How to lose 1 kilo per week with Method 2-4-7?

How to lose 1 kilo per week with Method 2-4-7?

How to lose 1 kilo per week with Method 2-4-7?

All those who have tried diets will tell you that the hardest is not to lose weight but not to regain the lost pounds just after. To avoid the yo-yo effect, it is better to completely change the lifestyle and favor a balanced diet that will cause you to lose one to two kilos per week. To lose weight efficiently, it is better to opt for a regular and controlled long-term slimming strategy. This is 2-4-7, tested and approved. Established on the 7 days of the week, this diet consists of 2 stages.

STEP 1: Attack Phase

• 2 meals a day: Each meal should consist of only one serving of protein (fish, red meat, poultry, eggs ...) as well as a good amount of vegetable (preferably raw or steamed) From one to two teaspoons of fat (preferring olive or colza oil)

4 daily snacks: There's one in the morning (waking up to 10h), one of the afternoon (16h-17h30), the early evening (19h) and the late night (not later Than 30 minutes before falling asleep). They are not mandatory but it is advisable to take at least two since splitting meals reduces the amount of insulin made by the body. A snack type is composed of a fruit, a glass of semi-skimmed milk, yoghurt 0% or a lighter quark.

• 3 extra weekly: They are optional. So, once a week you are entitled to 150g of starch (potato, lentil, semolina paste ...), 100g of chocolate (black or milk) and a sweet drink

STEP 2: Stabilization Phase

If you have already lost half the weight to lose weight, you can go to step 2. It is the same as step 1 except that you will be entitled to one bonus per day. This bonus can change every week.

• Bonus 1: one serving of starch

• Bonus 2: 80g whole or cereal bread

• Bonus 3: 2 tbsp of oil or butter

• Bonus 4: a piece of cheese with bread

• Bonus 5: bread or buttered bread

• Bonus 6: a gourmet dish once a week (pizza, fries, hamburger ...)

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controlled, controlled longterm, longterm slimming, slimming strategy, strategy This, This is, is 247, 247 tested, tested and, and approved, approved Established, Established on, on the, the 7, 7 days, days of, of the, the week, week this, this diet, diet consists, consists of, of 2, 2 stages, stages STEP, STEP 1, 1 Attack, Attack phase, How to lose, to lose 1, lose 1 kilo, 1 kilo per, kilo per week, per week with, week with Method, with Method 247, Method 247 All, 247 All those, All those who, those who have, who have tried, have tried diets, tried diets will, diets will tell, will tell you, tell you that, you that the, that the hardest, the hardest is, hardest is not, is not to, not to lose, to lose weight, lose weight but, weight but not, but not to, not to regain, to regain the, regain the lost, the lost pounds, lost pounds just, pounds just after, just after To, after To avoid, To avoid the, avoid the yoyo, the yoyo effect, yoyo effect it, effect it is, it is better, is better to, better to completely, to completely change, completely change the, change the lifestyle, the lifestyle and, lifestyle and favor, and favor a, favor a balanced, a balanced diet, balanced diet that, diet that will, that will cause, will cause you, cause you to, you to lose, to lose one, lose one to, one to two, to two kilos, two kilos per, kilos per week, per week To, week To lose, To lose weight, lose weight efficiently, weight efficiently it, efficiently it is, it is better, is better to, better to opt, to opt for, opt for a, for a regular, a regular and, regular and controlled, and controlled longterm, controlled longterm slimming, longterm slimming strategy, slimming strategy This, strategy This is, This is 247, is 247 tested, 247 tested and, tested and approved, and approved Established, approved Established on, Established on the, on the 7, the 7 days, 7 days of, days of the, of the week, the week this, week this diet, this diet consists, diet consists of, consists of 2, of 2 stages, 2 stages STEP, stages STEP 1, STEP 1 Attack, 1 Attack phase

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