Multiple sclerosis: alarming signs not to be overlooked

Multiple sclerosis: alarming signs not to be overlooked

Multiple sclerosis: alarming signs not to be overlooked

Multiple sclerosis, more commonly known as MS, is a debilitating neurodegenerative disease that mainly affects the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. Its evolution is progressive and varies from one patient to another. Its warning symptoms are:

  • A recurrent fatigue that handicaps most of the movements of the affected person. This is a very common symptom that affects 80% of patients.It appears at the least physical and moral effort.
  • Numbness and tingling in different degrees, which very often touch the head, face, legs and arms. Sometimes even the patient has difficulty feeling the slightest sensation in the upper or lower limbs.
  • Motility disorders, a direct consequence of the weakening of the body and the body. The more the disease evolves, the more important it becomes.
  • Disorders of concentration and memory and a difficulty in assimilating several successive information.
  • Vision disorders that result in visual blurring and poor perception of certain colors due to acute inflammation in the optic nerve (optic neuritis)

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affected, affected person, person This, This is, is a, a very, very common, common symptom, symptom that, that affects, affects 80, 80 of, of patients, patients It, It appears, appears at, at the, the least, least physical, physical and, and moral, moral effort, effort Numbness, Numbness and, and tingling, tingling in, in different, different degrees, degrees which, which very, very often, often touch, touch the, the head, head face, face legs, legs and, and arms, arms Sometimes, Sometimes even, even the, the patient, patient has, has difficulty, difficulty feeling, feeling the, the slightest, slightest sensation, sensation in, in the, the upper, upper or, or lower, lower limbs, limbs Motility, Motility disorders, disorders a, a direct, direct consequence, consequence of, of the, the weakening, weakening of, of the, the body, body and, and the, the body, body The, The more, more the, the disease, disease evolves, evolves the, the more, more important, important it, it becomes, becomes Disorders, Disorders of, of concentration, concentration and, and memory, memory and, and a, a difficulty, difficulty in, in assimilating, assimilating several, several successive, successive information, information Vision, Vision disorders, disorders that, that result, result in, in visual, visual blurring, blurring and, and poor, poor perception, perception of, of certain, certain colors, colors due, due to, to acute, acute inflammation, inflammation in, in the, the optic, optic nerve, nerve optic, optic neuritis, Multiple sclerosis alarming, sclerosis alarming signs, alarming signs not, signs not to, not to be, to be overlooked, be overlooked Multiple, overlooked Multiple sclerosis, Multiple sclerosis more, sclerosis more commonly, more commonly known, commonly known as, known as MS, as MS is, MS is a, is a debilitating, a debilitating neurodegenerative, debilitating neurodegenerative disease, neurodegenerative disease that, disease that mainly, that mainly affects, mainly affects the, affects the brain, the brain spinal, brain spinal cord, spinal cord and, cord and optic, and optic nerves, optic nerves Its, nerves Its evolution, Its evolution is, evolution is progressive, is progressive and, progressive and varies, and varies from, varies from one, from one patient, one patient to, patient to another, to another Its, another Its warning, Its warning symptoms, warning symptoms are, symptoms are Recurrent, are Recurrent fatigue, Recurrent fatigue which, fatigue which handicaps, which handicaps most, handicaps most of, most of the, of the movements, the movements of, movements of the, of the affected, the affected person, affected person This, person This is, This is a, is a very, a very common, very common symptom, common symptom that, symptom that affects, that affects 80, affects 80 of, 80 of patients, of patients It, patients It appears, It appears at, appears at the, at the least, the least physical, least physical and, physical and moral, and moral effort, moral effort Numbness, effort Numbness and, Numbness and tingling, and tingling in, tingling in different, in different degrees, different degrees which, degrees which very, which very often, very often touch, often touch the, touch the head, the head face, head face legs, face legs and, legs and arms, and arms Sometimes, arms Sometimes even, Sometimes even the, even the patient, the patient has, patient has difficulty, has difficulty feeling, difficulty feeling the, feeling the slightest, the slightest sensation, slightest sensation in, sensation in the, in the upper, the upper or, upper or lower, or lower limbs, lower limbs Motility, limbs Motility disorders, Motility disorders a, disorders a direct, a direct consequence, direct consequence of, consequence of the, of the weakening, the weakening of, weakening of the, of the body, the body and, body and the, and the body, the body The, body The more, The more the, more the disease, the disease evolves, disease evolves the, evolves the more, the more important, more important it, important it becomes, it becomes Disorders, becomes Disorders of, Disorders of concentration, of concentration and, concentration and memory, and memory and, memory and a, and a difficulty, a difficulty in, difficulty in assimilating, in assimilating several, assimilating several successive, several successive information, successive information Vision, information Vision disorders, Vision disorders that, disorders that result, that result in, result in visual, in visual blurring, visual blurring and, blurring and poor, and poor perception, poor perception of, perception of certain, of certain colors, certain colors due, colors due to, due to acute, to acute inflammation, acute inflammation in, inflammation in the, in the optic, the optic nerve, optic nerve optic, nerve optic neuritis

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