How to allow faster nail growth?

How to allow faster nail growth?

How to allow faster nail growth?

Climate change, household stains, a diet low in vitamins and minerals, fungi and frequent contact with water are all aggressions that slow down the growth of nails and weaken them. Result: nails in poor health, which break too often and that grow only very slowly. Discover our tips for beautiful nails in full health:

Filling up with protein (milk, cheese, yogurt, lean meat, egg white ...)

  • Wear gloves to protect hands and nails in winter or to wash dishes or to do gardening or do-it-yourself
  • Nail varnish once a week to maximum
  • Apply a layer of fortifying varnish regularly
  • Prefer medical or institute care, made by professionals
  • Drink large amounts of water that will moisturize the entire body, including hands and nails
  • Avoid metal or paper files and prefer glass ones
  • Never cut the cuticles. Simply apply an emollient on them and push them back with a cuticle repellent

Home remedy:

Mix a half cucumber with its skin and dip your hands in the mixture obtained for about fifteen minutes. A simple and effective natural remedy to repeat every week.

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