Humanity lives on credit since Monday 18 August

Humanity lives on credit since Monday 18 August

Humanity lives on credit since Monday 18 August

The information did not make a big buzz and has not been widely reported by the media but it is alarming enough. Since August 18, the Earth has lived on credit. Not on credit of money but rather on natural resources such as food, raw materials ... Indeed, we have exceeded in recent days the quota of natural resources that can produce our planet in one year.

The world population has consumed in eight months the resources of a whole year and we will therefore end 2014 "on credit". Each year, the Global Footprint Network determines the "day of passing" according to very precise data. This is the day when world consumption exceeds the natural resource rate generated by nature in 12 months. In this case, we must turn to capital to meet the ever-increasing demand of the world's population.

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Humanity, lives, on, credit, since, Monday, 18, August, The, information, did, not, make, a, big, buzz, and, has, not, been, widely, reported, by, the, media, but, it, is, alarming, enough, Since, August, 18, the, Earth, has, lived, on, credit, Not, on, credit, of, money, but, rather, on, natural, resources, such, as, food, raw, materials, , Indeed, we, have, exceeded, in, recent, days, the, quota, of, natural, resources, that, can, produce, our, planet, in, one, year, The, world, population, has, consumed, in, eight, months, the, resources, of, a, whole, year, and, we, will, therefore, end, 2014, on, credit, Each, year, the, Global, Footprint, Network, determines, the, day, of, passing, according, to, very, precise, data, This, is, the, day, when, world, consumption, exceeds, the, natural, resource, rate, generated, by, nature, in, 12, months, In, this, case, we, must, turn, to, capital, to, meet, the, everincreasing, demand, of, the, worlds, population, Humanity lives, lives on, on credit, credit since, since Monday, Monday 18, 18 August, August The, The information, information did, did not, not make, make a, a big, big buzz, buzz and, and has, has not, not been, been widely, widely reported, reported by, by the, the media, media but, but it, it is, is alarming, alarming enough, enough Since, Since August, August 18, 18 the, the Earth, Earth has, has lived, lived on, on credit, credit Not, Not on, on credit, credit of, of money, money but, but rather, rather on, on natural, natural resources, resources such, such as, as food, food raw, raw materials, Humanity lives on, lives on credit, on credit since, credit since Monday, since Monday 18, Monday 18 August, 18 August The, August The information, The information did, information did not, did not make, not make a, make a big, a big buzz, big buzz and, buzz and has, and has not, has not been, not been widely, been widely reported, widely reported by, reported by the, by the media, the media but, media but it, but it is, it is alarming, is alarming enough, alarming enough Since, enough Since August, Since August 18, August 18 the, 18 the Earth, the Earth has, Earth has lived, has lived on, lived on credit, on credit Not, credit Not on, Not on credit, on credit of, credit of money, of money but, money but rather, but rather on, rather on natural, on natural resources, natural resources such, resources such as, such as food, as food raw, food raw materials

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