How to Grow a Mango

How to Grow a Mango

How to Grow a Mango

Although it is a tropical fruit from Asia, it is possible to germinate the mango in our climate. It is for this reason that we must choose the winter to do it:
- Remove the pod of the kernel in order to obtain the almond of the mango. Using a knife, open both parts of the core. Plant the almond 4 cm deep in a moist soil and enriched with nutrients. You can use algae, manure or compost. Use a deep, wide pot. Put this pot on a radiator or under a window on the south / southwest side.
- To accelerate germination, cover the pot with a cellophane film so that the pot is constantly moist and hot. Heat and humidity are two main factors for germination to occur.
- Depending on the quality of the seed, germination can take place in a few days or months. The first leaves to appear will look a little tired and their color will be between red and yellow.

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