Human cloning: it is no longer a utopia!

Human cloning: it is no longer a utopia!

Human cloning: it is no longer a utopia!

Years after the birth of the famous Dolly sheep in 1996, the first mammal in cloned history, a team of researchers from the University of Health and Oersin Science (USA) Size, ie cloning human cells. The team of Shoukrat Mitalipov was also able to establish stable cell lines. But the irony of the story, while these researchers have just developed their technique of human cloning, another simpler and faster method came into being. These are IPS cells,

Developed by a team of scientists from Kyoto University (Japan). The technique consists of rejuvenating cells taken from an adult individual. This method has the merit of being simpler to realize and does not require the use of donors of oocytes and their embryos. Human cloning is a revolutionary scientific advance but still cold in the back. Will clones emerge from around the world soon? The question remains ...

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around, the, world, soon, The, question, remains, , Human cloning, cloning it, it is, is no, no longer, longer a, a utopia, utopia Years, Years after, after the, the birth, birth of, of the, the famous, famous Dolly, Dolly sheep, sheep in, in 1996, 1996 the, the first, first mammal, mammal in, in cloned, cloned history, history a, a team, team of, of researchers, researchers from, from the, the University, University of, of Health, Health and, and Oersin, Oersin Science, Science USA, USA Size, Size ie, ie cloning, cloning human, human cells, cells The, The team, team of, of Shoukrat, Shoukrat Mitalipov, Mitalipov was, was also, also able, able to, to establish, establish stable, stable cell, cell lines, lines But, But the, the irony, irony of, of the, the story, story while, while these, these researchers, researchers have, have just, just developed, developed their, their technique, technique of, of human, human cloning, cloning another, another simpler, simpler and, and faster, faster method, method came, came into, into being, being These, These are, are the, the IPS, IPS cells, cells developed, developed by, by a, a team, team of, of scientists, scientists from, from Kyoto, Kyoto University, University Japan, Japan The, The technique, technique consists, consists of, of rejuvenating, rejuvenating cells, cells taken, taken from, from an, an adult, adult individual, individual This, This method, method has, has the, the merit, merit of, of being, being simpler, simpler to, to realize, realize and, and does, does not, not require, require the, the use, use of, of donors, donors of, of oocytes, oocytes and, and their, their embryos, embryos Human, Human cloning, cloning is, is a, a revolutionary, revolutionary scientific, scientific advance, advance but, but still, still cold, cold in, in the, the back, back Will, Will clones, clones emerge, emerge from, from around, around the, the world, world soon, soon The, The question, question remains, Human cloning it, cloning it is, it is no, is no longer, no longer a, longer a utopia, a utopia Years, utopia Years after, Years after the, after the birth, the birth of, birth of the, of the famous, the famous Dolly, famous Dolly sheep, Dolly sheep in, sheep in 1996, in 1996 the, 1996 the first, the first mammal, first mammal in, mammal in cloned, in cloned history, cloned history a, history a team, a team of, team of researchers, of researchers from, researchers from the, from the University, the University of, University of Health, of Health and, Health and Oersin, and Oersin Science, Oersin Science USA, Science USA Size, USA Size ie, Size ie cloning, ie cloning human, cloning human cells, human cells The, cells The team, The team of, team of Shoukrat, of Shoukrat Mitalipov, Shoukrat Mitalipov was, Mitalipov was also, was also able, also able to, able to establish, to establish stable, establish stable cell, stable cell lines, cell lines But, lines But the, But the irony, the irony of, irony of the, of the story, the story while, story while these, while these researchers, these researchers have, researchers have just, have just developed, just developed their, developed their technique, their technique of, technique of human, of human cloning, human cloning another, cloning another simpler, another simpler and, simpler and faster, and faster method, faster method came, method came into, came into being, into being These, being These are, These are the, are the IPS, the IPS cells, IPS cells developed, cells developed by, developed by a, by a team, a team of, team of scientists, of scientists from, scientists from Kyoto, from Kyoto University, Kyoto University Japan, University Japan The, Japan The technique, The technique consists, technique consists of, consists of rejuvenating, of rejuvenating cells, rejuvenating cells taken, cells taken from, taken from an, from an adult, an adult individual, adult individual This, individual This method, This method has, method has the, has the merit, the merit of, merit of being, of being simpler, being simpler to, simpler to realize, to realize and, realize and does, and does not, does not require, not require the, require the use, the use of, use of donors, of donors of, donors of oocytes, of oocytes and, oocytes and their, and their embryos, their embryos Human, embryos Human cloning, Human cloning is, cloning is a, is a revolutionary, a revolutionary scientific, revolutionary scientific advance, scientific advance but, advance but still, but still cold, still cold in, cold in the, in the back, the back Will, back Will clones, Will clones emerge, clones emerge from, emerge from around, from around the, around the world, the world soon, world soon The, soon The question, The question remains

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