Skin Cancer: How Do I Examine Everyone?

Skin Cancer: How Do I Examine Everyone?

Skin Cancer: How Do I Examine Everyone?

Skin Cancer: How Do I Examine Everyone?

Skin Cancer: How Do I Examine Everyone?

Among the most common types of cancer, the skin. However, early detection makes it possible to treat the disease quickly and avoid any risk of aggravation. A team of Swedish researchers wanted to know if a person's love situation influenced the diagnosis of skin cancer. And the conclusion is yes!According to researchers at the karolinska Institutet, people living with a couple are fairly quick to

Melanoma, whereas men living alone diagnose it much later and thus face a much higher risk of death (31%). Gentlemen, here is a convincing reason to fall in love!

Source Photo: Center for skin cancer France

The stages of control

Photo: Euromelanoma

Warning Signs

Photo: Center Gustave-Roussy

Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology (


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Do I, I Examine, Examine Everyone, Everyone Among, Among the, the most, most common, common types, types of, of cancer, cancer the, the skin, skin However, However early, early detection, detection makes, makes it, it possible, possible to, to treat, treat the, the disease, disease quickly, quickly and, and avoid, avoid any, any risk, risk of, of aggravation, aggravation A, A team, team of, of Swedish, Swedish researchers, researchers wanted, wanted to, to know, know if, if a, a persons, persons love, love situation, situation influenced, influenced the, the diagnosis, diagnosis of, of skin, skin cancer, cancer According, According to, to researchers, researchers at, at the, the karolinska, karolinska Institutet, Institutet people, people living, living with, with a, a partner, partner are, are fairly, fairly rapidly, rapidly acquainted, acquainted with, with the, the existence, existence of, of a, a melanoma, melanoma whereas, whereas men, men living, living alone, alone can, can not, not diagnose, diagnose it, it until, until much, much later, later and, and thus, thus expose, expose themselves, themselves to, to A, A much, much higher, higher risk, risk of, of death, death 31, 31 Gentlemen, Gentlemen here, here is, is a, a convincing, convincing reason, reason to, to fall, fall in, in love, love Source, Source Photo, Photo Center, Center for, for skin, skin cancer, cancer FranceThe, FranceThe stages, stages of, of control, control Photo, Photo Euromelanoma, Euromelanoma The, The warning, warning signs, signs Photo, Photo Center, Center GustaveRoussy, GustaveRoussy Source, Source Journal, Journal of, of Clinical, Clinical Oncology, Oncology httpjcoascopubsorg, httpjcoascopubsorg Via, Via httpwwwpassionsantebe, Skin Cancer How, Cancer How Do, How Do I, Do I Examine, I Examine Everyone, Examine Everyone Among, Everyone Among the, Among the most, the most common, most common types, common types of, types of cancer, of cancer the, cancer the skin, the skin However, skin However early, However early detection, early detection makes, detection makes it, makes it possible, it possible to, possible to treat, to treat the, treat the disease, the disease quickly, disease quickly and, quickly and avoid, and avoid any, avoid any risk, any risk of, risk of aggravation, of aggravation A, aggravation A team, A team of, team of Swedish, of Swedish researchers, Swedish researchers wanted, researchers wanted to, wanted to know, to know if, know if a, if a persons, a persons love, persons love situation, love situation influenced, situation influenced the, influenced the diagnosis, the diagnosis of, diagnosis of skin, of skin cancer, skin cancer According, cancer According to, According to researchers, to researchers at, researchers at the, at the karolinska, the karolinska Institutet, karolinska Institutet people, Institutet people living, people living with, living with a, with a partner, a partner are, partner are fairly, are fairly rapidly, fairly rapidly acquainted, rapidly acquainted with, acquainted with the, with the existence, the existence of, existence of a, of a melanoma, a melanoma whereas, melanoma whereas men, whereas men living, men living alone, living alone can, alone can not, can not diagnose, not diagnose it, diagnose it until, it until much, until much later, much later and, later and thus, and thus expose, thus expose themselves, expose themselves to, themselves to A, to A much, A much higher, much higher risk, higher risk of, risk of death, of death 31, death 31 Gentlemen, 31 Gentlemen here, Gentlemen here is, here is a, is a convincing, a convincing reason, convincing reason to, reason to fall, to fall in, fall in love, in love Source, love Source Photo, Source Photo Center, Photo Center for, Center for skin, for skin cancer, skin cancer FranceThe, cancer FranceThe stages, FranceThe stages of, stages of control, of control Photo, control Photo Euromelanoma, Photo Euromelanoma The, Euromelanoma The warning, The warning signs, warning signs Photo, signs Photo Center, Photo Center GustaveRoussy, Center GustaveRoussy Source, GustaveRoussy Source Journal, Source Journal of, Journal of Clinical, of Clinical Oncology, Clinical Oncology httpjcoascopubsorg, Oncology httpjcoascopubsorg Via, httpjcoascopubsorg Via httpwwwpassionsantebe

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