned above, mentioned above NASA, above NASA announced, NASA announced that, announced that it, that it had, it had made, had made this, made this unprecedented, this unprecedented discovery, unprecedented discovery thanks, discovery thanks to, thanks to data, to data from, data from the, from the Rossi, the Rossi Xray, Rossi Xray Timing, Xray Timing Explorer, Timing Explorer satellite, Explorer satellite It, satellite It is, It is a, is a black, a black hole, black hole with, hole with a, with a size, a size of, size of about, of about 400, about 400 solar, 400 solar masses, solar masses and, masses and is, and is housed, is housed in, housed in the, in the Messier, the Messier 82, Messier 82 galaxy, 82 galaxy which, galaxy which is, which is about, is about 14, about 14 million, 14 million light, million light years, light years away, years away from, away from planet, from planet Earth, planet Earth in, Earth in the, in the constellation, the constellation the, constellation the Great, the Great Bear

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