Hypertension: medicinal plants as a remedy

Hypertension: medicinal plants as a remedy

Hypertension: medicinal plants as a remedy

Chronic hypertensive individuals are those with blood pressure above normal. Very common especially in the elderly, hypertension is a serious disease insofar as it can affect the heart, brain and many other vital organs. To prevent it, it is better to avoid excess salt, tobacco, alcohol and sedentary lifestyle. It is also necessary to adopt a healthy and balanced diet and to fill up some medicinal plants of which:

  • The leaves of the olive tree: Infuse dried olive leaves for 10 minutes and drink this liquid daily on an empty stomach and before going to bed.
  • Lavender: Soaking a handkerchief of about ten drops of lavender extract helps to fight sudden hypertension.
  • Mistletoe: Powerful diuretic, this plant strengthens the heart and dilates the blood vessels. It is enough to make return 5 gr of mistletoe for a quarter of an hour and to consume it as it is or to boil 15 leaves of mistletoe in half a liter of water and to drink 2 glasses a day for a week.
  • Mango leaves: Infuse two dried leaves in 1 l of water in the sun for 15 hours then drink twice a day for 3 successive days. Repeat every 15 days.

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quarter, of, an, hour, and, to, consume, it, as, it, is, or, to, boil, 15, leaves, of, mistletoe, in, half, a, liter, of, water, and, to, drink, 2, glasses, a, day, for, a, week, Mango, leaves, Infuse, two, dried, leaves, in, 1, l, of, water, in, the, sun, for, 15, hours, then, drink, twice, a, day, for, 3, successive, days, Repeat, every, 15, days, Hypertension medicinal, medicinal plants, plants as, as a, a remedy, remedy Chronic, Chronic hypertensive, hypertensive individuals, individuals are, are those, those with, with blood, blood pressure, pressure above, above normal, normal Very, Very common, common especially, especially in, in the, the elderly, elderly hypertension, hypertension is, is a, a serious, serious disease, disease insofar, insofar as, as it, it can, can affect, affect the, the heart, heart brain, brain and, and many, many other, other vital, vital organs, organs To, To prevent, prevent it, it it, it is, is better, better to, to avoid, avoid excess, excess salt, salt tobacco, tobacco alcohol, alcohol and, and sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, lifestyle It, It is, is also, also necessary, necessary to, to adopt, adopt a, a healthy, healthy and, and balanced, balanced diet, diet and, and to, to fill, fill up, up some, some medicinal, medicinal plants, plants of, of which, which The, The leaves, leaves of, of the, the olive, olive tree, tree To, To infuse, infuse dried, dried olive, olive leaves, leaves for, for 10, 10 minutes, minutes and, and to, to drink, drink this, this liquid, liquid daily, daily on, on an, an empty, empty stomach, stomach and, and before, before going, going to, to bed, bed Lavender, Lavender Soaking, Soaking a, a handkerchief, handkerchief of, of about, about ten, ten drops, drops of, of lavender, lavender extract, extract helps, helps to, to fight, fight sudden, sudden hypertension, hypertension Mistletoe, Mistletoe Powerful, Powerful diuretic, diuretic this, this plant, plant strengthens, strengthens the, the heart, heart and, and dilates, dilates the, the blood, blood vessels, vessels It, It is, is enough, enough to, to make, make return, return 5, 5 gr, gr of, of mistletoe, mistletoe for, for a, a quarter, quarter of, of an, an hour, hour and, and to, to consume, consume it, it as, as it, it is, is or, or to, to boil, boil 15, 15 leaves, leaves of, of mistletoe, mistletoe in, in half, half a, a liter, liter of, of water, water and, and to, to drink, drink 2, 2 glasses, glasses a, a day, day for, for a, a week, week Mango, Mango leaves, leaves Infuse, Infuse two, two dried, dried leaves, leaves in, in 1, 1 l, l of, of water, water in, in the, the sun, sun for, for 15, 15 hours, hours then, then drink, drink twice, twice a, a day, day for, for 3, 3 successive, successive days, days Repeat, Repeat every, every 15, 15 days, Hypertension medicinal plants, medicinal plants as, plants as a, as a remedy, a remedy Chronic, remedy Chronic hypertensive, Chronic hypertensive individuals, hypertensive individuals are, individuals are those, are those with, those with blood, with blood pressure, blood pressure above, pressure above normal, above normal Very, normal Very common, Very common especially, common especially in, especially in the, in the elderly, the elderly hypertension, elderly hypertension is, hypertension is a, is a serious, a serious disease, serious disease insofar, disease insofar as, insofar as it, as it can, it can affect, can affect the, affect the heart, the heart brain, heart brain and, brain and many, and many other, many other vital, other vital organs, vital organs To, organs To prevent, To prevent it, prevent it it, it it is, it is better, is better to, better to avoid, to avoid excess, avoid excess salt, excess salt tobacco, salt tobacco alcohol, tobacco alcohol and, alcohol and sedentary, and sedentary lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle It, lifestyle It is, It is also, is also necessary, also necessary to, necessary to adopt, to adopt a, adopt a healthy, a healthy and, healthy and balanced, and balanced diet, balanced diet and, diet and to, and to fill, to fill up, fill up some, up some medicinal, some medicinal plants, medicinal plants of, plants of which, of which The, which The leaves, The leaves of, leaves of the, of the olive, the olive tree, olive tree To, tree To infuse, To infuse dried, infuse dried olive, dried olive leaves, olive leaves for, leaves for 10, for 10 minutes, 10 minutes and, minutes and to, and to drink, to drink this, drink this liquid, this liquid daily, liquid daily on, daily on an, on an empty, an empty stomach, empty stomach and, stomach and before, and before going, before going to, going to bed, to bed Lavender, bed Lavender Soaking, Lavender Soaking a, Soaking a handkerchief, a handkerchief of, handkerchief of about, of about ten, about ten drops, ten drops of, drops of lavender, of lavender extract, lavender extract helps, extract helps to, helps to fight, to fight sudden, fight sudden hypertension, sudden hypertension Mistletoe, hypertension Mistletoe Powerful, Mistletoe Powerful diuretic, Powerful diuretic this, diuretic this plant, this plant strengthens, plant strengthens the, strengthens the heart, the heart and, heart and dilates, and dilates the, dilates the blood, the blood vessels, blood vessels It, vessels It is, It is enough, is enough to, enough to make, to make return, make return 5, return 5 gr, 5 gr of, gr of mistletoe, of mistletoe for, mistletoe for a, for a quarter, a quarter of, quarter of an, of an hour, an hour and, hour and to, and to consume, to consume it, consume it as, it as it, as it is, it is or, is or to, or to boil, to boil 15, boil 15 leaves, 15 leaves of, leaves of mistletoe, of mistletoe in, mistletoe in half, in half a, half a liter, a liter of, liter of water, of water and, water and to, and to drink, to drink 2, drink 2 glasses, 2 glasses a, glasses a day, a day for, day for a, for a week, a week Mango, week Mango leaves, Mango leaves Infuse, leaves Infuse two, Infuse two dried, two dried leaves, dried leaves in, leaves in 1, in 1 l, 1 l of, l of water, of water in, water in the, in the sun, the sun for, sun for 15, for 15 hours, 15 hours then, hours then drink, then drink twice, drink twice a, twice a day, a day for, day for 3, for 3 successive, 3 successive days, successive days Repeat, days Repeat every, Repeat every 15, every 15 days

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