Natural remedies to combat jet lag and enjoy your travels!

Natural remedies to combat jet lag and enjoy your travels!

Natural remedies to combat jet lag and enjoy your travels!

Here are some tricks and natural remedies that will help you mitigate the JetLag effect. If you are traveling in Asia, consider shifting your alarm clock to wake up earlier in the days before travel to better adapt to local time by regulating your internal biological clock.
- During the flight: Prepare yourself slowly to your destination: set your watch to local time and visualize your landing. Also remember to keep yourself hydrated during the flight.
- Arriving at destination it is normal for you to be a little offbeat, if you travel east your biological clock will be late on local time, you will be drowsy in the morning and insomniac at night. Start by setting your bedtime to local time. If you arrive in daylight take a nap of 20 minutes. You can help yourself with melatonin capsules before you go to bed.
- To better prepare your trip take this mixture that you can breathe just a few seconds before going to bed; Oil of Chamomile, Essential Oil of Basil Oil of petit grain bigarade. Breathe in at night before bedtime, landing your flight to prepare a nap
Add a few drops of this mixture to your tea or tea before bed and massage your solar plexus with these oils will give you calm and well being to better fall asleep and attenuate this jet lag

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