Is milk our best enemy?

Is milk our best enemy?

Is milk our best enemy?

"Drink your milk!" Here is a phrase to which very few people have escaped during their childhood. The parents, convinced of the importance of milk for the growth of their children, often oblige them to drink a glass of milk at breakfast or even a second glass of milk before going to bed. This is because in general belief, milk is the food that contains the most calcium, a trace element essential to the proper development of the body,

Bone growth and the prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis. If it is true that dairy products contain it, other fruits and vegetables also contain and sometimes even in greater quantity as is the case with Chinese cabbage. Water is also an excellent source of calcium.

Health at Risk

Worldwide, voices have been raised for some time to denounce the "misdeeds" of milk on public health. Books, research, studies, press conferences, demonstrations ... Campaigns all call for a boycott of industrial dairy products that would in fact be very dangerous for the organism of the big and small. But what exactly are we reproached with cow's milk? Well, its composition! A few years ago, a growth hormone was developed by a US firm to increase milk production in cows. Despite their mistrust, the breeders were literally imposed this substance. From daily 14 liters, the daily production of a cow rose to 40 or even 50 liters. But the animals had become more sensitive to microbes and accumulated infections and mastitis. Very high doses of antibiotics were therefore administered to them and very many cases of leukemia were detected. In the United States, nearly 23,000 tons of antibiotics are produced annually and about half are destined for livestock. It was also necessary to genetically modify the cows so that their legs become longer and that their udders always gorged Of milk do not touch the soil constantly. Even worse, to feed them properly, the grass was no longer enough. It was therefore necessary to add flour to their diet, which is not at all indicated. As a result, cows who usually lived 25 to 30 years would die in their seventh or eighth year and cow's milk irremediably contaminated with all of these doubtful substances.

Glue poisoning, diabetes and other ailments

Other harmful component of cow's milk, casein. These are proteins making up the major part of the nitrogen components of milk. But casein is also a glue so strong that it serves among other things to stick furniture, labels on glass bottles and wallpapers on the walls. Just that ! Since casein is a body foreign to the body, the body will neutralize it by producing antibodies. This will cause high secretion of histamine and cause mucus production, thus promoting O.R.L but also joint and rheumatic inflammations.

Cow's milk also contains saturated fatty acids with large lipid molecules whose digestion is very difficult for the body but also large amounts of fat that disrupt the glycemic balance. Very serious studies have shown that in the diabetic subjects, drinking milk led to the production of antibodies to fight the dysfunction of islets of Langerhans (center of insulin manufacture, located in the pancreas) caused by the absorption Of milk proteins.

Robert Cohen, the indefatigable "anti-milk man"

Among the people most involved in the fight against cow's milk are the renowned biologist and researcher Robert Cohen, who has become famous for his phrase: "Milk is mainly glue, hormones and pus. " He has always worked tirelessly against the industrial lobby which encourages consumers, by all means, to drink milk and eat different dairy products. It should be noted that the dairy industry is one of the most powerful economic sectors on the planet. This agri-food lobby alone draws billions of dollars and dollars a year from around the world and invests fortunes in advertisements to deliver a unique message: drinking milk is good for health. To clarify things and re-establish some truths, Robert Cohen published a book called "MILK, The Deadly Poison". In the dedication of his richly documented collection, he launched an appeal to "All the people in the world who Suffer from various health problems without being aware of the food Their evils. May they discover that the fountain of youth, for them, their children and Future generations, may come from the simple fact of eliminating milk from their lives! "In his book, Robert Cohen explains the juicy business behind the milk industry and reveals that some health and political authorities have been bribed by some agri-food giants to introduce certain components without properly evaluating their toxicity such as growth hormone. These substances have proven to be very dangerous and have had a catastrophic effect on the health of cows and humans. Yet, despite the seriousness of this information, industrial milk still contains these famous molecules until today. There are a thousand and one questions, especially if it is also known that the World Health Organization (WHO) has always recommended the consumption of a dairy product to the maximum per day. So, good or not good milk? The question remains unanswered and not on whether one day may have a true neutral answer as to its safety or not.

