Natural medicines are leading medicines

Natural medicines are leading medicines

Natural medicines are leading medicines

It is not only allopathic medicine that is the object of intense research. There has been tremendous progress in this area and there are now scientific journals on natural medicine that have the same level of demands and rigor as conventional medicine journals.

As for patients, the figures also show that natural medicines work well: 40% of patients suffering from a serious illness in France, resort to natural medicine. The same trend is confirmed in the United States, whether sick or not, 83 million Americans resort to alternative therapy or consume natural products. In Canada, half of the women follow the same recipes as menopause. And in Switzerland, the recognition of complementary medicines is even inscribed in the Constitution ...
Natural healing has become a serious business because natural medicine gives the body, sensations and time a place too often sacrificed in this world where everything goes too fast. Good news, with astonishing results!

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Natural, medicines, are, leading, medicines, It, is, not, only, allopathic, medicine, that, is, the, object, of, intense, research, There, has, been, tremendous, progress, in, this, area, and, there, are, now, scientific, journals, on, natural, medicine, that, have, the, same, level, of, demands, and, rigor, as, conventional, medicine, journals, As, for, patients, the, figures, also, show, that, natural, medicines, work, well, 40, of, patients, suffering, from, a, serious, illness, in, France, resort, to, natural, medicine, The, same, trend, is, confirmed, in, the, United, States, whether, sick, or, not, 83, million, Americans, resort, to, alternative, therapy, or, consume, natural, products, In, Canada, half, of, the, women, follow, the, same, recipes, as, menopause, And, in, Switzerland, the, recognition, of, complementary, medicines, is, even, inscribed, in, the, Constitution, Natural, healing, has, become, a, serious, business, because, natural, medicine, gives, the, body, sensations, and, time, a, place, too, often, sacrificed, in, this, world, where, everything, goes, too, fast, Good, news, with, astonishing, results, Natural medicines, medicines are, are leading, leading medicines, medicines It, It is, is not, not only, only allopathic, allopathic medicine, medicine that, that is, is the, the object, object of, of intense, intense research, research There, There has, has been, been tremendous, tremendous progress, progress in, in this, this area, area and, and there, there are, are now, now scientific, scientific journals, journals on, on natural, natural medicine, medicine that, that have, have the, the same, same level, level of, of demands, demands and, and rigor, rigor as, as conventional, conventional medicine, medicine journals, journals As, As for, for patients, patients the, the figures, figures also, also show, show that, that natural, natural medicines, medicines work, work well, well 40, 40 of, of patients, patients suffering, suffering from, from a, a serious, serious illness, illness in, in France, France resort, resort to, to natural, natural medicine, medicine The, The same, same trend, trend is, is confirmed, confirmed in, in the, the United, United States, States whether, whether sick, sick or, or not, not 83, 83 million, million Americans, Americans resort, resort to, to alternative, alternative therapy, therapy or, or consume, consume natural, natural products, products In, In Canada, Canada half, half of, of the, the women, women follow, follow the, the same, same recipes, recipes as, as menopause, menopause And, And in, in Switzerland, Switzerland the, the recognition, recognition of, of complementary, complementary medicines, medicines is, is even, even inscribed, inscribed in, in the, the Constitution, Constitution Natural, Natural healing, healing has, has become, become a, a serious, serious business, business because, because natural, natural medicine, medicine gives, gives the, the body, body sensations, sensations and, and time, time a, a place, place too, too often, often sacrificed, sacrificed in, in this, this world, world where, where everything, everything goes, goes too, too fast, fast Good, Good news, news with, with astonishing, astonishing results, Natural medicines are, medicines are leading, are leading medicines, leading medicines It, medicines It is, It is not, is not only, not only allopathic, only allopathic medicine, allopathic medicine that, medicine that is, that is the, is the object, the object of, object of intense, of intense research, intense research There, research There has, There has been, has been tremendous, been tremendous progress, tremendous progress in, progress in this, in this area, this area and, area and there, and there are, there are now, are now scientific, now scientific journals, scientific journals on, journals on natural, on natural medicine, natural medicine that, medicine that have, that have the, have the same, the same level, same level of, level of demands, of demands and, demands and rigor, and rigor as, rigor as conventional, as conventional medicine, conventional medicine journals, medicine journals As, journals As for, As for patients, for patients the, patients the figures, the figures also, figures also show, also show that, show that natural, that natural medicines, natural medicines work, medicines work well, work well 40, well 40 of, 40 of patients, of patients suffering, patients suffering from, suffering from a, from a serious, a serious illness, serious illness in, illness in France, in France resort, France resort to, resort to natural, to natural medicine, natural medicine The, medicine The same, The same trend, same trend is, trend is confirmed, is confirmed in, confirmed in the, in the United, the United States, United States whether, States whether sick, whether sick or, sick or not, or not 83, not 83 million, 83 million Americans, million Americans resort, Americans resort to, resort to alternative, to alternative therapy, alternative therapy or, therapy or consume, or consume natural, consume natural products, natural products In, products In Canada, In Canada half, Canada half of, half of the, of the women, the women follow, women follow the, follow the same, the same recipes, same recipes as, recipes as menopause, as menopause And, menopause And in, And in Switzerland, in Switzerland the, Switzerland the recognition, the recognition of, recognition of complementary, of complementary medicines, complementary medicines is, medicines is even, is even inscribed, even inscribed in, inscribed in the, in the Constitution, the Constitution Natural, Constitution Natural healing, Natural healing has, healing has become, has become a, become a serious, a serious business, serious business because, business because natural, because natural medicine, natural medicine gives, medicine gives the, gives the body, the body sensations, body sensations and, sensations and time, and time a, time a place, a place too, place too often, too often sacrificed, often sacrificed in, sacrificed in this, in this world, this world where, world where everything, where everything goes, everything goes too, goes too fast, too fast Good, fast Good news, Good news with, news with astonishing, with astonishing results

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