How to change your life with energy

How to change your life with energy

How to change your life with energy

Everyone dreams of finding the miracle solution to be able to change his life.In all civilizations, this was called visualization; A kind of effective and powerful method capable of modifying the course of our existence, but how we can use it and how it happens to allow us this positive change to see spectacular.

First, be aware that this visualization is used by professionals to allow people such as athletes, businessmen, statesmen, astronauts to exceed their limits so that they excel in the areas 'They have chosen.

Visualization is the part of the reinforcement by which you mentally see your wish that motivates the application of the remedy: to be realized

In this article we will give you the keys to effective visualization:

  • Detail is the first key to effective visualization: see your goal with the utmost accuracy. Detailed visualizations guide the subconscious body and mind energy, and further your own belief system toward the desired scenario
  • Take your internal senses, for example, to a new car: every day at a rate of about ten minutes every 3 hours you visualize its model, its color, its elegant design, the details of its dashboard, you can Feel the grain of the leather of the seat, hear the purring of the engine while breathing with great delight its perfume.
  • Live in your imagination 3 stages of development of any desired situation deeply, know that in life, novelties do not fall from the sky at the time you ask, most things have a beginning, middle and end So we recommend using this method of emotional strengthening in three steps:

1 / Seeing the initial circumstances that bring you to what you desire more than anything in the world

2 / By visualizing the stage of development of the process: step by step with all the concentration you can have, you focus on the idea, you breathe deeply by closing your eyes and you bother to go through the whole scene in detail As if you lived it intensely at the

3 / Taste the joy of having satisfied your desire: the reward, the dream raised, the victory at the end of this visualization and just before opening your eyes: In our case for example of the car you go on the highway , life is Beautiful

Now open your eyes with a smile and say you I will have it I will have it I will have it ... this determination will allow you to capture the positive energy to be able to attract the people who will facilitate you the task on The long term to achieve your goal !!

Never discourage yourself by saying that it is impossible, the negative attracts only the negative and generates you obstacles to n in addition to finish ... ..

One is and one always stays in the positive attitude, be rewarding to life and it will reward you even more, everything passes in the head, when you try the method of reinforcement seek more the quality than the duration, put yourself in the Optimum conditions.

This moment is for you and should not be disrupted, you must make sure to experience real emotion that gets stronger day by day, you need to be as focused and sincere as possible and trust the process.

Sincerity is one of the main factors of efficiency, put your heart into what you do in everything else and you will succeed.

Know that at the best of times, your visualizations have such vivacity that your nervous system illuminates like a Christmas tree.

Whether you are aware or not you are constantly modeling your future by visualizing

The images you would like to live in the future, the stronger, stronger, clearer your images, the better your chance of having the result grows; What counts is the energy you put into representing your future

It's up to you to change the course of your existence and get started from today and good viewing !!

