How can you avoid the side stitch while running?

How can you avoid the side stitch while running?

How can you avoid the side stitch while running?

First of all, it should beThere are several side points and in general they are the consequence of a bad oxygenation of your muscles, here you find simple tips to avoid these side points:

- Take your meal three hours before running.
- Drink regularly 150 to 200 ml of water every 20 minutes.
- Try to reverse the natural breathing process (repeat the operation a dozen times): inhale deeply through the mouth while retracting the belly. Then inflate it by releasing the air.
- Always start slowly and do not forget to breathe well during exercise
- To make it pass You can press the painful area with your hand depending on the location and tilt to the side of the discomfort by blowing.
-If the discomfort does not dissipate, It is necessary to stop, Breathe quietly, before resuming smoothly. In case of severe and persistent pain, consult your doctor promptly as you may have acute abdominal disease and not a mere side stitch!

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