Plaster: To fight wrinkles and pain at lower prices!

Plaster: To fight wrinkles and pain at lower prices!

Plaster: To fight wrinkles and pain at lower prices!

If we all know that clay has a nourishing and nourishing effect on the skin, few of us know that gypsum is also excellent for keeping skin firm and healthy. But not only ! For this natural remedy that does not cost at all has other hidden strengths and is recommended especially to treat joint inflammations but also remember, to consolidate the bones following a fracture.

His secret? Its composition made of sulfur (with strong acid power that regulates our inner Ph) and calcium (the first metal constituting our body). Diluted in water, these two substances mixed with one another are excellent for relieving abdominal pain, painful menstruation, digestion, relieving sprains and other back pain, but also for nourishing the skin and Slow the aging process.

Home care with plaster base:

In a bowl, mix 3 large spoons of gypsum (100% calcium sulphate) with 6 to 7 l of water. Immerse your hands or feet and leave for 10 minutes. Then take out your hands or feet but do not wipe them with a towel to avoid the plaster deposit that will continue to act for a few minutes. Let them dry in the open air.

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