Insomnia: What you should not do after a sleepless night

Insomnia: What you should not do after a sleepless night

Insomnia: What you should not do after a sleepless night

Stress, anxiety, illness, overhaul or just a late feast can be the cause of a sleepless night. The next day there is very little chance that you are fit but some gestures, supposed to boost you, can tire your body even more. Here are the gestures not to do after a sleepless night:

  • Going to sleep for more than a quarter of an hour: Too long a nap may even disrupt your sleep once night has come.
    • Drink an energizing drink. Opt for a good coffee.
    • Put too much makeup to camouflage dark circles. Bet rather on compresses with rose water or chamomile to deflate the eyes and darken the dark circles.


  • Nothing better than a little sport to relieve fatigue due to a sleepless night and secrete a good dose of adrenaline that will awaken all your senses and improve your intellectual abilities and concentration.

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concentration, Insomnia What, What you, you should, should not, not do, do after, after a, a sleepless, sleepless night, night Stress, Stress anxiety, anxiety illness, illness overhaul, overhaul or, or just, just a, a late, late feast, feast can, can be, be the, the cause, cause of, of a, a sleepless, sleepless night, night The, The next, next day, day there, there is, is very, very little, little chance, chance that, that you, you are, are fit, fit but, but some, some gestures, gestures supposed, supposed to, to boost, boost you, you can, can tire, tire your, your body, body even, even more, more Here, Here are, are the, the gestures, gestures not, not to, to do, do after, after a, a sleepless, sleepless night, night To, To fall, fall asleep, asleep for, for more, more than, than a, a quarter, quarter of, of an, an hour, hour A, A too, too long, long nap, nap may, may even, even disrupt, disrupt your, your sleep, sleep once, once night, night has, has come, come Drink, Drink an, an energizing, energizing drink, drink Opt, Opt for, for a, a good, good coffee, coffee Put, Put too, too much, much makeup, makeup to, to camouflage, camouflage dark, dark circles, circles Bet, Bet rather, rather on, on compresses, compresses with, with rose, rose water, water or, or chamomile, chamomile to, to deflate, deflate the, the eyes, eyes and, and darken, darken the, the dark, dark circles, circles Bonus, Bonus Nothing, Nothing better, better than, than a, a little, little sport, sport to, to relieve, relieve fatigue, fatigue due, due to, to a, a sleepless, sleepless night, night and, and secrete, secrete a, a good, good dose, dose of, of adrenaline, adrenaline that, that will, will awaken, awaken all, all your, your senses, senses and, and improve, improve your, your intellectual, intellectual abilities, abilities and, and concentration, Insomnia What you, What you should, you should not, should not do, not do after, do after a, after a sleepless, a sleepless night, sleepless night Stress, night Stress anxiety, Stress anxiety illness, anxiety illness overhaul, illness overhaul or, overhaul or just, or just a, just a late, a late feast, late feast can, feast can be, can be the, be the cause, the cause of, cause of a, of a sleepless, a sleepless night, sleepless night The, night The next, The next day, next day there, day there is, there is very, is very little, very little chance, little chance that, chance that you, that you are, you are fit, are fit but, fit but some, but some gestures, some gestures supposed, gestures supposed to, supposed to boost, to boost you, boost you can, you can tire, can tire your, tire your body, your body even, body even more, even more Here, more Here are, Here are the, are the gestures, the gestures not, gestures not to, not to do, to do after, do after a, after a sleepless, a sleepless night, sleepless night To, night To fall, To fall asleep, fall asleep for, asleep for more, for more than, more than a, than a quarter, a quarter of, quarter of an, of an hour, an hour A, hour A too, A too long, too long nap, long nap may, nap may even, may even disrupt, even disrupt your, disrupt your sleep, your sleep once, sleep once night, once night has, night has come, has come Drink, come Drink an, Drink an energizing, an energizing drink, energizing drink Opt, drink Opt for, Opt for a, for a good, a good coffee, good coffee Put, coffee Put too, Put too much, too much makeup, much makeup to, makeup to camouflage, to camouflage dark, camouflage dark circles, dark circles Bet, circles Bet rather, Bet rather on, rather on compresses, on compresses with, compresses with rose, with rose water, rose water or, water or chamomile, or chamomile to, chamomile to deflate, to deflate the, deflate the eyes, the eyes and, eyes and darken, and darken the, darken the dark, the dark circles, dark circles Bonus, circles Bonus Nothing, Bonus Nothing better, Nothing better than, better than a, than a little, a little sport, little sport to, sport to relieve, to relieve fatigue, relieve fatigue due, fatigue due to, due to a, to a sleepless, a sleepless night, sleepless night and, night and secrete, and secrete a, secrete a good, a good dose, good dose of, dose of adrenaline, of adrenaline that, adrenaline that will, that will awaken, will awaken all, awaken all your, all your senses, your senses and, senses and improve, and improve your, improve your intellectual, your intellectual abilities, intellectual abilities and, abilities and concentration

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