Métropole: Health authorities on alert against chikungunya

Métropole: Health authorities on alert against chikungunya

Métropole: Health authorities on alert against chikungunya

Chikungunya, a virus transmitted by a mosquito bite (a so-called mosquito-tiger), still speaks for itself. Also called "bent man's disease", it has raged in mainland France since May nearly 500 suspected cases of chikungunya have already been reported. In the Antille-Guyane area, more than 117,000 cases were recorded.

An epidemic is therefore not to be excluded and the National Institute for Health Surveillance (InVS)

Alarm bell. To avoid the worst, emergency measures have been taken, including the elimination of days off for repetitive sick leave and the total management of painkillers. Remember that the tiger mosquito, transmitter of chikungunya is present in 20 European countries and in 17 French departments.

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