Mejda ben hassine

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greatest, accuracy, Detailed, visualizations, guide, the, subconscious, body, and, mind, energy, and, further, your, own, belief, system, towards, the, desired, scenario, Intervening, your, internal, senses, eg, your, goal, a, new, Car, every, day, at, the, rate, of, ten, minutes, every, 3, hours, you, visualize, its, model, its, color, its, elegant, design, the, details, of, its, dashboard, you, can, feel, the, grain, of, the, seat, leather, hear, the, purr, Of, the, engine, while, breathing, with, great, delight, its, perfume, Live, in, your, imagination, 3, stages, of, development, of, any, desired, situation, deeply, know, that, in, life, novelties, do, not, fall, from, the, sky, at, the, time, you, ask, most, things, have, a, beginning, middle, and, end, So, we, recommend, using, this, method, of, emotional, reinforcement, in, three, steps, 1, , Seeing, the, initial, circumstances, that, lead, you, to, what, you, desire, more, than, anything, else, in, the, world, 2, , By, visualizing, the, development, phase, of, the, process, Step, by, step, with, all, the, concentration, you, can, have, you, focus, on, the, idea, you, breathe, deeply, by, closing, your, eyes, and, you, take, the, trouble, to, go, through, the, whole, scene, in, detail, as, if, you, lived, it, intensely, at, the, close, 3, , Taste, the, joy, of, having, satisfied, your, desire, the, reward, the, raised, dream, the, victory, at, the, end, of, this, visualization, and, just, before, opening, your, eyes, , In, our, case, for, example, of, the, car, you, run, on, the, highway, life, is, beautiful, Now, open, your, eyes, with, a, smile, and, say, you, I, will, have, it, I, will, have, it, I, will, have, it, , this, determination, You, will, capture, the, positive, energy, to, be, able, to, attract, people, who, will, facilitate, you, the, task, over, the, long, term, to, achieve, Your, goal, , Never, discourage, yourself, by, saying, that, it, is, impossible, the, negative, attracts, only, the, negative, and, generates, obstacles, to, you, in, addition, to, finish, , , One, is, and, one, always, remains, in, the, positive, attitude, be, rewarding, to, the, life, And, it, will, reward, you, even, more, all, that, passes, in, the, head, when, you, try, the, strengthening, method, look, for, more, quality, than, duration, put, yourself, in, the, optimal, conditions, that, are, This, moment, is, for, you, and, should, not, be, disrupted, you, must, make, sure, to, experience, real, emotion, that, gets, stronger, day, by, day, you, need, to, be, as, focused, and, sincere, as, possible, and, trust, the, process, Sincerity, is, one, of, the, main, factors, of, efficiency, put, your, heart, into, what, you, do, in, everything, else, and, you, will, succeed, Know, that, at, the, best, of, times, your, visualizations, have, such, vivacity, that, your, nervous, system, illuminates, like, a, Christmas, tree, Whether, you, are, conscious, or, not, you, are, constantly, shaping, your, future, by, visualizing, the, images, you, would, like, to, live, in, the, future, the, more, your, images, are, strong, intense, clear, the, more, your, chance, of, having, the, result, grows, What, counts, is, the, energy, you, put, in, the, representation, of, your, future, it, only, depends, on, you, to, change, the, course, of, your, existence, and, to, start, from, today, and, good, viewing, , Mejda, ben, hassine, How to, to change, change your, your life, life with, with energy, energy Everyone, Everyone dreams, dreams of, of finding, finding the, the miracle, miracle solution, solution to, to be, be able, able to, to change, change his, his life, life beneficially, beneficially Of, Of all, all the, the civilizations, civilizations it, it was, was called, called visualization, visualization A, A kind, kind of, of effective, effective and, and powerful, powerful method, method capable, capable of, of modifying, modifying the, the course, course of, of our, our existence, existence but, but how, how we, we can, can use, use it, it and, and how, how it, it happens, happens to, to allow, allow us, us this, this positive, positive change, change to, to see, see spectacular, spectacular First, First be, be aware, aware that, that this, this visualization, visualization is, is used, used by, by professionals, professionals to, to allow, allow people, people such, such as, as athletes, athletes businessmen, businessmen statesmen, statesmen astronauts, astronauts to, to exceed, exceed their, their limits, limits so, so that, that they, they excel, excel in, in the, the areas, areas They, They have, have chosen, chosen Visualization, Visualization is, is the, the part, part of, of the, the reinforcement, reinforcement by, by which, which you, you mentally, mentally see, see your, your wish, wish that, that motivates, motivates the, the application, application of, of the, the remedy, remedy to, to realize, realize In, In this, this article, article we, we will, will give, give you, you the, the keys, keys to, to an, an effective, effective visualization, visualization Detail, Detail is, is the, the first, first key, key to, to effective, effective visualization, How to change, to change your, change your life, your life with, life with energy, with energy Everyone, energy Everyone dreams, Everyone dreams of, dreams of finding, of finding the, finding the miracle, the miracle solution, miracle solution to, solution to be, to be able, be able to, able to change, to change his, change his life, his life beneficially, life beneficially Of, beneficially Of all, Of all the, all the civilizations, the civilizations it, civilizations it was, it was called, was called visualization, called visualization A, visualization A kind, A kind of, kind of effective, of effective and, effective and powerful, and powerful method, powerful method capable, method capable of, capable of modifying, of modifying the, modifying the course, the course of, course of our, of our existence, our existence but, existence but how, but how we, how we can, we can use, can use it, use it and, it and how, and how it, how it happens, it happens to, happens to allow, to allow us, allow us this, us this positive, this positive change, positive change to, change to see, to see spectacular, see spectacular First, spectacular First be, First be aware, be aware that, aware that this, that this visualization, this visualization is, visualization is used, is used by, used by professionals, by professionals to, professionals to allow, to allow people, allow people such, people such as, such as athletes, as athletes businessmen, athletes businessmen statesmen, businessmen statesmen astronauts, statesmen astronauts to, astronauts to exceed, to exceed their, exceed their limits, their limits so, limits so that, so that they, that they excel, they excel in, excel in the, in the areas, the areas They, areas They have, They have chosen, have chosen Visualization, chosen Visualization is, Visualization is the, is the part, the part of, part of the, of the reinforcement, the reinforcement by, reinforcement by which, by which you, which you mentally, you mentally see, mentally see your, see your wish, your wish that, wish that motivates, that motivates the, motivates the application, the application of, application of the, of the remedy, the remedy to, remedy to realize, to realize In, realize In this, In this article, this article we, article we will, we will give, will give you, give you the, you the keys, the keys to, keys to an, to an effective, an effective visualization, effective visualization Detail, visualization Detail is, Detail is the, is the first, the first key, first key to, key to effective, to effective visualization

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