Incredible Onion Effects

Incredible Onion Effects

Incredible Onion Effects

An onion every day chases the doctor forever. This diction does not exist but is truly true because just like the apple, the onion is a food with a thousand and one benefits in addition to being an aroma very used to raise the taste of many dishes.

• Prevents cardiovascular disease

Onion is rich in rutin, a chemical compound that inhibits the formation of blood clots by preventing the accumulation of blood in the heart cavity and fibrin deposition which slows down blood flow

• Prevents the growth of cancer cells

The onion is full of antioxidants which reduces the risk of cancer and inhibits the development of cancer cells especially those of liver cancer

• Has a diuretic action

Thanks to its high content of fructose, complex sugars present in the bulb, it avoids water retention

• An excellent "anti-diabetic"

Thanks to its composition in diphenylamine, the onion regulates blood glucose level without systematically mobilizing the pancreas

• Antibacterial action

Onion is an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It prevents the proliferation of viruses and cures flu, colds, abscesses and small burns

But the virtues of the onion do not stop there and this food is also used to relieve migraine, mosquito bites, bites, inflammations of the eyes, but also to cure rheumatism and keep a healthy and hydrated skin .

Mask with onion base

Roughly chop a large onion and sieve to remove juice. Add a spoonful of honey to this liquid and apply this mask for a quarter of an hour on your face. After fifteen minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. In the meantime your skin will regain its radiance and elasticity

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