Our galaxy soon deprived of light?

Our galaxy soon deprived of light?

Our galaxy soon deprived of light?

Our universe is so immense, so complex and so enigmatic that it would take scientists years of research to discover all its secrets. Now a team of researchers has made a surprising new discovery on this subject. They measured the intensity of light in space and concluded that the further away from Earth the more intense the light became. In order to carry out this study,

The astronomers have equipped themselves with a spectrograph whose price is around 51 million euros. They noticed that the light became stronger at billions of light years of the earth (corresponding to millions of years in the past), considering that the difference was about 400% with the parties The ones closest to our planet who would therefore undergo a progressive light extinction. Although published in the very serious "Astrophysical Journal Letters," this study is not unanimous among the scientific community of space. As for the scientists who conducted this research, they admit they are not quite sure of their calculations as to the intensity of light in galaxies and quasars. To be continued ...

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Our, galaxy, soon, deprived, of, light, Our, universe, is, so, immense, so, complex, and, so, enigmatic, that, it, would, take, scientists, years, of, research, to, discover, all, its, secrets, Now, a, team, of, researchers, has, made, a, surprising, new, discovery, on, this, subject, They, measured, the, intensity, of, light, in, space, and, concluded, that, the, further, away, from, Earth, the, more, intense, the, light, became, In, order, to, carry, out, this, study, astronomers, have, equipped, themselves, with, a, spectrograph, whose, price, is, around, 51, million, euros, They, noticed, that, the, light, became, stronger, at, billions, of, light, years, of, the, earth, corresponding, to, millions, of, years, in, the, past, considering, that, the, difference, was, about, 400, with, the, parties, The, ones, closest, to, our, planet, who, would, therefore, undergo, a, progressive, light, extinction, Although, published, in, the, very, serious, Astrophysical, Journal, Letters, this, study, is, not, unanimous, among, the, scientific, community, of, space, As, for, the, scientists, who, conducted, this, research, they, admit, they, are, not, quite, sure, of, their, calculations, as, to, the, intensity, of, light, in, galaxies, and, quasars, To, be, continued, , Our galaxy, galaxy soon, soon deprived, deprived of, of light, light Our, Our universe, universe is, is so, so immense, immense so, so complex, complex and, and so, so enigmatic, enigmatic that, that it, it would, would take, take scientists, scientists years, years of, of research, research to, to discover, discover all, all its, its secrets, secrets Now, Now a, a team, team of, of researchers, researchers has, has made, made a, a surprising, surprising new, new discovery, discovery on, on this, this subject, subject They, They measured, measured the, the intensity, intensity of, of light, light in, in space, space and, and concluded, concluded that, that the, the further, further away, away from, from Earth, Earth the, the more, more intense, intense the, the light, light became, became In, In order, order to, to carry, carry out, out this, this study, study astronomers, astronomers have, have equipped, equipped themselves, themselves with, with a, a spectrograph, spectrograph whose, whose price, price is, is around, around 51, 51 million, million euros, euros They, They noticed, noticed that, that the, the light, light became, became stronger, stronger at, at billions, billions of, of light, light years, years of, of the, the earth, earth corresponding, corresponding to, to millions, millions of, of years, years in, in the, the past, past considering, considering that, that the, the difference, difference was, was about, about 400, 400 with, with the, the parties, parties The, The ones, ones closest, closest to, to our, our planet, planet who, who would, would therefore, therefore undergo, undergo a, a progressive, progressive light, light extinction, extinction Although, Although published, published in, in the, the very, very serious, serious Astrophysical, Astrophysical Journal, Journal Letters, Letters this, this study, study is, is not, not unanimous, unanimous among, among the, the scientific, scientific community, community of, of space, space As, As for, for the, the scientists, scientists who, who conducted, conducted this, this research, research they, they admit, admit they, they are, are not, not quite, quite sure, sure of, of their, their calculations, calculations as, as to, to the, the intensity, intensity of, of light, light in, in galaxies, galaxies and, and quasars, quasars To, To be, be continued, Our galaxy soon, galaxy soon deprived, soon deprived of, deprived of light, of light Our, light Our universe, Our universe is, universe is so, is so immense, so immense so, immense so complex, so complex and, complex and so, and so enigmatic, so enigmatic that, enigmatic that it, that it would, it would take, would take scientists, take scientists years, scientists years of, years of research, of research to, research to discover, to discover all, discover all its, all its secrets, its secrets Now, secrets Now a, Now a team, a team of, team of researchers, of researchers has, researchers has made, has made a, made a surprising, a surprising new, surprising new discovery, new discovery on, discovery on this, on this subject, this subject They, subject They measured, They measured the, measured the intensity, the intensity of, intensity of light, of light in, light in space, in space and, space and concluded, and concluded that, concluded that the, that the further, the further away, further away from, away from Earth, from Earth the, Earth the more, the more intense, more intense the, intense the light, the light became, light became In, became In order, In order to, order to carry, to carry out, carry out this, out this study, this study astronomers, study astronomers have, astronomers have equipped, have equipped themselves, equipped themselves with, themselves with a, with a spectrograph, a spectrograph whose, spectrograph whose price, whose price is, price is around, is around 51, around 51 million, 51 million euros, million euros They, euros They noticed, They noticed that, noticed that the, that the light, the light became, light became stronger, became stronger at, stronger at billions, at billions of, billions of light, of light years, light years of, years of the, of the earth, the earth corresponding, earth corresponding to, corresponding to millions, to millions of, millions of years, of years in, years in the, in the past, the past considering, past considering that, considering that the, that the difference, the difference was, difference was about, was about 400, about 400 with, 400 with the, with the parties, the parties The, parties The ones, The ones closest, ones closest to, closest to our, to our planet, our planet who, planet who would, who would therefore, would therefore undergo, therefore undergo a, undergo a progressive, a progressive light, progressive light extinction, light extinction Although, extinction Although published, Although published in, published in the, in the very, the very serious, very serious Astrophysical, serious Astrophysical Journal, Astrophysical Journal Letters, Journal Letters this, Letters this study, this study is, study is not, is not unanimous, not unanimous among, unanimous among the, among the scientific, the scientific community, scientific community of, community of space, of space As, space As for, As for the, for the scientists, the scientists who, scientists who conducted, who conducted this, conducted this research, this research they, research they admit, they admit they, admit they are, they are not, are not quite, not quite sure, quite sure of, sure of their, of their calculations, their calculations as, calculations as to, as to the, to the intensity, the intensity of, intensity of light, of light in, light in galaxies, in galaxies and, galaxies and quasars, and quasars To, quasars To be, To be continued

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