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Is, milk, our, best, enemy, Drink, your, milk, Here, is, a, phrase, to, which, very, few, people, have, escaped, during, their, childhood, The, parents, convinced, of, the, importance, of, milk, for, the, growth, of, their, children, often, oblige, them, to, drink, a, glass, of, milk, at, breakfast, or, even, a, second, glass, of, milk, before, going, to, bed, This, is, because, in, general, belief, milk, is, the, food, that, contains, the, most, calcium, a, trace, element, essential, to, good, body, development, bone, growth, and, prevention, of, bone, diseases, such, as, osteoporosis, , If, it, is, true, that, dairy, products, contain, it, other, fruits, and, vegetables, also, contain, and, sometimes, even, in, greater, quantity, as, is, the, case, with, Chinese, cabbage, Water, is, also, an, excellent, source, of, calcium, Health, in, jeopardy, Voices, around, the, world, have, been, raised, for, some, time, to, denounce, the, harm, of, milk, on, public, health, Books, research, studies, press, conferences, demonstrations, , Campaigns, all, call, for, a, boycott, of, industrial, dairy, products, that, would, in, fact, be, very, dangerous, for, the, organism, of, the, big, and, small, But, what, exactly, are, we, reproached, with, cows, milk, Well, its, composition, A, few, years, ago, a, growth, hormone, was, developed, by, a, US, firm, to, increase, milk, production, in, cows, Despite, their, mistrust, the, breeders, were, literally, imposed, this, substance, From, daily, 14, liters, the, daily, production, of, a, cow, rose, to, 40, or, even, 50, liters, But, the, animals, had, become, more, sensitive, to, microbes, and, accumulated, infections, and, mastitis, Very, high, doses, of, antibiotics, were, therefore, administered, to, them, and, very, many, cases, of, leukemia, were, detected, In, the, United, States, nearly, 23000, tons, of, antibiotics, are, produced, annually, and, about, half, are, destined, for, livestock, It, was, also, necessary, to, genetically, modify, the, cows, so, that, their, legs, become, longer, and, that, their, udders, always, gorged, Of, milk, do, not, touch, the, soil, constantly, Even, worse, to, feed, them, properly, the, grass, was, no, longer, enough, It, was, therefore, necessary, to, add, flour, to, their, diet, which, is, not, at, all, indicated, As, a, result, cows, who, usually, lived, 25, to, 30, years, would, die, in, their, seventh, or, eighth, year, and, cows, milk, irremediably, contaminated, with, all, of, these, doubtful, substances, Glue, poisoning, diabetes, and, other, ailments, Other, harmful, component, of, cows, milk, casein, These, are, proteins, making, up, the, major, part, of, the, nitrogen, components, of, milk, But, casein, is, also, a, glue, so, strong, that, it, serves, among, other, things, to, stick, furniture, labels, on, glass, bottles, and, wallpapers, on, the, walls, Just, that, , Casein, being, a, foreign, body, The, body, the, body, will, neutralize, it, by, producing, antibodies, This, will, cause, high, secretion, of, histamine, and, cause, mucus, production, thus, promoting, ORL, but, also, joint, and, rheumatic, inflammations, Cows, milk, also, contains, saturated, fatty, acids, with, large, lipid, molecules, whose, digestion, is, very, difficult, for, the, body, but, also, large, amounts, of, fat, that, disrupt, the, glycemic, balance, Very, serious, studies, have, shown, that, in, the, diabetic, subjects, drinking, milk, led, to, the, production, of, antibodies, to, fight, the, dysfunction, of, islets, of, Langerhans, center, of, insulin, manufacture, located, in, the, pancreas, caused, by, the, absorption, Of, milk, proteins, Robert, Cohen, the, indefatigable, antimilk, man, Among, the, people, most, involved, in, the, fight, against, cows, milk, is, the, renowned, biologist, and, researcher, Robert, Cohen, renowned, for, his, phrase, Milk, Is, mainly, glue, hormones, and, pus, , He, has, always, worked, tirelessly, against, the, industrial, lobby, which, encourages, consumers, by, all, means, to, drink, milk, and, eat, different, dairy, products, It, should, be, noted, that, the, dairy, industry, is, one, of, the, most, powerful, economic, sectors, on, the, planet, This, agrifood, lobby, alone, draws, billions, of, dollars, and, dollars, a, year, from, around, the, world, and, invests, fortunes, in, advertisements, to, deliver, a, unique, message, drinking, milk, is, good, for, health, To, clarify, things, and, reestablish, some, truths, Robert, Cohen, published, a, book, called, MILK, The, Deadly, Poison, In, the, dedication, of, his, richly, documented, book, he, appeals, to, all, people, in, the, world, who, suffer, from, various, health, problems, without, being, aware, of, the, food, origin, of, their, ills, May, they, discover, that, the, fountain, of, youth, for, them, their, children, and, future, generations, could, come, from, the, simple, fact, of, eliminating, milk, from, their, lives, In, his, book, Robert, Cohen, explains, the, juicy, business, behind, the, milk, industry, and, reveals, that, some, health, and, political, authorities, have, been, bribed, by, some, agrifood, giants, to, introduce, certain, components, without, properly, assessing, their, toxicity, such, as, growth, hormone, , These, substances, have, proven, to, be, very, dangerous, and, have, had, a, catastrophic, effect, on, the, health, of, cows, and, humans, Yet, despite, the, seriousness, of, this, information, industrial, milk, still, contains, these, famous, molecules, until, today, There, are, a, thousand, and, one, questions, especially, if, it, is, also, known, that, the, World, Health, Organization, WHO, has, always, recommended, the, consumption, of, a, dairy, product, to, the, maximum, per, day, So, good, or, not, good, milk, The, question, remains, unanswered, and, not, We, may, one, day, have, a, true, neutral, response, as, to, whether, or, not, it, is, safe, Is milk, milk our, our best, best enemy, enemy Drink, Drink your, your milk, milk Here, Here is, is a, a phrase, phrase to, to which, which very, very few, few people, people have, have escaped, escaped during, during their, their childhood, childhood The, The parents, parents convinced, convinced of, of the, the importance, importance of, of milk, milk for, for the, the growth, growth of, of their, their children, children often, often oblige, oblige them, them to, to drink, drink a, a glass, glass of, of milk, milk at, at breakfast, breakfast or, or even, even a, a second, second glass, glass of, of milk, milk before, before going, going to, to bed, bed This, This is, is because, because in, in general, general belief, belief milk, milk is, is the, the food, food that, that contains, contains the, the most, most calcium, calcium a, a trace, trace element, element essential, essential to, to good, good body, body development, development bone, bone growth, growth and, and prevention, prevention of, of bone, bone diseases, diseases such, such as, as osteoporosis, Is milk our, milk our best, our best enemy, best enemy Drink, enemy Drink your, Drink your milk, your milk Here, milk Here is, Here is a, is a phrase, a phrase to, phrase to which, to which very, which very few, very few people, few people have, people have escaped, have escaped during, escaped during their, during their childhood, their childhood The, childhood The parents, The parents convinced, parents convinced of, convinced of the, of the importance, the importance of, importance of milk, of milk for, milk for the, for the growth, the growth of, growth of their, of their children, their children often, children often oblige, often oblige them, oblige them to, them to drink, to drink a, drink a glass, a glass of, glass of milk, of milk at, milk at breakfast, at breakfast or, breakfast or even, or even a, even a second, a second glass, second glass of, glass of milk, of milk before, milk before going, before going to, going to bed, to bed This, bed This is, This is because, is because in, because in general, in general belief, general belief milk, belief milk is, milk is the, is the food, the food that, food that contains, that contains the, contains the most, the most calcium, most calcium a, calcium a trace, a trace element, trace element essential, element essential to, essential to good, to good body, good body development, body development bone, development bone growth, bone growth and, growth and prevention, and prevention of, prevention of bone, of bone diseases, bone diseases such, diseases such as, such as osteoporosis

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